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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Weaver ChapelBoard flashes green light on new chapel1:412/61951
[ ]Weaver ChapelIs this just an architect's dream? Chapel fund short $250,000 of goal3:12/191953
[ ]Weaver ChapelBoard approves plan for chapel-library1:512/41953
[ ]Weaver ChapelGround-breaking delayed1:112/111953
[ ]Weaver ChapelDozer tumbles trees to prepare chapel-library site1:212/181953
[ ]Weaver ChapelGround-breaking ritual initiates reality of 'hopes and dreams'1:31/151954
[ ]Weaver Chapel"Big Hole" marks beginning step1:22/121954
[ ]Weaver ChapelChapel-library dream draws near1:19/241954
[ ]Weaver ChapelCornerstone laid1:110/11954
[ ]Library Funds; Weaver ChapelHonorary rooms set for chapel-library1:411/51954
[ ]Weaver Chapel"There's nothing like it"1:41/71955
[ ]Buildings; Weaver Chapel; ArchitectureTower will boast sculptured figures1:11/71955
[ ]Weaver ChapelChapel-Library dedication year opens1:59/151955
[ ]Weaver ChapelBricklayer compares new chapel-library to Hamma Hall1:29/231955
[ ]Weaver ChapelSt. Augustine, Leibnitz grace chapel-library2:311/181955
[ ]Weaver ChapelDedication will be Sept. 232:31/131956
[ ]Buildings; Weaver Chapel; ArchitectureSix statues on chapel tower symbolize the college's heritage2:42/101956
[ ]Weaver ChapelColorful chapel mural tells picture story1:23/91956
[ ]Weaver ChapelExpect completion of chapel in May1:25/111956
[ ]Weaver ChapelDedication week begins2,39/211956
[ ]Weaver ChapelExhibitions in new building1:29/281956
[ ]Buildings; Weaver ChapelTower chimes are permanent feature of Weaver Chapel7:110/261956
[ ]Weaver ChapelPlans for chapel near realizatio1:411/91956
[ ]Weaver ChapelMemorial to great Lutheran1:42/81957
[ ]Weaver ChapelWindows to be installed4:110/121957
[ ]Weaver ChapelCandlesticks by Jacob Schmidt4:11/171958
[ ]Weaver ChapelLiving symbolism2:42/271959
[ ]Weaver ChapelLiving symbolism2:33/61959
[ ]Weaver ChapelLiving symbolism3:33/131959
[ ]Weaver ChapelChapel has 60,000 Visitors6:54/81960
[ ]Weaver ChapelHistory - windows6:310/71960
[ ]Weaver ChapelHistory panes show highlights of Wittenberg's 116 years6:310/71960
[ ]Weaver ChapelChurch services in chapel to begin Sunday1:412/11961
[ ]Weaver Chapel"Sermon of Symbols" is used in decor (pic)6:32/31972
[ ]Weaver ChapelOffers film series2:210/121972
[ ]Weaver ChapelExpansion marks new pastor's year6:510/41973
[ ]Weaver ChapelTiny rods ring Witt's chimes (pic)6:610/181973
[ ]Weaver ChapelElection4:610/251973
[ ]Weaver ChapelLovefast honors Reformation3:110/251973
[ ]Weaver ChapelAdvent candlelight vespers service Thursday with guest preacher, Kenneth Sauer8:511/151973
[ ]Weaver ChapelPlans busy year6:110/311974
[ ]Weaver ChapelDating workshop for couples facilitated by Pastor Reisz4:11/131977
[ ]Weaver Chapel Association; WCASponsoring on campus retreat8:84/71977
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationLenten services planned5:42/291980
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationCrop walk for world hunger supported2:29/251981
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationZodiac symbols discussed by Dr. Swanger, Pastor Wuchter and the architect4:19/251981
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationRecycling alumninum cans and sponsorship of refugee family announced as projects for the year (pic)6:310/21981
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationSponsors refugees4:21/151982
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationRefugee family adjusts well6:310/221982
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationRetreat from Waste4:32/101984
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationChapel holding services4:44/131984
[ ]Weaver Chapelto hold medeival candlelight service8:141/311986
[ ]Weaver ChapelWeaver To hold Medieval Service5:11/271989
[ ]Weaver ChapelChapel bell malfunctions2/101989
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationWCA plans for upcoming events2/101989
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationWCA Plans For Upcoming Events11:12/101989
[ ]Weaver ChapelSpanish Easter celebration at Weaver Chapel4/71989
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationCovenant players to visit Witt5/191989
[ ]Weaver ChapelGenerous neighbor gives Witt rare Bösendorfer Piano4/201990
