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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student GovernmentAn experiment in student government, has been drawing the attention of men56:1-21/11886
[ ]Student GovernmentCooperative system of college government in vogue62:112/11886
[ ]Student GovernmentLeague of Ferncliff Hall organizes for purpose of bettering conditions among co-eds23:29/231912
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion -- why not?2:3-410/71915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent body favors union. Kuhns elected cheerleader, change assistant1:310/141915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion. President of Study Body to be elected3:310/141915
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent opinion. The main purpose is to develop a united Wittenberg spirit3:111/181916
[ ]Opinion;Student GovernmentAs We See It - Don't Read This2:112/211951
[ ]Student GovernmentConstitution needs campus vote1:13/41960
[ ]Student GovernmentSenat criticized on issue of Student Court7:34/31964
[ ]Student Government AssociationNew name approved for the Student Senate on January 193:11/211971
[ ]Student Government AssociationThe following students were appointed to committees that are open to student participation on the Board of Directors: Gary Lee, University Life; Gene Steiner, Plands and Resources; Ramona Crawford, Budget; and John Skidmore, Buildings and Grounds3:12/181971
[ ]Student Government AssociationGive $235 to the Draft Counseling Center. Withdraw the previously accepted alcohol policy3:13/51971
[ ]Student Government AssociationAccepted a new code of election governing all campus-wide votes3:$4/11971
[ ]Student Government AssociationElections to be April 22, 19713:14/151971
[ ]Student Government AssociationSupports new credit-no credit plan3:34/151971
[ ]Student Government AssociationBonnie Fletcher elected to the University Affairs Committee; Joh Skidmore, president of SGA; Mark Schaffer, vice-president; Stan Lundahl, 2nd vice-president; Maureen Bryson, secretary; Patti Harris, treasurer3:34/221971
[ ]Student Government AssociationWant academic survey concerning standards and grades10:31/271972
[ ]Student Government AssociationWes Kaupman, who ran opposed, was elected presidentNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:14/301972
[ ]Student Government AssociationEndorse life-style plans1:15/111972
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscuss alcohol policy1:310/61972
[ ]Student Government AssociationAppeared at the College Council to request action on the area of student placement5:110/121972
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscuss alcohol policy and course syllabi1:210/211972
[ ]Student Government AssociationSends alcohol policy to council1:510/281972
[ ]Student Government AssociationReadies syllabi for council1:711/31972
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses guests's rights and responsibilities1:211/101972
[ ]Student Government AssociationMeeting held1:711/161972
[ ]Student Government AssociationNew alcohol policy1:511/161972
[ ]Student Government AssociationRequires club reorganization1:111/161972
[ ]Student Government AssociationDelays visitation policy6:52/151973
[ ]Student Government AssociationVisitation policy passed1:12/221973
[ ]Student Government AssociationFeatures contested elections1:14/51973
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscuss library hours and recent attacks on coeds6:14/121973
[ ]Student Government AssociationJames Nelson wins presidency1:14/121973
[ ]Student Government AssociationJames Nelson newly elected president3:54/191973
[ ]Student Government AssociationElection code revised6:34/261973
[ ]Student Government AssociationConvenes with new crew1:75/31973
[ ]Student Government AssociationCommittees approved at meeting4:45/101973
[ ]Student Government AssociationTranscript for foreign study discussed1:65/171973
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscuss budge and foreing studies programs1:35/241973
[ ]Student Government AssociationRevision of the SGA budget and a proposal for madatory course syllabi1:310/251973
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudent fee increase in Imminent1:411/81973
[ ]Student GovernmentStudent fee increase is imminent1:411/81973
[ ]Student Government AssociationWinter Term service needs8:511/151973
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusssion pinpoints rising black unrest1:11/171974
[ ]Student Government AssociationWitt Media evaluated communications committee1:71/171974
[ ]Student Government AssociationDebates CSAC, and GPA1:61/311974
[ ]Student Government AssociationPasses revised plus-minus GPA1:42/141974
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses by-law amendments1:32/211974
[ ]Student Government AssociationMay vote to drop credit-no credit1:32/281974
[ ]Student Government AssociationTo student voice?8:62/281974
[ ]Student Government AssociationKills C/NC alternative1:43/71974
[ ]Student Government AssociationElections6:14/101974
[ ]Student Government AssociationRequests counseling review1;34/251974
[ ]Student Government AssociationActivitiy Greeks new SGA5/21974
[ ]Student Government AssociationC/NC opinion revived1:65/231974
[ ]Student Government AssociationApproves new budget1:15/301974
[ ]Student Government AssociationProtests Action1:710/101974
[ ]Student Government AssociationResolution on freshman women's hours1:610/101974
[ ]Student Government AssociationGive WU $1501:110/171974
[ ]Student Government AssociationFreshmen hours discussed1:410/241974
[ ]Student Government AssociationAllots surplus1:610/311974
[ ]Student Government AssociationOpposes proposal1:111/71974
