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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Tower HallOperation begins on building4:49/171965
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallReasons given for Tower Hall completion delay1:410/71966
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresFeb. 1, Tower was evacuated due to a fire caused by a candle, damage estimate $50,000. Officials answerd residents' questions about clean-up and insurance1:2, 62/31977
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresEd Wittenberg describes rescue from fire1:12/101977
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresSixth floor is fully repaired after fire1:74/71977
[ ]Tower HallStudents attack energy policy. Students cite many reasons for angriness2:14/281978
[ ]Tower HallRenovations progressing6:11/261979
[ ]Buildings; Security Office; Tower HallFire and violations of policy discussed1:49/221979
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresFire on the fourth floor causes confusion6:510/261979
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; PranksTwo false fire alarms set off5:411/91979
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresFire alarm sounds again for a fire in a trashcan1:12/151980
[ ]Tower HallWins trivia night, a housing arousing program6:24/181980
[ ]Tower HallBreak-in suspect released6:110/221982
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallTower Hall alarmed5:12/111983
[ ]Tower HallWalk-in theif returns8:32/111983
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallTopping off Tower8:44/291983
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallUps and Downs in Tower10:210/261984
[ ]Buildings; Tower HallTower sponsors can drive12:110/171986
[ ]Buildings; Fires; Security Office; Tower Hall1106 Tower door burns11/31989
[ ]Residence Halls; Buildings; Tower HallTower Hall's 'Face' Receives Makeoverpg. 1, col9/281990
[ ]Residence Halls; Buildings; Tower Hall; FloodsPipe breaks, flooding two rooms on separate floors in Tower Hall2:21/241992
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; FiresLight fixture starts fire in Tower Hall; no injuries13:410/242000
[ ]Buildings; Tower Hall; Lampley, Christopher; FiresCharges follow Tower fire1:110/312000
[ ]Residence Halls; Tower HallWittenberg's smoking, elevatorNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/15/2007, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/08/2007. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 3:111/152007
[ ]Residence Halls; Tower Hall; Ferncliff Hall; New Residence Hall (2006); Woodlawn Hall; Polis House; Firestine HallResidence halls in for big changes for 08-09 school year 6:14/32008
[ ]Racism; Police and Security; Residence Halls; Tower HallSign found on door of black student 1:011/262011
[ ]Burt, AJ; [Photo]; Physical Plant; Roberts, Eric; Tower HallCold Weather Brings Flooding to Tower Hall 1:11/302013
[ ]Tower Hall;Springfield;Ross, Betty;Malas, Diana;Ritzenthaler, JohnLove on the Fly: Two Peregrine Falcons find Each Other in Springfield 2:12/202013