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[ ]LanguagesThe study of Language52:34/11877
[ ]LanguagesDoes the time and labor expended in the study of the languages yield a proportionate benefit in the way of mental development?49:11/11886
[ ]Ehrhardt-Siebold, Baroness Erika von; Faculty and Staff; Languages DepartmentFrench Professor Was Born In Feudal Castle on the Danube5:211/191925
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage laboratories now being used by students taking foreign languages5:110/21959
[ ]Foreign Languages Department; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldVisit Language Lab4:24/11960
[ ]Languages DepartmentExpands program and adds to staff7:210/131967
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage courses vary. Some will be taught in English4:12/61975
[ ]Languages DepartmentDept. gives credit1:55/291975
[ ]Languages DepartmentSurvey of Chinese Literature course in English translation offered4:49/91976
[ ]Languages DepartmentLanguage department joins with History dept. in offering course on Germany4:62/31977
[ ]Languages DepartmentPossibility of a foreign language requirement discussed by education policy committee1:310/161981
[ ]Languages DepartmentOffering self-paced individual instruction option for science majors wishing to aquire competency in Russian technical materials4:110/301981
[ ]Languages; Religion DepartmentStudents and Profs discuss sexism in classrooms (pic)1:111/121982
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew equiptment and location enhance language lab7:1-49/171996
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew Hope for Foreign Language Majors to Find Jobs in the Future2:43/52002
[ ]Curriculum; Foreign Languages Department"Swords and Sorcery:" Mythology and Fantasy1:211/122002
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentNew foreign language added2:33/42003
[ ]Foreign Languages Department; Mickel, StanleyProfessor discusses the Chinese language3:13/252004
[ ]Foreign Languages DepartmentSpanigh Dept. to visit Guatemala4:14/212005
[ ]Academics; Computer Science Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Geography Department; Graduation requirements; Hanson, Peter F.; Languages Department; Music Department; Theatre and Dance Department; WittSemsPotential Cuts [Possible discontinuance of departments explained] 1:111/142012
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Foreign Languages Department; International StudiesLanguage Forums: French, Japanese Contribute to Globalized Wittenberg 1:112/52012
[ ]Bennett, Timothy; Foreign Languages Department; McIntyre, Christine; [Photo]; Student HousingForeign Language House Could Open Up New Opportunities, Experiences for Students 2:12/132013
[ ]Cuba; Foreign Languages Department; McIntyre, Christine; Study AbroadWittenberg Students to Go On the Trip of a Lifetime to Cuba 5:12/132013
[ ]American Sign Language (ASL); Bennett, Timothy; Foreign Languages Department; Grant, Jordan; Swardenski, Erin; Taylor, ThomasA Sign of Change? ASL as a Foreign Language Against University Policy3:34/102013
[ ]Blanco, Fernando; Faculty; Fenton, Ellie; Foreign Languages Department; [Photo]; Pinhas, Tom; Spanish Department; Vendeville, CaraInsight into Faculty Member's Departure1:14/102013
[ ]Miami University;Languages Department;ConferencesClassroom Lessons Put to Use at Language Conference 2:110/152014