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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical plant ready to move3:12/51988
[ ]Wittenberg's Physical PlantPhysical Plant Ready To Move3:12/51988
[ ]Physical PlantStudents safe from asbestos located in buildings4/71989
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical Plant has their own pair of Lakes3:42/71992
[ ]Physical PlantBudget constraints compel Physical Plant to reconsider1:61/221993
[ ]Physical PlantClasses cancelled because of blackout1:210/261993
[ ]Physical PlantRepairs light up Witt1:211/21993
[ ]Physical PlantGrounds crew can only plow certain streets at Witt2:41/251994
[ ]Physical PlantExtreme temperatures root of problems on campus1:42/11994
[ ]Physical Plant[John] Paulsen cites Wittenberg's asbestos problem as 'minimal'1:11/171995
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical Plant 'ups' its standards for housing renovation phase two7:12/71995
[ ]Physical PlantWittenberg's physical plant equipped to handle winter weather4:42/71995
[ ]Physical Plant; Thomas Library; Weaver Chapel; CampusFrozen pipes cause flooding in campus buildings1:22/131996
[ ]Physical Plant; CampusSecond power outage darkens north campus1:52/131996
[ ]Columns; Campus Life; Campus; Physical PlantRed chairs provide watering hole for CDR-goers5:1-52/111997
[ ]Physical PlantCrows slowly but surely leave campus after Physical Plant intervenes2:32/31998
[ ]Physical PlantConstruction to be finished by graduation2:13/241998
[ ]Physical PlantScience building renovations proposed1:13/241998
[ ]Physical Plant; Paulsen, JohnDirector of Physical Plant has many responsiblities7:111/21999
[ ]Physical Plant; Hollenbeck HallWater "gushing" down wall of Hollenbeck Hall Sunday2:31/282000
[ ]Physical PlantFungus forces tree removal2:19/122000
[ ]Physical Plant; Student ActivitiesStudent organizations can clean up for cash2:39/122000
[ ]Physical PlantThe University is in the process of rewiring its buildings (pic only)3:19/122000
[ ]Physical PlantGrounds crew keeps Witt clean and green10:111/212000
[ ]Physical PlantNature turns Myers hill into soggy mess1:12/62001
[ ]Physical PlantMyers Hill natural water spring re-routed, excavation finished3:14/32001
[ ]Physical Plant; FiresStudents lose everything as house goes up in flames3:34/32001
[ ]Physical Plant; CampusCampus Clean Up15:12/42003
[ ]Physical PlantPhysical Plant attempts to keep up with winter weather1:12/112003
[ ]Physical Plant; Editorialseditorial6:12/182003
[ ]Physical PlantWitt needs to do more to ensure student safety7:12/252003
[ ]Letters; Physical Plant; Faculty and Staff; Nibert, David; Sociology Department;Students chemically exposed but not notified 5:111/92006
[ ]Campus Life; Campus; Physical PlantChairs offer new place to kick back and relax between classes 1:14/262007
[ ]Campus; Physical Plant; Faculty and Staff; Sociology Department; Nibert, DavidLetter to the editor: David Nibert [Response to regular campus herbicide sprayings]5:19/272007
[ ]Recycling; Student Senate; Physical Plant; Paulsen, JohnWittenberg takes steps to go green2:112/62007
[ ]Weather; Buildings; Hollenbeck Hall; Physical PlantWinter weather wreaks havoc on Hollenbeck1:11/312008
[ ]Letters; Physical Plant; Faculty and Staff; Nibert, David; Sociology Department;Letter to the Editor: Re: Wittenberg's 2,4-D lawn treatment9:110/302008
[ ]Campus; Physical PlantConcerns raised over Wittenberg's choice of herbicide 3:111/202008
[ ]Buildings;Firestine Hall;Physical Plant;Carnes, Dana;Kelly, Sarah;DeVilbiss, MarkFlood in Firestine Causes Headaches for Students and Administration Alike 1L14/182012
[ ]Budget;Physical PlantThe Cost of Crows: Budget Burden or Just an Annoyance? 3:111/142012
[ ]Tower Hall;Physical Plant;Roberts, Eric;Burt, AJ;[Photo]Cold Weather Brings Flooding to Tower Hall 1:11/302013
[ ]WUSO;Firestine Hall;Isaacson, Sven;[Photo];Physical Plant;Paulsen, JohnWUSO's Plan for Rebirth 1:11/302013
[ ]Health Center;Shouvlin Center;McKee, Kathryn;Paulsen, John;Physical PlantFlooding in Shouvlin Closes Health Center Temporarily 3:12/132013
[ ]Physical Plant;Opinion;Environmental Issues;Health;Wittenberg CampusLetter to the Editor: "An Open Letter to President Joyner" Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 2:410/22013
[ ]Physical Plant;Hoff, Ruth;Nease, David;Fortner, Sarah;Ziska, SarahHerbicide Applied Without Student Notification 1:310/92013
[ ]Brady, Michael;Physical Plant;Nibert, David;Environmental IssuesLetter to the Editor: From Brady to Nibert 6:110/162013
[ ]Nibert, David;Joyner, Laurie M.;Physical Plant;Environmental IssuesLetter to the Editor: From Nibert to Joyner 6:410/162013
[ ]Weather;Kinney, Hannah;[Photos];Lopez, Mark;Brady, Michael;Physical Plant;Duncan, Christopher;Campus SafetyWittenberg Winter Wasteland1:11/292014