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[ ]Student ActivitiesEligivility rules for students are adopted. Scholarship to determine right of students to engage in any college activities1:35/271915
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety4:23/201924
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:32/181926
[ ]Declaration of Independence;Student ActivitiesDid Jefferson Sign With Pen? - Biographical Film To Answer This Question1:22/251926
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:32/251926
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesAdditional Society4:410/271927
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesSociety2:310/271927
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesSocial Calendar2:410/111928
[ ]Campus Life;Student Activities;Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesSociety2:310/111928
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesCalendar2:412/131928
[ ]Christmas;Student Activities;Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA);Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA);Olson, JamesEvening of Caroling Booked To Commence At 9 P.M. In Entrance - Social Hour Planned1:412/131928
[ ]Christmas;Student Activities;Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesSociety2:312/131928
[ ]Student ActivitiesBridge Gives Way To Jig-Saw Puzzles As Craze Hits Campus1:51/131933
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities;Student Activities;Social DancesTwo Fraternities Open Social Season with Dances; Football Is Subject of First Fall Hops4:19/291933
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Student ActivitiesBand and Orchestra2:110/21936
[ ]Student ActivitiesWittenberg Campuscope1:510/21936
[ ]Student Activities;Alumnae/Alumni;Fraternities and SororitiesHours Without Credit...3:110/261949
[ ]Student Activities;Fraternities and SororitiesHours Without Credit...2:212/201949
[ ]Student Activities;Brief SurveyCampus Crier2:212/211951
[ ]Student Activities; Budget10% carryover cap to reduce bungled budgets4:110/101986
[ ]Oetgen, Lauren; Siscoe, Dee; Student Activities; Witt Welcomes Two New Administrators: Appointed as Director and Staff Assistant of Student Activities5:19/301988
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudents attend dance festival1/271989
[ ]Student ActivitiesOfficers to meet GPA requirement2/101989
[ ]Student ActivitiesChicago Bluew Bars: An unforgetable escape3/31989
[ ]Student ActivitiesActiviites Zone successful4/141989
[ ]Student ActivitiesSooner to be keynote speaker for campus leadership conference4/141989
[ ]Student ActivitiesWitt Students attend woman's equality march4/141989
[ ]Student ActivitiesJohn Sabol Appointed Student Activites Director1:34/211989
[ ]Student ActivitiesOA positions now available3/21990
[ ]Student ActivitiesLiaison post is terminated4/61990
[ ]Student Activities Leadership BanquetWitt leaders, Bell and Board given honors5/251990
[ ]Student ActivitiesJerry David Calls For Cooperationpg. 2, col10/51990
[ ]Student ActivitiesAntioch students protest and get results2:11/311992
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudent activists protest B.P.5:21/311992
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudents protest Rodney King verdict with rally, forum1:25/81992
[ ]Student ActivitiesGays, lesbians and bisexuals not acknowledged by Wittenberg1:35/151992
[ ]Frangos, Greg; Student ActivitiesDefense course teaches how to avoid trouble4:32/71995
[ ]Circle K; College Life; Model United Nations Club; Student ActivitiesWhere it's at: It's never too late to join another club7:3-510/81996
[ ]Student ActivitiesWittenberg student experiences Kenya's distinct culture7:12/181997
[ ]Student ActivitiesLeadership team established on campus3:110/71997
[ ]Student ActivitiesBible studies offer chances to discuss the big issues6:411/41997
