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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]GradingMarking system rapidly being abolished4:112/11885
[ ]GradingSeveral the colleges have adopted the point system2:14/211915
[ ]GradingThe Point System (Point System Distributes Scholastic Work and Campus Activities)2:13/11923
[ ]GradingQuality Point System of Grades to be Inaugurated Next Semester1:111/151923
[ ]GradingRaise Standart of Scholarship at Wittenberg; Faculty Advises More Use of College and Local Libraries; Action on Classroom Work, Economic Activity and System of Grading Taken1:61/311924
[ ]GradingNine week grading system continued6:13/41948
[ ]Grading;ComicsTorch Toons - Wittenberg's Grading System2:311/171950
[ ]Grading3-3-3 will introduce freshmen grade system1:33/41966
[ ]GradingGrade system change to commence this year1:19/241966
[ ]GradingPass-fail option revised3:11/281971
[ ]GradingPass-fail system replaced with grade-credit system1:35/271971
[ ]GradingGrades have risen from 2.5 average to 3.0 average since 19681;34/51973
[ ]GradingAcademic board eyes grade point averages1;12/31977
[ ]GradingThe grade of F has been reinstated for upperclassmen1:12/11980