[ ]Student Government AssociationAllots money to Spanish Club and the Pre-Law Assoc.1:611/211974
[ ]Student Government AssociationChip Mills, program chairperson resigns1:61/161975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses energy crunch1:31/231975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDebate the 24-hour visitation policy1:41/301975
[ ]Student Government AssociationAllots $442 to different groups on campus1:12/61975
[ ]Student Government AssociationPublic interest research group alloted $751:42/131975
[ ]Student Government AssociationConsiders appropriations1:42/201975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDebates queen1:32/271975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses banquet, superior hearing board1:13/61975
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA asks Dr. Dahl to next meeting1:14/101975
[ ]Student Government AssociationStatements of canadicy5:14/171975
[ ]Student Government AssociationOfficers elected1:44/241975
[ ]Student Government AssociationNew officers take over duties1:35/11975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscuss CBS representative1:35/81975
[ ]Student Government AssociationApproves CBS representative1:15/151975
[ ]Student Government AssociationPlans CBS vote1:45/231975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDebates lacrosse and CBS votes1:15/291975
[ ]Student Government AssociationPresents goals6:59/251975
[ ]Student Government AssociationPlans escort service for women1:610/91975
[ ]Student Government AssociationSponsors leadership conference6:110/131975
[ ]Student Government AssociationActs to improve faculty-student rapport1:110/161975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses administrative ruling on all-campus parties1:510/231975
[ ]Student Government AssociationPlans open forum on campus life styles1:610/301975
[ ]Student Government AssociationAnnounces student activitiy fee appropriation1:711/61975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses open party policy with Heusinkveld1:411/61975
[ ]Student Government AssociationInvites student, faculty and administrators to life styles meeting1:111/61975
[ ]Student Government AssociationMeeting keys on student input1:111/131975
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses security1:711/201975
[ ]Student Government AssociationFocuses on tuition increase1:41/151976
[ ]Student Government AssociationCopes with system's failure1:61/221976
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses budget, grade point and fourth course1:61/291976
[ ]Student Government AssociationEvaluation is open forum issue1:12/51976
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses concert scheduling problem1:62/121976
[ ]Student Government AssociationShould WUSO go stereo?1:52/191976
[ ]Student Government AssociationSupports possible tuition increase1:12/251976
[ ]Student Government AssociationExamines fourth course, tenure, W-Day1:43/41976
[ ]Student Government AssociationHomecoming committee: a problem8:64/81976
[ ]Student Government AssociationStatements of candidacy84/81976
[ ]Student Government AssociationOfficers elected1:64/151976
[ ]Student Government AssociationPasses support for Urban Studies program1:34/151976
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses OPIRG funding1:14/221976
[ ]Student Government AssociationFulltime physician alternative presented1:14/291976
[ ]Student Government AssociationApproves OPRIG funds1:15/61976
[ ]Student Government AssociationElection declared valid1:15/131976
[ ]Student Government AssociationElection declared valid1;15/131976
[ ]Student Government AssociationEvaluates council issue and faculty visits1:15/201976
[ ]Student Government AssociationAttacks W-Day ban1:15/271976
[ ]Student Government AssociationPresident outlines goals6:19/91976
[ ]Student Government AssociationAllocates money for Homecoming Event1:19/231976
[ ]Student Government AssociationHomecoming funds are disputed1:49/301976
[ ]Student Government AssociationMoves election to winter1;510/71976
[ ]Student Government AssociationApproves budget1:110/141976
[ ]Student Government AssociationAdvancement official explain duties to SGA1:110/211976
[ ]Student Government AssociationVotes to extend OPIRG funding1:410/281976
[ ]Student Government AssociationProposed Spring day & announced a flea market1:611/41976
[ ]Student Government AssociationLooks at criteria for OPIRG evaluation1:11/131977
[ ]Student Government AssociationGives support to Black Emphasis Week, discussed Spring Day, the calendar study and additional freshmen on CC1:61/201977
[ ]Student Government AssociationQuestions its constitution, selected a student for Provost Comm. & swore in a new officer1:11/271977
[ ]Student Government AssociationVoted to have a special election to amend their constitution, refused Torch salary increase and recognized the Newman Club1:52/31977
[ ]Student Government AssociationAllocates additional funds to 3 organizations1:62/101977
[ ]Student Government AssociationTables motion on tenure policies, heard from Student Hearing Board and recognized the Pre-Med association2/171977
[ ]Student Government AssociationCandidates explain their platforms in an open forum1:52/241977
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudies tenure proceedings1:72/241977
[ ]Student Government AssociationRun-off election to resolve tied vote for President1:53/31977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSelected representatives to quiz prospective provosts1:14/71977
[ ]Student Government AssociationYAF recognition tabled, two biology groups recognized1:54/141977