[ ]Student ActivitiesAll Believers in Christ unites Christians on Wittenberg's campus7:12/101998
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudents select various spring break spots1:32/241998
[ ]Student ActivitiesPrimetime offers fellowship, non-denominational worship3:49/291998
[ ]Student ActivitiesPocket Lint entertains by improvisation9:311/101998
[ ]Student ActivitiesSenior "wine and cheese" held; other events planned3:42/91999
[ ]Student ActivitiesClass of 1999's activities slated for rest of year2:14/231999
[ ]Student Activities; WittFestClass of 2001 sponsors 5K Run/Walk benefitting American Cancer Society8:14/231999
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudent leaders plan year of activities3:19/211999
[ ]Physical Plant; Student ActivitiesStudent organizations can clean up for cash2:39/122000
[ ]Student ActivitiesTask force seeks to recruit more weekend activities2:110/312000
[ ]Student Activities;Campus Life;Brief SurveySurvey results state need for weekend activities3:312/52000
[ ]Student Activities; Cycling ClubCycling Club on Campus3:44/192002
[ ]Student Activities; Gay-Straight AllianceGay-Straight Alliance "Speaks Out" for Rights2:14/192002
[ ]Student ActivitiesFeeling Bored? Join One of Witt's 116 Student Organizations8:111/192002
[ ]Satire; Student activitiesSuper secret secret society [satire]3:14/12004
[ ]Student activitiesActivities Fair contacts5:19/162004
[ ]Student ActivitiesJewish students speak up1:19/162004
[ ]Student ActivitiesOh, we're all out camping in the Adirondacks8:19/162004
[ ]Student ActivitiesSxity-six groupsd at Activities Fair1:39/162004
[ ]Student ActivitiesAmerican Cherry served up a la mode5:19/232004
[ ]Student ActivitiesStudents collect aid for victims1:29/232004
[ ]Student activitiesAn invitaton from Imani2:412/32004
[ ]Student ActivitiesRole playing guild2:42/172005
[ ]Student activitiesWittenberg mock trial team results1:22/172005
[ ]Student ActivitiesWhere is the money4:29/292005
[ ]Student Activities; Campus LifeAn explosion of on-campus activities 2:49/182008
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Chi Omega; Student Activities; PhilanthropySorority grants wish 3:110/162008
[ ]Student Activities; University RankingsWild for Witt Wednesdays 1:210/162008
[ ]Student Activities; Gay-Straight Alliance; Shepard, MatthewGSA remembers Shepard1:110/152009
[ ]Student Activities; Kayaking ClubNew Kayaking club navigates Witt interest1:019/152010
[ ]"Faculty and Staff; Burton, Brad; Student Activities"Director of Student Affairs fired2:0212/82010
[ ]Duraj, Jon; Faculty and Staff; Student ActivitiesWittenberg welcomes new director of Student Activities 2:031/262011
[ ]Entertainment; Student Activities; Games RoomLet the games begin; Founder's kicks off Photohunt league 3:012/92011
[ ]Student ActivitiesWitt Love2:022/92011
[ ]Student Activities;ExerciseStudents Work to Organize New Biking Club 11:19/132011
[ ]Student Activities; MusicWitt Wednesday: Battle of the Bands 4:19/202011
[ ]Corrections; Music; Student ActivitiesCorrections: Witt Wednesday: Battle of the Bands2:49/282011
[ ]Ice Hockey Club;Student ActivitiesClub Hockey Falls to Holy Cross 11:111/92011
[ ]Online Exclusive;Student Life;Campus ActivitiesWhat to do at Witt: Upcoming Events 11/162011
[ ]Campus Life; Duraj, Jon; Student ActivitiesCrow Week 1:12/82012
[ ]Student Activities; Technology; uTaPuTaP that App 3:14/252012
[ ]Just Eve; Student Activities; The WittMen CrewWittenberg: We Are Family 5:39/122012
[ ]Student Activities;DeGulis, Kevin;Langer, JesseFishenberg, A New Club on Campus Fish Witt Us 3:12/132013
[ ]Campus Activities;Student Organizations;Hunt, Hannah;Summers, Meaghan;Heath, KeriLunch Club and Fact in Fiction Among New Campus Clubs Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 2:110/22013
[ ]Lough, Zachary;Student Senate;Student Activities;BudgetStudent Senate Pool Rumors 2:411/52014