[ ]WCA; Weaver Chapel AssociationWCA provides alternative activities on weekends5/41990
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationWeaver Chapel Association Provides Alternative Activites On Weekends4:15/41990
[ ]Weaver ChapelJan Arthur Jazz Trio to Play Ascension5/181990
[ ]Weaver ChapelWeaver Features Wendel As Soloistp. 6, col.9/211990
[ ]Weaver ChapelMorning Music to Join Chapelpg. 6, col9/281990
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationDaily Chapel to Offer Lunchpg. 7, col10/51990
[ ]Weaver ChapelBosendorfer Series Continuespg. 7, col10/121990
[ ]Weaver ChapelWeaver To Host Festivalpg. 9, col10/261990
[ ]Weaver ChapelChapel To Hold Advent Servicepg. 7, col11/91990
[ ]Weaver ChapelTenth annual 'Candlemas' service to be held inpg. 6, col2/11991
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationLost and Found finds Wittenberg Chapelpg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Weaver ChapelArt pieces from around the world will be exhibitedpg. 6, col4/191991
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationLichtenstein Circus delights crowd with politicalpg. 6, col4/191991
[ ]Weaver Chapel'Ethiopia Series' displayed in chapel7:110/251991
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationColumbus Museaum entrances Weaver Chapel Association9:54/171992
[ ]Weaver ChapelWitt remembers tragedy of Holocaust with programming2:54/241992
[ ]Weaver ChapelHandel's 'Solomon' to be performed at Weaver Chapel9:45/11992
[ ]Weaver ChapelMusicians gather for Eucharist6:55/221992
[ ]Weaver Chapel ; Baroque MusicBaroque music masters perform in Weaver Chapel8:39/251992
[ ]Weaver ChapelWeaver Chapel reflects Witt's rich heritage3:54/301993
[ ]Weaver ChapelWide freedom allowed Wittenberg students wishing to pursue religious ideas and beliefs3:15/71993
[ ]Weaver ChapelDr. Joyce Wendel to be soloist in second cantata7:19/241993
[ ]Weaver ChapelBaroque Cantata, prayer service set7:610/11993
[ ]Weaver ChapelWittenberg Chapel changes and other renovations accomodate disabled2:510/11993
[ ]Weaver ChapelVesper rites in Weaver Nov. 1710:311/91993
[ ]Weaver ChapelStudents do not realize full mission of campus ministry3:11/251994
[ ]Weaver ChapelRamps added to chapel3:310/41994
[ ]Weaver ChapelWittenberg's relationship with Church encourages 'freedom, learning'1:4-510/311995
[ ]Campus; Physical Plant; Thomas Library; Weaver ChapelFrozen pipes cause flooding in campus buildings1:22/131996
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationPastor Callon W. Halloway participates in Festival for Reformation11:111/41997
[ ]Task Forces; Weaver ChapelTipson appoints Rev. Kimball University Pastor1:54/281998
[ ]Weaver ChapelWeekday chapel blends familiarity and variety7:44/281998
[ ]Faculty; Weaver ChapelNew university pastors ready to use "combined strengths" on campus2:11/261999
[ ]Weaver Chapel Association; Weaver ChapelWeaver Chapel Association helps coordinate Chapel7:110/261999
[ ]Hollenbeck Hall; Weaver Chapel; ConvocationsNew hall praised in Weaver Chapel1:42/82000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; Weaver Chapel Association; Student ServicesLost and Found entertain in the CDR11:12/222000
[ ]Weaver Chapel AssociationWCA holds first annual spring sale9:44/242001
[ ]Weaver ChapelNew Worship Service8:49/172002
[ ]Weaver Chapel Association; Student Senate; Union Board; SupertonesSupertones to visit campus3:14/162004
[ ]Weaver Chapel[Weaver Chapel Facts]12:310/252007
[ ]Weaver Chapel; Campus MinistriesChapel hour: beneficial or a waste of time?6:0111/102010
[ ]Weaver Chapel; Campus Ministries; MusicCandlemas takes audience back in time 2:012/92011
[ ]Weaver Chapel;ReligionA Unique Religious Experience: Candlemas 4:12/82012
[ ]Student Employment; Weaver Chapel; Mikkelson, MaijaWhat It's Like to Work at Witt: Weaver Chapel5:13/212012
[ ]Weaver Chapel;[Photo];Tune, Anders;Wittenberg CampusWeaver Named Ninth Most Beautiful College Chapel 4:11/302013
[ ]Weaver Chapel;Tune, AndersA Wittenberg Tradition: Candlemas 3:32/62013
[ ]Simon, Alina;Myers Hall;Weaver Chapel;Tune, Rachel;Gill, Casey;Suicide;[Photos]Wittenberg Mourns Loss of Fellow Student 4:12/252015
[ ]Wittenberg - History;Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield;Recitation Hall;Weaver Chapel;Zimmerman Library;Inboden, RobinBuilding Up Historic Consciousness 2:14/222015