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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Glee ClubThe recent organization of the Wittenberg College Glee Club is another step in the right direction89:22/11889
[ ]Glee ClubProspects for 18959:1-210/11895
[ ]Glee ClubA plea to organize a Glee Club91:211/241896
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club reorganized for first time since 1894-952:29/241898
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club takes trip2:13/251899
[ ]Glee ClubBrief review of work of the Glee Club1:32/101900
[ ]Glee ClubSweet-voiced warbler from best Glee Club in memory of old grads911/221911
[ ]Glee ClubValue of Glee Club4:1-211/221911
[ ]Glee ClubSingers enjoy unusual trip. Successful rendition before audition of hundreds brings fame to college32/211912
[ ]Glee Club1912 in the Glee Club256/51912
[ ]Glee ClubDress suit gang sets sail soon for foreign halls1:512/161913
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club number 8982-8412/181913
[ ]Glee ClubNew men chosen for Glee Club. Prof. Hiller announces successful applicants for position1:410/11914
[ ]Glee ClubHiller's understudies prepare for big trip1:21/211915
[ ]Glee ClubThe Glee Club is a splendid advertising agent for the college. The club leaves for a week's trip through northern Ohio2:2-31/281915
[ ]Glee ClubConcerts draw much applause. Loud crowds hear singers on Eastern trip2:32/111915
[ ]Glee ClubHiller's songsters do him great credit in first home concert1:22/181915
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club completes annual spring tour1:14/291915
[ ]Glee ClubForty men try out for seven positions4:210/71915
[ ]Glee ClubHail, Canaries! In praise2:11/131916
[ ]Glee ClubSing praise of old school before many happy audiences3;21/131916
[ ]Glee ClubScheduled off coming seventeenth3:12/31916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club performs before big crowd in very effective manner. New features take will while standard songs receive generous applause1:53/31916
[ ]Glee ClubHanley "Club" goes to lock-up; arrested for piping. Glee Club comedian pays1:43/161916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club members sing in Chicago1:35/111916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club scores success in Hoosier Capital1:35/111916
[ ]Glee ClubEditorial--In praise of criticism; make program shorter in order to have time to talk Wittenberg2:15/181916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club spreads fame of Alma Mater from Michigan Shore to Beautiful St. Joe1:1-25/181916
[ ]Glee ClubTry-out prolonged affair. Selections carefully made1:410/51916
[ ]Glee ClubSongbirds organize, Kuhns elected manager, Professor Hiller much pleased with first rehearsal1:310/191916
[ ]Glee ClubSingers ready to make first trip3:112/141916
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club invades new territory; first time to visit Kentucky in 29 years. Tour Richmond, Indianapolis, Seymour and Dayton1:51/181917
[ ]Glee ClubFirst home concert of spike-tail warblers is planned for near date1:11/251917
[ ]Glee ClubCatchy tunes and stunts successful at home concert1:22/81917
[ ]Glee ClubEntertain at Thackeray. Week's program at Institute1:22/151917
[ ]Glee ClubDividends declared by Manager Reed Kuhns. Plans for spring trip underway3:43/11917
[ ]Glee ClubGlee Club prepares for spring excursion. Hawaiian trio to be feature again this year1:33/291917
[ ]Glee ClubTen day trip starts Friday with 1st concert at Shelby O. Excellent itinerary mapped out1:24/261917
[ ]Glee ClubNew program to be offered at 2nd home concert "Warblers of War" and new patriotic song featured1:55/101917
[ ]Glee ClubSpike tailed warblers migrate north and return. "Fair Wittenberg" sung in nine cities of Northern Ohio. New patriotic song introduced3:2-25/101917
[ ]Glee ClubSecond home concert receives approval of audience1:45/171917
[ ]Men's Glee ClubGlee Club Sings In State Contest1:63/201924
[ ]Glee Club; Dovell, AliceState Intercollegiate Glee Clubs To Hold Annual Contest At Memorial Hall in April: Alice Dovell, Wittenberg Sophomore, is Elected President of Ohio Council at Meeting Held in Springfield Last Saturday; Five Schools Were Represented1:312/31925
[ ]Men's Glee Club;TravelCollege Glee Club Is On Annual Tour - Men's Organization Is Making Bus Trip Through Northeastern Part of State4:22/181926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;[Photo]College Glee Club Is Taking Annual Trip1:22/181926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;Bach, Frederick Lewis;Akron Newspaper Lauds Glee Club - Songsters Sing Before 8,250 Persons While on Tour4:22/251926
[ ]Men's Glee ClubNot Kisses, But Kusses2:32/251926
[ ]Men's Glee Club;Ham, John Bennett;Bach, Frederick LewisThirty-one Singers Compose Glee Club - Prof. J. B. Ham Will Direct Male Songsters; Officers To Be Elected Soon1:59/301926
[ ]Men's Glee ClubLegislature, faculty approve establishing men's chorus, chapel choir1:41/201956
[ ]Harvard Glee ClubHarvard Glee Club to be here April 151:53/251960
[ ]Harvard Glee ClubHarvard Club to Sing April 151:34/11960
[ ]Men's Glee ClubCame before choir3:29/151961
[ ]Glee ClubWhen organized3:29/151961