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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Rugby Team"The Beautiful"2:33/41899
[ ]Rugby TeamMakes plea for China. Mission authority2:312/201911
[ ]Rugby TeamBible secretary to China to address student volunteers convention1:610/281926
[ ]Rugby TeamSpeaks in chapel1:23/221928
[ ]Rugby TeamInterest in starting a team7:51/151976
[ ]Rugby TeamDream becomes a reality5:15/271976
[ ]Rugby TeamFirst season of Witt's rugby club4:49/231976
[ ]Rugby TeamWin over Wright State 34-0 and Ball State 6-45:410/141976
[ ]Rugby TeamTigers tied Miami Valley 6-6, joined with them to defeat Wright State5:410/281976
[ ]Rugby TeamTakes on their toughest opponent, Scioto Valley5:54/141977
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers top Bowling Green, win tourney5:35/191977
[ ]Rugby TeamFinish at 5-4, lost to Miami Valley 9-35:35/261977
[ ]Rugby TeamWitt rugby club opens season at Great Lakes Regional Tournament in Detroit5:69/301977
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers win twice in tourney5:410/71977
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers lose finals6:610/211977
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers rip circle city5:510/281977
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers 7-2-15:811/41977
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers enjoy winning season5:811/111977
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers needed for spring5:33/31978
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers to start opening season5:54/71978
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers win opener5:64/141978
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers gain second win5:24/211978
[ ]Rugby TeamRuggers place second in OAC tourney5:34/281978
[ ]Rugby TeamTigers lose to Scioto Valley, 32-05:15/51978
[ ]Rugby TeamGeneral information cited5;39/221978
[ ]Rugby TeamSplit with wright state.5:210/61978
[ ]Rugby TeamTigers lose to Toledo 13-6, lose to south side Irish, game comments cited5:410/131978
[ ]Rugby TeamDefeated dayton, the lost the Dayton and Miami5:511/31978
[ ]Rugby TeamTigers champions of invitational tournament5:54/201979
[ ]Rugby TeamTigers defeat Marion 21-16, record now 3-15:54/271979
[ ]Rugby TeamWins over Denison, Oberlin, Ohio Wesleyan, and Baldwin Wallace only loss is to Bowling Green7:25/111979
[ ]Rugby TeamPreparing for the season5:39/221979
[ ]Rugby TeamHeld scoreless in two matches against Scioto Valley5:59/291979
[ ]Rugby TeamLost to Miami 24-65:510/51979
[ ]Rugby TeamAre runners-up in the Stroh's Great Lakes Regional Rugby Tournament (pic)5:110/121979
[ ]Rugby Team"A" team loses 5-0 and "B" team wins 14-6 agains UC club5:310/261979
[ ]Rugby TeamDefeated by the Queen City Rugby Club 20-167:111/21979
[ ]Rugby TeamTie with Wright State5:14/41980
[ ]Rugby TeamOhio State beats Wittenberg5:14/251980
[ ]Rugby TeamWitt beats Pittsburgh; loses to Queen city. Witt's defending champion of the OAC5:55/21980
[ ]Rugby TeamWitt is defeated by Dennison at Ohio Conference Rugby Chapionship6:35/91980
[ ]Rugby TeamInexperienced Witt team plays well; comes in Third in tournament5:39/261980
[ ]Rugby TeamWitt beats Newark 36-45:110/31980
[ ]Rugby TeamWitt soundly beats U. of Cincinnati 18-05:210/101980
[ ]Rugby TeamTeam is chartered as a club and receives little support from the SGA on the University. More publicity needed6:511/141980
[ ]Rugby TeamTeam is doing well although they have no coach and have club standing (pic)5:15/11981
[ ]Rugby TeamLack of communication leads to loss of field for use this fall5:59/251981
[ ]Rugby TeamLack of communication leads to loss of field for use this fall5:59/251981
[ ]Rugby TeamWitt defeated in attempt to win tournament (pic)5:310/21981
[ ]Rugby TeamWitt defeated in attempt to win tournament (pic)5:310/21981
[ ]Rugby TeamVictory over Kenyon5:310/161981
[ ]Rugby Team38-10 loss to Bowling Green is embarrasing5:610/231981
[ ]Rugby Team"Keep off the Grass"7:19/241982
[ ]Rugby TeamMud Pigs upset 5th ranked team in Ohio7:410/71983
[ ]Rugby TeamRugby9:310/161983
[ ]Rugby TeamUndefeated in the mud9:410/161983
[ ]Rugby TeamLima buries mud pigs6:110/211983
[ ]Rugby TeamRugby Rocks Louisville5:25/41984