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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Scores again with "Spoon River"8:111/71974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Ibsen play opens4:111/141974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House" performed at Blair Nov. 20-236:611/211974
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Godspell" opens Feb. 171:51/131975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)In need of new facilities6:31/161975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Presents "Godspell" Feb. 12-154:61/231975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Godspell" entertains6:32/201975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"The Glass Menagerie" to be presented Mar. 5-8, 12-156:32/271975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Plan one major production for each term4:39/251975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Hay fever" to open6:611/61975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Hay Fever" performance superb3:211/131975
[ ]TUT(Theatre)To present "Three Penny Opera"5:31/151976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Three Penny Opera" opens February 212:12/191976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Three Penny" twists adn entices3:52/251976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Transparent Morning" cast4:74/81976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Literature, experience inspire "Morning"4:14/291976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Transparent Morning" reflects our changing history1:65/61976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"The importance of being Earnest" to be presented Sept. 22, 23 & Nov. 3, 74:49/231976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"The Importance . . . ." to be first production3:710/71976
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Once upon a mattress" performed Feb. 23-276:31/201977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)"Ex Miss Copper Queen on a set of Pills" done as Senior Comp. by Gary Stross4:82/31977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)TUT schedule very busy1:79/231977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)TUT stages "Crucible"4:210/141977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Prepare to stage "A raisin in the sun"4:311/41977
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Actors take on technical designing responsibility for senior comprehensive projects4:14/281978
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Plans to renovate Tower Dining Room into Theatre Dept.1:54/281978
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Stages Twelfth Night - May 10-14, 8:00PM $2.50 per ticket3:35/51978
[ ]TUT(Theatre)Theatre to present "The school for scandal" October 25-29 in Blair Hall Theatre. Cast list, information3:59/291978
[ ]TUT(Theatre);To present "The school for scandal," and other upcoming plays3:59/291978