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[ ]Chemistry Department; International Symposium of Feelings and Emotions; Koch Hall; Psychology Department; Slosson, Dr. E.E.; Smith, Dr. Edgar FahsNew laboratories dedication will be featured at meet; Noted men to speak: Famous Psychologists to probe new field of science as major study1:69/221927
[ ]Sports;Football;Brief Survey;Van Why, John;Stobbs, T. W.;Wilhelm, Len;Koch, Jack;Hall, JimD'You Favor Owl Games?3:310/21936
[ ]Koch HallStudents consider best of campus buildings2:63/71941
[ ]Koch HallKoch to be renovated after the chemistry and math departments move to the new science wing1:14/121973
[ ]Koch HallWhat to do with Koch Hall? (pic)1:111/151973
[ ]Koch HallFree speech practiced by Koch Hall Students6:11/241974
[ ]Koch HallArt, theatre may go better with Koch (pic)8:14/251974
[ ]Koch HallCompletion date temporarily delayed. Reasons and information cited4:59/91978
[ ]Koch HallKoch features unique quality, style6:11/261979
[ ]Koch HallRenovations progressing (pic)6:11/261979
[ ]Koch HallOld chemistry building is now new art building1:15/41979
[ ]Koch HallKoch vandalized4:210/211983
[ ]Koch HallA place where time never ends 4:13/232006
[ ]Koch HallKoch Hall: a real piece of work 6:19/72006
[ ]Koch Hall; Faculty and Staff; Sociology Department; McEvoy, Alan; PhotographyIn a new light: Photographic exhibit in Koch Hall8:110/42007
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Community Service; Koch Hall; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt graduate takes community service to a new level3:111/12007
[ ]Koch Hall; Photography; Schanberger, Francis; Project Jericho; Faculty and Staff; Mann, JackNumerous art exhibits take over Koch Hall galleriesNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/15/2007, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/08/2007. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:211/152007
[ ]Art Department; Buildings; Koch HallFinger paint to functional art: Art majors speak out 5:510/92008
[ ]Blair Hall; Buildings; Carnegie Hall; HPERC Facilities and Fields; Koch Hall; Zimmerman HallOld buildings in need of spring-cleaning: Wittenberg readies for rennovations3:24/162009
[ ]"Torch; History of Wittenberg; Buildings; Koch Hall; Politics; Kennedy, John F.; Nixon, Richard"What we wrote5:0211/172010
[ ]Buildings; Koch Hall; Crime; Police and SecurityContinuing thefts in Koch Hall leave students and professors fearfull1:0112/82010
[ ]"Buildings; Koch Hall; Smith, Eric; Schmid, Caroline; Schwan, Clara; Bildsten, Kirsten"Art students display work at Painters Painting event 1:013/292011
[ ]"Art Department; Buildings; Koch Hall; Beavers, Katalin; Heminger, Mary"Senior Art Exhibition [photographs] 2:014/192011
[ ]Photography;Art;Koch Hall;Stahl, LeahGallery Hopping: How the Light Got In 5:19/102014
[ ]Faculty Art Show;Koch Hall;Dooley, Scott;Art Department;[Photos]From the Studio: A Look at the Faculty Art Show in Koch Hall 6:19/92015