[ ]Student Government AssociationRecognizes Young Americans for Freedom and Witt Christian Fellowship1:54/211977
[ ]Student Government AssociationPledges Agora support1:55/51977
[ ]Student Government AssociationMass task force to study alcohol issue at Witt1:15/121977
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudent Handbook revision begins1:25/121977
[ ]Student Government AssociationAlcohol policy unveiled6:65/261977
[ ]Student Government AssociationBudget, alcohol policy dominate meeting1:15/261977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSponsor used book sale4:59/91977
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudents hold key to power action3:79/91977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA creates new post, discovers fund surplus1:19/231977
[ ]Student Government AssociationPlans budget poll1:49/301977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA establishes espulsion process1:59/301977
[ ]Student Government AssociationUniversity Affairs scrutinizes alcohol policy, student handbook1:19/301977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA owes funds1:310/141977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA surplus account "dries up"1:110/141977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA announces results1:310/211977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA elects auditor, slates fee referendum1:510/211977
[ ]Student Government AssociationForum airs fee increase issue1:311/41977
[ ]Student Government AssociationOusts WUSO manager1:711/41977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA officials debate validity of fee increase1:111/111977
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA picks WUSO head, approves dance group1:52/31978
[ ]Student Government AssociationAlcohol policy tabled1:72/171978
[ ]Student Government AssociationSenior leaders review progress6:32/241978
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA passes alcohol policy1:52/241978
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudent candidates field questions on Feb. 211:12/241978
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA funds sought for tiger uniform case1:53/31978
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA wrestles with OPIRG issue1:14/71978
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA allocates funds, discusses aide6:34/141978
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA fills staff positions, deals with funding issues1:54/211978
[ ]Student Government AssociationUniv. affairs comm. delegated by SGA. Officers sworn in1:84/281978
[ ]Student Government AssociationCommunications interviews - Interviews for WUSO Station Manager - more information contact Kathi Berry- 63913:75/51978
[ ]Student Government AssociationW-Day, main topic of SGA meeting6:15/51978
[ ]Student Government AssociationSGA investigates calls, approves new editors1:15/121978
[ ]Student Government AssociationPresident's comments on involvement and welcome2:29/91978
[ ]Student Government AssociationFinance Committee cuts all funds to Union Board Concert Committee. General information4:19/291978
[ ]Student Government AssociationAnnouncement of new yearbook editor, completion of a statement on the contraceptive policy6:110/61978
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscussed Student Hearing Board, other important issues6:310/131978
[ ]Student Government AssociationQuestions on structure, procedure, etc.1:510/131978
[ ]Student Government AssociationQuestions on structure, procedures, etc.1:510/131978
[ ]Student Government AssociationAnnounces some upcoming plans6:510/201978
[ ]Student Government AssociationOutlining events5:510/271978
[ ]Student Government AssociationVaried agenda, OPIRG Survey, RH week, etc.1:11/191979
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses new governing policy6:31/261979
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudies changes in its constitutuions an bylaws6:32/91979
[ ]Student Government AssociationUnanimously rejects faculty college council proposal1:12/91979
[ ]Student Government AssociationLooks into government structure proposals set forth by faculty6:52/161979
[ ]Student Government AssociationElections set for March 86:72/231979
[ ]Student Government AssociationCandidate forum held, attendance low1:13/91979
[ ]Student Government AssociationEndorses three point proposal6:33/91979
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses upcoming forum, varied topics1:34/61979
[ ]Student Government AssociationPresent officers begin tenure, new officers annouced4:14/61979
[ ]Student Government AssociationTo hold election to fill vacant positions6:14/61979
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses budget, governance plan, details outlined1:14/131979
[ ]Student Government AssociationMay need to raise activity fee6:14/201979
[ ]Student Government AssociationSpecial election results announced6:14/271979
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscussed visitation proposal rejection6:35/111979
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscussed elections, visitation experiment, etc.1:35/181979
[ ]Student Government AssociationReinstated honorariums1:19/81979
[ ]Student Government AssociationBegins school year with first meeting1:49/221979
[ ]Student Government AssociationAllocated money to WUSO and the Torch6:19/291979
[ ]Student Government AssociationAllocations and other business discussed1:110/51979
[ ]Student Government AssociationInternational exposition week endorsed6:110/261979
[ ]Student Government AssociationAttendance policy discussed8:511/21979
[ ]Student Government AssociationAttendance policy discussed2:211/91979
