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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary trophies awarded winners in society contests8:1-25/81912
[ ]Literary ShieldPhilo leads in field of seven, Excelsior 2nd1:35/291912
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary shield goes to Euterpea. Trophy to winning society2:311/191914
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary shields and loving cups presented, honoring two societies.4:212/211916
[ ]Literary ShieldEdwin Kreppert wins 1st place with "The Old Guard"1:32/151917
[ ]Literary ShieldShield to be presented to Philosophian Society at chapel services by Pres. Tulloss1:411/281921
[ ]Literary ShieldAnother shield presented to Philos1:212/11921
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary Shield Is Present to Philos (For Three Consecutive Years)2:42/151923