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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate contest of Ohio criticism of hospitality adn decision of judges71:1-22/11892
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateReply to criticism appearing in Wittenberger of Feb. 1892 by editor of Buchtelite104:24/11892
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate debate needed at Wittenberg4:11/281899
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateFor the first time we are to have an inter-collegiate debate162:21/281903
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateTo engage in first inter-collegiate debate197:12/181903
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateVictory for Wittenberg Cardinal & Cream over Otterbein2413/251903
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateBest debaters from two societies to defend college at Pentagonal Contest3:211/251914
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate debates cancelled. Wittenberg was too small a school to attempt to participate in so many contests1:32/41915
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateTriangle debate March 24th1:53/91916
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateMount Union sends wrong team and forfeits debate1:14/61916
[ ]Cambridge Trio; Inter-Collegiate debate; DebateDebaters Meet Cambridge Trio: Prohibition is Subject of Opening Contest of Year [Cambridge Trio to debate the Wittenberg Team]1:110/151925