[ ]Student Government AssociationHeld a secret executive session after their regular session1:511/91979
[ ]Student Government AssociationPlans for Winter term discussed6:41/111980
[ ]Student Government AssociationNew wittenberg governance system to be discussed at a forum Jan 221:31/181980
[ ]Student Government AssociationUrges students to attend Plan a forum6:31/181980
[ ]Student Government AssociationSchedules WUSO panel discussion on Honoraria Jan 284:51/251980
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses UB and WUSO audits and other business1:12/81980
[ ]Student Government AssociationEqualizes honorariums1:42/151980
[ ]Student Government AssociationPetitions for candidacy for offices available1:12/151980
[ ]Student Government AssociationDeadline for candidates to file petitions has been extended1:42/221980
[ ]Student Government AssociationMike Bayles is new president1:12/291980
[ ]Student Government AssociationNew officers announced2:22/291980
[ ]Student Government AssociationRatifies lifestyle proposals1:24/41980
[ ]Student Government AssociationApproved the motion to give a written letter of support to Delta Sigma Theta, a Black sorority1:44/181980
[ ]Student Government AssociationVetos honoraria, medis positions discussed6:34/251980
[ ]Student Government AssociationDebate over committe positions become heated4:45/21980
[ ]Student Government AssociationNew choices for Wittenberg media directors made by SGA8:55/91980
[ ]Escort Service; Student Government AssociationEscort service more efficient now6:19/261980
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudent Gov't Association fees will be raised6:49/261980
[ ]Student Government AssociationSeniors protest procedure of SGA elections1:210/31980
[ ]Student Government AssociationSurplus funds will be allocated to organizations in need6:610/31980
[ ]Student Government AssociationSenior Mike Acton protests election procedures of SGA1:510/101980
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudents want input on changes. SGA president and Dean Scott offer suggestions6:110/171980
[ ]Student Government AssociationDetails on allotments for budgets of campus organizations1:410/241980
[ ]Student Government AssociationSecretary resigns due to upcoming trip to Mexico; other SGA plans outlined10/241980
[ ]Student Government AssociationApproves election code6:110/311980
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses funding for UB. Student -sprinfielder relationships, and upcoming events6:111/71980
[ ]Student Government AssociationCommunications Committee chairperson resigns due to workload. Other SGA affairs discussed1:511/141980
[ ]Student Government AssociationConflict resolved after Torch staff resigns; seed for more SGA support discussed; new editor appointed1:32/61981
[ ]Student Government AssociationCandidacy statement due1:32/131981
[ ]Student Government AssociationEliminates own honoraria except for top three positions. Other SGA activities discussed1:32/201981
[ ]Student Government AssociationCandidates discuss best means of governance1:32/271981
[ ]Student Government AssociationGuy Gerbick elected president; other new officers listed1:53/61981
[ ]Student Government AssociationUnanimously approves new visitation proposal. Other developments in campus affairs cited1:14/201981
[ ]Student Government AssociationCommittee representational system discussed; other SGA news detailed6:35/81981
[ ]Student Government AssociationEscort service is not as efficient as it should be due to dishonesty of escorts and disinterest of women1:15/81981
[ ]Student Government AssociationNew senior class officers elected; other SGA news1:45/81981
[ ]Student Government AssociationHonoraria, student-aministration communication, and other SGA news discussed1:45/151981
[ ]Student Government AssociationHonoraria budgets are passed, OPIRG funding discussed, grade point average student poll1:15/221981
[ ]Student Government AssociationStudent Government budget allocations as submitted by the finance committee and extended OPIRG's existence on campus1:45/291981
[ ]Student Government AssociationConcerns about carrying open alcohol, clean-up project report from the campus faculty meeting and the escort service1:49/251981
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscussion of student gov't structural changes, present escort system and neighborhood council1:110/21981
[ ]Student Government AssociationExplanation of the committee structre and the functions of the Faculty Governance system6:310/21981
[ ]Student Government AssociationPres. Guy Gerbick - changes in escort service4:110/21981
[ ]Student Government AssociationRegular meeting discussion about: adding programming for the blind on WUSO, OPIRG's accountability, newly appointed counselor and student concerns committee1:110/161981
[ ]Student Government AssociationNew SGA constitution, Gramma Magazine, OPIRG and University Affairs discussed at weekly meeting1:310/231981
[ ]Student Government AssociationApproves new plan6:110/301981
[ ]Student Government AssociationProposes new student government system1:110/301981
[ ]Student Government AssociationDiscusses by-laws1:11/151982
[ ]Student Government AssociationHolding sale of wholesale priced dry goods open to students during 3rd week of winter term1:31/151982
[ ]Student Government AssociationDry goods arrive for co-op4:11/221982
[ ]Student Government AssociationOkays construction6:31/221982
[ ]Student Government AssociationWorks to change faculty by-laws1:11/221982
[ ]Student Government AssociationSenate approved (pic)1:51/291982
[ ]Students Against Government WasteStudents Against Government Waste asks for Studentpg. 3, col5/171991
[ ]Students Against Government WasteSAGW combats waste3:110/111991