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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Swimming-WomenTankers make splash5:310/171974
[ ]Swimming-WomenWitt women maks splash5:510/311974
[ ]Swimming-WomenWomen defeat Muskingum5:710/161975
[ ]Swimming-WomenTankers finish season5:611/131975
[ ]Swimming-WomenCoach Pat Domer thinks they show promise5:19/231977
[ ]Swimming-WomenWin over Xavier and lose to OWU5:310/71977
[ ]Swimming-WomenHersh, Saxton set marks for tankers6:310/211977
[ ]Swimming-WomenTankers break more records5:510/281977
[ ]Swimming-WomenWomen drown Dennison5:311/41977
[ ]Swimming-WomenTankers close at 5-35:611/111977
[ ]Swimming-WomenTeam information, coaches comments, team announced5:59/221978
[ ]Swimming-WomenDefeated Muskingum 80-835:39/291978
[ ]Swimming-WomenVictory over Heidelberg; loss to Ohio Wesleyan; record 2-1 thus far5:610/131978
[ ]Swimming-WomenWitt defeats Mount St. Joseph5:410/201978
[ ]Swimming-WomenTigers lose to Kenyon 62-527:310/271978
[ ]Swimming-WomenVictory over Dennison, loss to Wooster5:711/31978
[ ]Swimming-WomenPreparing for the season5:%9/221979
[ ]Swimming-WomenPreparing for the season5:59/221979
[ ]Swimming-WomenLoses to Muskingum 55-575:49/291979
[ ]Swimming-WomenLose to Kenyon 61-69 and Ohio Wesleyan 43-87 but are showing progress5:510/121979
[ ]Swimming-WomenTigers defeat Heidleberg and Ohio Northern5:510/191979
[ ]Swimming-WomenBeat Case-Western 51-495:510/261979
[ ]Swimming-WomenTigerfish split two meets with a win over Dennison and a loss to Wooster, maintain a .500 record6:311/21979
[ ]Swimming-WomenDefeat Xavier 79-577:311/91979
[ ]Swimming-WomenScores, records4:32/61981
[ ]Swimming-WomenAnne Moses is a record-breaking swimmer and former national champion4:12/131981
[ ]Swimming-WomenWitt defeated by Wooster5:61/221982
[ ]Swimming-WomenWitt defeats Xavier & Muskingum5:41/291982
[ ]Swimming-Women"We did it"6:12/111983
[ ]Swimming-WomenTiger team talk6:32/251983
[ ]Swimming-WomenTourney crown comes home6:13/41983
[ ]Swimming-WomenWomen swimming strong6:31/131984
[ ]Swimming-WomenRelay approaches Nationals6:11/201984
[ ]Swimming-WomenLife in the fast lane7:22/31984
[ ]Swimming-Women3 for 46:12/101984
[ ]Swimming-WomenState hopes look good7:12/171984
[ ]Swimming-WomenTeam places fourth as six qualify for nationals7:32/241984
[ ]Swimming-WomenSwimmers: On your marks!12:19/281984
[ ]Swimming-WomenSwimmers cite teamwork as reason for success9:32/11985
[ ]Swimming-WomenWomen swimmers capture first championship12:12/221985
[ ]Swimming-WomenTigers take third in Penn-Ohio tournament9:32/261988
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-Women;Swimmers start off season with new direction15:110/302001
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenSwimmers continue success14:111/132001
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenDePauw Invitational produces good results for swimmers15:112/42001
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenSwimmers Continue Drive for NCAC Championships15:11/292002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenSwimmers End Regular Season With Loss13:12/52002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenSwimmers take 4th in Conference Championships14:12/192002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-Women; Rader, Steve; Juergens, RachelSwimmers Compete at NCAA National Championships13:13/262002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenSwim Team Eyeing New Season13:310/12002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenSwimming Tigers Kick Off Dual Meet Season With A Bang13:111/52002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenTiger Swimming & Diving Continues to Improve Early On In The Season13:111/122002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenSwimming Has Another Solide Weekend as Men Close to Wabash, Both Beat Oberlin13:111/192002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenTiger Swim Teams Split Against Hiram13:111/262002
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenMen and women's swim & dive finish seasons strong at the NCAC meet12:12/252003
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-WomenWitt swimmers and divers put up a good fight12:11/292004
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-Women; Diving TeamSwimming and diving gear up for conference meet12:12/52004