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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]GolfWittenberg adds golf to program3:32/241933
[ ]Sports;Golf - MenSix Golfers Qualify For Links Team - Lamb Is Low Man; Postpone Denison Match To May 113:64/121935
[ ]Sports;Golf;Football;AthleticsSpectator Comments3:24/121935
[ ]GolfWittenberg golfers yearn for establishment of varsity team3:45/231941
[ ]Golfto return to active status3:53/281947
[ ]GolfWU golfers second in OC competition6:35/191961
[ ]GolfTiger golfers to compete in Ohio Conference3:15/111962
[ ]GolfGolfers end 4th; Logan medalist8:15/201966
[ ]GolfLinksmen to host Marietta6:14/141967
[ ]GolfWittenberg finished eleventh7:15/191967
[ ]GolfWon over Heidelberg 17-3: lost to Wooster 12-8: tied with Hiram 10-106:35/161969
[ ]GolfWin over Marietta 11-9: Muskingum 10 1/2-9 1/2; Carnegie-Mellon 17-316:44/171970
[ ]GolfFinish 5th in meet at Denison7:44/241970
[ ]GolfWin over Heidelberg; lose to Akron and Marietta4:45/11970
[ ]GolfWin over Ohio University 744-7727:35/271971
[ ]GolfFinished fourth in best bail competition with 221 points5:14/121973
[ ]GolfFinished fourth, and tied with Ohio Wesleyan with 480 total points5:14/121973
[ ]GolfPlace 4th in a 13-team best-ball tournament4:54/261973
[ ]GolfWin over Ohio Northern 493-5034:45/31973
[ ]GolfFinished 3rd in the Ohio conference4:35/101973
[ ]GolfFinished third in the Ohio Conference with a record of 16-35:65/241973
[ ]GolfLose to Capitol 15-4. Tigers ended at 16-3 for the season5:35/241973
[ ]GolfGolfers tee off5:710/41973
[ ]GolfShowing well in OAC7:14/251974
[ ]Golf; Biszantz, KatiBiszantz wins National Golf Title (pic)5:15/91974
[ ]Biszantz, Kati; GolfKati Biszantz wins national golf title5:15/91974
[ ]Biszantz, Kati; GolfGolfers bounce back to win OAC crown5:65/231974
[ ]GolfHenderson makes All-American golf5:49/261974
[ ]GolfTeam coming in second5:55/231975
[ ]GolfGolfers win at tourney5:35/61976
[ ]GolfGolfers end well5:%5/131976
[ ]GolfHall and Hughes score6:75/201976
[ ]GolfShoot for title5:75/271976
[ ]GolfRosencrans rebuilding team7:34/71977
[ ]GolfWitt golfers outstroke Cedarville5:64/141977
[ ]GolfLinksmen split match5:14/211977
[ ]GolfWin Witt Invitational5:15/51977
[ ]GolfGolfers pace tourney, to host OAC matches6:15/121977
[ ]GolfGolfers head for nationals5:35/191977
[ ]GolfGolfers compete in national tourney5:15/261977
[ ]GolfRain washes out week for golf5:84/211978
[ ]GolfFinish fourth out of eleven in Denison Tournament5:54/281978
[ ]GolfGolfers finish 4th of 115:54/281978
[ ]GolfWitt Finishes fourth in Ohio Weleyan and Witt University Invitationals5:15/51978
[ ]GolfGolfers fall to Wright State5:%5/121978
[ ]GolfGolfers finish eighth in 17 team field5:14/61979
[ ]GolfFinish seventh in both matches6:74/131979
[ ]GolfTigers finish tenth in a field of 15 at Kenyon Invitational Golf Tournament5:34/201979
[ ]GolfTigers lose to Wright State 13 1/2-6 1/125:74/271979
[ ]GolfTigers finish fifth in Invitational with a three round total of 12065:35/41979
[ ]GolfTigers tied for second with Denison and Capitol at 375; winner was Ohio Wesleyan with 3657:45/111979
[ ]GolfFinish fifth in OAC Championship5:15/181979
[ ]GolfTeam loses in three school competition5:34/181980
[ ]GolfWitt finishes sixth in Kenyon Inviational Golf Tournament5:64/251980
[ ]GolfWitt takes fourth place in 14-team Wittenberg Invitational Tournament5;%5/21980
[ ]GolfWitt takes fourth place in 14-team Wittenberg Invitational Tournament5:55/21980
[ ]GolfWitt places fourth in 7-team tournament7:55/91980
[ ]GolfWittenberg finishes third in a 13-team tournament at Kenyon4:34/201981
[ ]GolfWittenberg defeated by DePauw University at Snyder Park5:%5/11981
[ ]GolfWittenberg defeated by DePauw University at Snyder Park5:55/11981
[ ]GolfWittenberg may have chance to play in NCAA if they do will in upcoming tournament5:45/81981
[ ]GolfWittenberg golf team competes in NCAA Div. III golf championship5:35/221981
[ ]GolfLeading contenders in Division III7:34/151983
[ ]Golf"Timing a little off"5:15/271983
[ ]GolfWittenberg Linksters Swing their way to victory6:14/261985
[ ]GolfTiger linksmen capture Wittenberg Invitational4/281989
[ ]GolfGolf team prepares for "Masters"5/191989
[ ]GolfGolfers ranked2/161990
[ ]GolfWitt golfers to face tough foes in NCAC4/61990
[ ]GolfPostler leads Wittenberg into weekend tournament4/201990
[ ]GolfLyons lead linkers to victory5/41990
