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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Democrats, Wittenberg StudentDual-parties now represented on campus5:12/81980
[ ]Democrats, Wittenberg StudentPresident Jimmy Carter visits Dayton and speaks at town meeting1:510/31980
[ ]Student DemocratsFirst meeting announced3:610/231981
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats plan positive program5:110/51984
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats host Ohio Treasurer1:110/301987
[ ]Student DemocratsJackson and Bush visits fall through1:44/81988
[ ]Student DemocratsJackson And Bush Visits Fall Through1:44/81988
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats promote awareness12:49/301988
[ ]Student DemocratsDemocrats propose improved education10/71988
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats attend Ohio Convention10/141988
[ ]Student DemocratsLiberal values stressed10/281988
[ ]Student DemocratsWitt Democrats to serve state in executive board positions4/141989
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrat Officers want to revitalize group4/61990
[ ]Student Democrats;College Republicans;Students Work on Political Campaigns for Candidatepg. 2, col10/51990
[ ]Student DemocratsOhio College Democrats elect Pat Gahagen commun.VPpg. 13, co4/191991
[ ]Student DemocratsWittenberg Student Democrats help Franklin Middlepg. 1, col5/31991
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats try to bring social issues to Wittenberg campus5:110/41991
[ ]Student Democrats; Social ProblemsChildren in Springfield public school plagued by problems outside class2:410/251991
[ ]Student DemocratsDemocrats to host convention2:510/251991
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats' first convention a success1:111/11991
[ ]Student Democrats; Social ProblemsStudent Democrats present programs, give 'social awareness of South Africa'2:111/81991
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats discuss elections2:52/211992
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats are forming to group to campaign Clinton's presidential race1:23/61992
[ ]Student DemocratsPolls show college students favor Clinton over Bush2:410/21992
[ ]Student DemocratsDemocrats mark Student Day here2:410/301992
[ ]Student DemocratsStudents swell voters' ranks1:611/61992
[ ]Student DemocratsStudent Democrats watch as Clinton assumes the presidency2:31/291993
[ ]Student Democrats; College RepublicansCollege Republicans, Student Democrates prepare for elections11:111/11994
[ ]Political Science Department; Student Democrats; College RepublicansClubs debate gridlock11:12/211995