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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Upward Bound"Upward Bound" program to begin at WU this summer1:44/221966
[ ]Upward Bound22 WU students to participate in Upward Bound1:35/131966
[ ]Upward BoundSociologist to direct program3:15/201966
[ ]Upward BoundSupervisors seeks volunteers for program3:110/141966
[ ]Upward BoundFaces possible financial loss3:411/41966
[ ]Upward BoundCenter will close for Xmas3:212/91966
[ ]Upward Boundfaces dilemma; raising college application funds5:11/201967
[ ]Upward Boundto serve 110, 25 students to aid program3:35/261967
[ ]Upward Boundhelps 5 upward bound students with UB aid fund4:310/61967
[ ]Upward Bound; Student SenateSenate asks student financial support of program1:15/101968
[ ]Upward BoundSenate, faculty vote for U. B. extension5:25/171968
[ ]Upward BoundFifth program planned2:32/131970
[ ]Upward BoundAims to motivate4:52/121976
[ ]Upward BoundUpward Bound prepares students for educational future6:111/31998
[ ]Upward BoundJob opportunities15:12/182003
[ ]Upward BoundWitt campus is Upward Bound2:210/22003
[ ]Upward Bound; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt sees students Upward Bound8:14/222010
[ ]Upward Bound;Woods, JewelUpward Bound Visit Day 4:14/92014