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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student Alumni Association(SAA) Seeks student support4:34/191985
[ ]Student Alumni Association"Student Alumni sets goals"11:72/211986
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationSAA sponsors alumni career day5:110/171986
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationCampus to Celebrate charter11:14/151988
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationCampus to Celebrate Charter11:14/151988
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationSAA plans charter ball4/211989
[ ]Student Alumni Association450 Alumni turn out for lunch and b-ball2/231990
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationSAA elects new officers2/231990
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationMasquerade theme announced for Founder's Day4/121990
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationSAA Masquerade for Founder's Day this weekend4/201990
[ ]Student Alumni Association350 attend SAA Founder's Day ball4/271990
[ ]Student Alumni AssociationDroge, Server Of Presidents, To Speak At Wittpg. 7, col11/21990