[ ]GolfWitt golfers qualify for nationals5/181990
[ ]GolfWitt Golf Builds on Pastpg. 10, co10/121990
[ ]GolfWitt's golf team ranked seventh nationally in NCAApg. 15, co3/11991
[ ]GolfTop three golfers returnpg. 15, co4/51991
[ ]GolfWitt golf team regains form; prepares forpg. 12, co4/261991
[ ]GolfMen's golf team takes home Witt Invitational Winpg. 14, co5/31991
[ ]GolfRec. Dept. host for scramble at Locust Hillspg. 12, co5/171991
[ ]GolfTiger golf team takes second placepg. 11, co5/171991
[ ]GolfGolf finishes with success18:110/111991
[ ]GolfGolf team attends invitationals5:34/101992
[ ]GolfGolf team finishes behind OWU5:64/171992
[ ]GolfGolfers swing into first at Denison Invitational5:14/241992
[ ]GolfGolf team takes 1st in the Wittenberg Invitational by sweeping past 15 teams5:55/11992
[ ]GolfGolf team champs of NCAC5:15/151992
[ ]GolfGolf team in 9th place after 1st day5:15/221992
[ ]GolfGolf team ends season by placing 15th at the NCAA nationals5:15/291992
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Softball; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's sports in a box6:44/231993
[ ]GolfWitt golf team swings into NCAA Division III Championship action6:15/141993
[ ]GolfBob Rosencrans, Wittenberg golf coach, to behonored13:42/221994
[ ]GolfHost Wittenberg places second in golf tournament8:15/101994
[ ]Golf; Lacrosse - WomenSports Shorts10:34/281998
[ ]GolfGolf team finishes 11 of 1412:54/231999
[ ]GolfWittenberg golf full of youth, talent15:22/292000
[ ]Frisbee golfFrisbee golf course revamped2:43/212000
[ ]GolfThree golfers place in top 2012:34/142000
[ ]Golf; Basketball - Men; Lacrosse - Men; Searls, J. J.; Lange, VincentSearls named golf head coach : New lacorsse head coach also named16:19/122000
[ ]GolfGolf ends fall trial; ready for spring : Tigers adjust to new coach, teammates, training grounds16:110/102000
[ ]GolfWittenberg Golf Team Continues to Improve13:14/232002
[ ]Frisbee GolfFrisbee Golf Sweeps Through Campus15:19/242002
[ ]Golf - WomenWittenberg Will Add Women's Golf as 23rd Varsity Sport10:31/282003
[ ]Golf - WomenWomen's golf ready for bigger and better things10:14/162004
[ ]Golf - WomenWomen-s golf hosts first tourney10:14/222004
[ ]GolfAn emotional vistory for Woods; wins Masters3:14/142005
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field Hockey; Golf; Tennis - MenWeekend highlights 11:49/182008
[ ]Frisbee Golf; Recreation; Campus LifeSenior Slackers share secrets on how to shave serious strokes off your spring FROLF score8:13/262009
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - Women; Softball; Sports; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's weekend sports wrap-up14:14/162009
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Field Hockey; Marshall, Whitney; Sports; Seniors; Soccer - Women; Medid, Suzanne; Banas, Chris; Bates, Andy; Eggers, Kelly; McNeese, Robby; Reed, Ally; Seniors; Sports; Swimming and Diving; Sports; Seniors; Golf; Buchan, Dan; Summe, Chad;Wittenberg's oustanding senior athletes14:45/72009
[ ]Sports; GolfGolf teams off to promising start11:19/102009
[ ]Sports; Golf - MenGolf team breaks records10:110/82009
[ ]Sports; GolfGolf team still on top11:110/152009
[ ]Sports; Golf - MenHigh hopes for golf10:019/222010
[ ]Sports;Golf - Men;Millice, JordanMillice Leads Tigers to Record Breaking Weekend 12:29/202011
[ ]Golf; SportsBubba’s Breakthrough Caps Masters 11:14/182012
[ ]Sports;Golf;Steiner, Rachel;Osterbrock, Craig;Women's and Men's Golf Teams Excited for Spring Season8:110/312012
[ ]Sports;Golf;Uecker, JackGolf Teams Start Season Strong8:33/272013
[ ]Sports;Golf;Smith, Maggie;Lawwill, Alli;Mychalishyn, Deanna;Casey, John;Uecker, JohnWitt Golf Seeing Nothing But Green 7:110/92013
[ ]Andrews, Alex;Sports;Golf;[Photo]Athlete Profile: Golfer Alex Andrews7:111/62013
[ ]Sports;Golf;Golf - Men;Wetterich, David;Chaney, John;Geise, Sam;Stilwell, Sam;Andrews, AlexTiger Golfers Do it Big Over Break 8:12/52014
[ ]Sports;Golf - Men;Andrews, Alex;Chaney, JohnMen's Golf Still on Top7:14/22014
[ ]Sports;Golf - Men;[Photo]Golf Wins in First Championship Series8:14/302014
[ ]Hopkinson-Wood, Jane;Golf - Women;[Photo]Off the Field: Jane Hopkinson-Wood 8:411/52014
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Field Hockey;Soccer - Women;Cross Country;Golf - Women;[Photos]Sports Wrap 11:110/72015
[ ]Golf - Women;Hubbard, Macy;Smith, Maggie;[Photos]Women’s Golf 12:110/142015