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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Tennis-MenTenure process nears completion1:53/61975
[ ]Tennis-MenTop WSU5:64/151976
[ ]Tennis-MenNettes lose to Kenyon5:34/221976
[ ]Tennis-MenBeach gets 98th win5:14/291976
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers shut out Musky 9-05:35/61976
[ ]Tennis-MenNet team splits5:75/131976
[ ]Tennis-MenTeam ends third5:15/201976
[ ]Tennis-MenTwo netters play5:15/271976
[ ]Tennis-MenLoses to Ball State 9-0, Indiana State 9-0 and Xavier 5-47:14/71977
[ ]Tennis-MenTop Wright State for first win5:34/141977
[ ]Tennis-MenBeat Henry Ford Comm. College 6-3 and Denison 6-35:34/211977
[ ]Tennis-MenDefeat Wooster 5-4 and Muskingum 9-05:65/51977
[ ]Tennis-MenFinish undefeated in OAC, winning last nine matches6:75/121977
[ ]Tennis-MenNetters second in OAC5:45/191977
[ ]Tennis-MenMen compete in tennis tourney5:69/231977
[ ]Tennis-MenMannies brightens tennis outlook7:110/211977
[ ]Tennis-MenNetters prep for season8:72/31978
[ ]Tennis-MenNetters drop opener5;74/71978
[ ]Tennis-MenTop Wright State, 8-15:44/141978
[ ]Tennis-MenNetters zap Xavier, edge UD5:14/211978
[ ]Tennis-MenNetters nap Heidelberg, lose to OWU5:44/281978
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers defeat Heidelberg 9-0; lose to Ohio Wesleyan 6-35:44/281978
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers defeat Capital 6-3, also defeat Wooster5:65/51978
[ ]Tennis-MenWitt's tennis team whipped Cedarvilled and Ohio Northern5:35/121978
[ ]Tennis-MenCoach comments on upcoming season and players5:110/61978
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers 4-0 in Florida5:34/61979
[ ]Tennis-MenLose to Wright State 5-45:14/131979
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers split two; defeat Dennison 5-4 and lsoe to Kenyon 6-35:14/201979
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers take two, lose to Ohio Wesleyan5:14/271979
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers defeat Wooster 5-4 and Xavier 5-45:45/41979
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers end season with a 7-2 win over Capital. Record is now 14-37:25/111979
[ ]Tennis-MenFinish fourth in OAC championships5:15/181979
[ ]Tennis-MenWittenberg loses to Kenyon College 8-15:54/181980
[ ]Tennis-MenWitt win over Muskingum College and Heidelberg College; loses to Dennison Univ. and Ohio Wesleyan Univ.5:44/251980
[ ]Tennis-MenWitt wins over Wooster and Xavier5:35/21980
[ ]Tennis-MenWitt wins 4 straight games defeateing Capital, Ohio Northern, Wilberforce, and Cedarville6:35/91980
[ ]Tennis-MenWittenberg wins all matches on trip to Florida4:14/201981
[ ]Tennis-MenWittenberg finished second in Wooster Invitational Tournament5:65/11981
[ ]Tennis-MenWittenberg defeats Capital U. and Ohio Northern; will play in OAC tournament5:25/81981
[ ]Tennis-MenSteve Pruett, no. 1 player participates in NCAA Div. III tennis tournament5/221981
[ ]Tennis-MenHPE dept. hires Scott McCune as new tennis coach and assistant basketball coach5:210/161981
[ ]Tennis-MenMen's tennis6:44/291983
[ ]Tennis-MenMen's netters capture fourth6:15/201983
[ ]Tennis-MenNetters string together victory9:34/131984
[ ]Tennis-MenNetters atop log-jammed OAC7:14/271984
[ ]Tennis-MenTurner sticks it to opposition7:14/271984
[ ]Tennis-MenNetters sack OAC title13:15/31985
[ ]Tennis-MenTigers claim OAC tennis crown9:15/171985
[ ]Tennis-MenMen's tennis try to repeat OAC championship11:14/251986
[ ]Tennis-MenMen's tennis remains undefeated9:15/91986
[ ]Tennis-MenTennis captures second straight OAC title8:15/161986
[ ]Tennis-MenMen's tennis atop the NCAC standings13:34/112003
[ ]Tennis-Men; SportsMen's tennis finishes successful season in the NCAC tournament14:14/302009
[ ]Sports;Tennis;Tennis-Men;Tennis - Men;Wilke, SamTennis Remains 4-0 in Play7:19/192012