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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]IntramuralsWomen's Sports4:44/11960
[ ]Basketball IntramuralsDerees win over faculty 61-425:71/231975
[ ]Basketball IntramuralsControversial victory highlights intramurals8:52/31978
[ ]Basketball IntramuralsATOs leada frat league5:62/241978
[ ]Basketball IntramuralsOld Keller, OBS stay on top in open leagues5:62/241978
[ ]Intramurals-MenMen's intramurals to include many activities6:31/191979
[ ]Football -- IntramuralsSeason schedule set with two divisions (pic)5:310/21981
[ ]Intramurals-Men"Work off the weekend pizza with fall intramurals"11:210/41985
[ ]IntramuralsIntramurals take off10/141988
[ ]IntramuralsIntramurals enhanced by Enthusiasm11/41988
[ ]Intramurals/RecreationIntramurals Enhanced By Enthusiasm8:111/41988
[ ]IntramuralsIntramurals spring ahead4/141989
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationIntramurals Spring Ahead16:14/141989
[ ]IntramuralsWitt Intramural sports interest noted by Beck11/101989
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationWitt Intramural Sports Intrest Noted By Beck13:411/101989
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationCampus Hoop Activity Is Gaining In Popularity12:11/191990
[ ]IntramuralsCampus hoop activity is gaining in popularity; intramural wiffleball attracts Witt students1/191990
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationIntramural Wiffleball Attracts Witt Students13:11/191990
[ ]IntramuralsIntramural Pumpkin Run Set Wednesdaypg. 14, co10/261990
[ ]IntramuralsIntramural Updatepg. 11, co11/91990
[ ]IntramuralsMen's and women's intramurals increase inpg. 10, co2/11991
[ ]IntramuralsIntramurals kicks off the winter season6:41/171992
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationIntramurals kicks off the winter season6:41/171992
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationOutlook bright in intramurals5:62/71992
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationIntramural success8:62/141992
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationIM basketball ends season in championships5:43/61992
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationIntramural playoffs begin next week5:65/221992
[ ]Intramurals; RecreationNew rules start for Intramurals6:110/231992
[ ]IntramuralsMen's and Women's Flag Football Playoffs6:110/301992
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationWittenberg intramurals are competitive; provide students with needed excitement8:111/11994
[ ]IntramuralsIntramurals provide opportunity for student involvement10:1-310/291996
[ ]Intramurals/RecreationJamel King wins intramural 3-point shooing and dunking contests13:34/111997
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationIntramural : the other sports on campus16:19/192000
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationClub Sports offer alternative : Intercollegiate sports not for everyone15:19/262000
[ ]Athletic Department; Editorials-Opinion of the Torch; IntramuralsAthletic Department, Isn't it Time to Reevaluate Intramurals?6:111/122002
[ ]Intramurals / RecreationIntramurals kick off busy fall schedule13:39/182003
[ ]Intramurals; Fraternities and SororitiesIndoor soccer champions crowned12:110/92003
[ ]IntramuralsThe fight for the T-shirt: Intramurals set to begin new season 10:12/22006
[ ]IntramuralsIntramurals offer fun and competition for all students 10:110/52006
[ ]IntramuralsFun, competition and craziness: Winter Intramurals begins at Witt10:11/252007
[ ]Sports; Intramurals; Recreation; Sailing ClubA sweet blue wave: Calling all sailers10:110/112007
[ ]Sports; Internet; IntramuralsNew intramural website a toss-up 11:032/22011