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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Myers HallBenches in class rooms problem791/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallComplaints are made against people removing papers and periodicals from the reading room78:21/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall781/11878
[ ]Myers HallImprovements98, 1032/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall1484/11878
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall731/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall912/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallQuite a bit of discussion as to what is the right object of the room131:24/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading Room, Myers Hall131, 1334/11879
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallReading room is a scene of disorder52:112/11881
[ ]Reading Room, Myers HallTrustees of Reading Room are endeavoring to do their duty towards preserving order76:21/11882
[ ]Myers Hall"Hail to the good old dorm," students' opinions. Repairs needed2:32/241916
[ ]Myers HallRemodeled structure to be known as Myers Hall. Self-service lunch room on first floor1:59/221916
[ ]Myers HallLarge columns added to front entrance4:110/121916
[ ]Myers HallMore than one hundred persons served daily in cafeteria3:410/121916
[ ]Myers HallDedication to be in November with celebration to include football game and pageants, Homecoming1:510/261916
[ ]Myers HallDedication to be turned over to pageants by college groups1:311/31916
[ ]Myers HallFormal opening. Alumni and Springfielders invited. Glee to sing, farce pageants in lieu of dedication1:111/81916
[ ]Myers Hall"Myers Hall day" included remodeled program. Weather interfered with pageant plans1:511/161916
[ ]Myers HallPresident Heckert presides over impressive dedication1:111/161916
[ ]Myers HallResidents of hall entertain guests; Myers family was guest of honor3:111/161916
[ ]Myers HallStudents take pride in new dorm; no more rough house2:512/211916
[ ]Myers HallHistory of the building3:23/281918
[ ]Myers HallMany traditions surround old dorm2:23/111920
[ ]Myers HallCarry on program of redecoration in Myers2:69/301932
[ ]Buildings; Myers HallNew tower is not roost for birds, say authorities2:311/101933
[ ]Myers HallMyers Hall is opened4:312/141945
[ ]Myers HallStudents look at Myers4:412/141945
[ ]Myers HallHow the other half lives, or at home in Myers5:44/51946
[ ]Myers HallDormers propose lights for Myers1:51/211948
[ ]Myers HallMyers Hall gets plush atmosphere1:210/221954
[ ]Myers HallRehabilitation of hall1:52/71958
[ ]Myers HallModern Myers5:310/101958
[ ]Myers Hall1851 roof replaced1:31/71966
[ ]Myers HallHas ghostly happenings1:412/81967
[ ]Myers HallWorld War I veteran agrees that ghosts haunt hall1:41/121968
[ ]Myers HallFunk and Wagnalls, others learned ABC's at Witt6:11/241974
[ ]Myers HallHall to be renovated6:11/131975
[ ]Myers HallDedicated by Sen. David Hartley and Dr. Kinnison4:810/281976
[ ]Myers HallHarry Walters, custodian, cuts dedication ribbon5:311/41976
[ ]Buildings; Myers Hall; FiresLint causes a small fire1:34/211977
[ ]Myers HallMyers Hall serves as Historic Chapter4:110/281977
[ ]Myers HallPlaced on 30 day probation for the raid on South Hall4:79/291978
[ ]Myers HallEvacuated due to an apparent false alarm1:14/61979
[ ]Myers HallRenovation made possible through a national historical society grant1:510/191979
[ ]Myers HallRoofing tarwas dumped on the steps8:611/21979
[ ]Buildings; Myers Hall; FiresSmall fire caused by a candle6:22/11980
[ ]Myers HallRenovation and improvement is largely contingent upon students attitudes towards and treatment of the hall1:211/141980
[ ]Myers HallResidents romp in autum leaves3:411/141980
[ ]Myers HallMyers construction4:49/241982
[ ]Myers Hall"Keep off the cement"9:310/151982
[ ]Myers HallMyers egg drop "A success"8:45/41984
[ ]Myers HallAsbestos poses potential health hazards in Myers Hall1:15/31985
[ ]Myers HallMorrison assessing asbestos exposure5:25/171985
[ ]Myers HallWomen to invade Myers in '871:34/251986
[ ]Myers HallMyers Hall: still a popular residence 4:12/82007
[ ]Residence Halls; Myers Hall; Ferncliff HallBug invasion: Residence halls house more than just students2:110/252007
[ ]Buildings; Myers Hall; Traditions; PoliticsWittenberg rings in historic inauguration3:32/52009
[ ]Residence Halls; Myers Hall; TraditionsGhost horse in Myers: Fact or twist on the real story? 5:013/292011
[ ]Simon, Alina;Myers Hall;Weaver Chapel;Tune, Rachel;Gill, Casey;Suicide;[Photos]Wittenberg Mourns Loss of Fellow Student 4:12/252015