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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Marketing ClubNewly formed chapter8:22/141969
[ ]Marketing ClubClub emerges6:14/181974
[ ]Marketing ClubHeld survey on Huntington-Lagonda Bank4:55/191977
[ ]Marketing ClubClub sets "promo" clinic7:32/31978
[ ]Marketing ClubRalph Lund addresses the club1:14/281978
[ ]Marketing ClubClub had Michael Owens of the steel industry speak5:32/81980
[ ]Marketing ClubClub hosts a program on advertising1:22/291980
[ ]Marketing ClubClub sponsors career forum6:34/41980
[ ]Marketing ClubClub honored as American Marketing Association's 1980 collegiate chapter of the year6:65/21980
[ ]Marketing ClubScholarship for students in marketing will be available for 30 seniors6:110/31980
[ ]Marketing ClubWittenberg chapter give award at the national collegiate conference3:45/151981
[ ]Marketing Clubthe story of Miller Brewing Co. presented6:45/291981
[ ]Marketing ClubRepresentative from promotion group from DeBeer spoke on diamonds and marketing10/21981
[ ]Marketing ClubActivities, goals, speakers and fundraisers discussed by group's leaders, especially Holly Prahl6:110/231981
[ ]Marketing ClubClub lifts off9:19/301983
[ ]Marketing ClubNothing in store12:310/161983
[ ]Marketing ClubMC Expands4:31/131984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC sold 852/31984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC seeks new image12:14/271984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC handling situation as deferral of payment1:19/211984
[ ]Marketing ClubMC: your key to the future8:19/211984
[ ]Marketing ClubStudent org faces debt says senate1:19/211984
[ ]Marketing ClubMarketing club careers forum provides contact with professionals5:110/51984
[ ]Marketing ClubMarketing club begins year2:910/41985
[ ]Marketing ClubMarketing club gets new look8:91/311986
[ ]Marketing ClubFun Run successful1:110/231987
[ ]Marketing ClubMarketing Club Wins Award5:44/221988
[ ]Marketing ClubMC wins award5:44/221988
[ ]Marketing ClubNew officers and events announced for marketing club2:32/191993