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[ ]Food Services; Ferncliff Dining HallFerncliff Dining Hall opens1:29/301955
[ ]Beatrice Foods CompanyBeatrice Foods Company donates building1:14/51963
[ ]Food Preference SurveySteak, hamburgers students' choice3:51/141966
[ ]Study Abroad;Werner, Eric;FoodAn Eric in Paris: Okay, That’s Cute, but Where’s my Breakfast? 3:112/311969
[ ]Saga (Food Service Company)Games people play during SAGA meals6:71/241974
[ ]Saga (Food Service Company)Pulls up steaks at Witt1:34/181974
[ ]Food ServiceHMS adopts changes1:54/101975
[ ]Food Services; Union Dining RoomUDR suffers tray theft7:12/31978
[ ]Food ServiceAnnounces monthly extravaganza4:49/221979
[ ]FoodScott MacDonald consumes 100 hamburgers at Union4:110/171980
[ ]Food ServiceWitt food service director Mary Jane Brown wins prizes for recipes and ice sculptures at regional exposition1:310/311980
[ ]FoodOff campus eating places referenced4:110/21981
[ ]Food ServiceFood service challengers place bids3:910/111985
[ ]Food ServiceWittenberg begins new saga in food service history1:11/311986
[ ]Food ServiceFood service plans more vegetarian dishes to meet student needs1/261990
[ ]Food Services OfficeMeal plan now required for sophomorespg. 2, col4/121991
[ ]Union Board; Food Services; Central Dining RoomLauziere scheduled to preform in the CDR on Parentpg. 9, co.5/31991
[ ]Food ServiceFood services creates new meal plans2:19/271991
[ ]Food ServiceA first for the Commons, Todd appointed student manager4:110/181991
[ ]Student Union; Food Services; Central Dining RoomExtreme waste in CDR is a real eye opener1:41/311992
[ ]Food ServiceFood services panel is small, but effective1:32/71992
[ ]Student Union; Food Services; Central Dining Room; Food; NutritionCDR [central dining room] promotes nutrition to Witt students2:410/91992
[ ]Jones, Herman; Food Services; Central Dining RoomJones makes wishes come true in C.D.R.3:41/221993
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Student Union; Food Services; Central Dining RoomCDR employee fired on charges of harassment2:42/221994
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Jones, Herman; Student Union; Food Services; Central Dining RoomHerman Jones moves on from CDR7:35/311994
[ ]Food Services; Central Dining Room; FoodMidnight breakfast a success2:1-21/231996
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Student Union; Food Services; Central Dining RoomThere's more to Wanda than serving ice cream in the CDR6:14/281998
[ ]Food Services; Central Dining RoomThe CDR: Diversity Does Taste Better!12:13/262002
[ ]College Life; Food Services; Central Dining RoomRemember Your First Time In the CDR?13:35/72002
[ ]Food Services; Central Dining Room; Restaurants; FoodThere are some good alternatives to CDR7:12/112003
[ ]Satire; Food Services; Central Dining RoomCDR faces million dollar lawsuit from students [satire]3:14/12004
[ ]Food ServiceNothing 'common' about it1:21/272005
[ ]Food ServiceFood and fun result from "Battle of the Zones"2:13/32005
[ ]Student Union; Food Services; Central Dining RoomSick and tired of CDR6:34/212005
[ ]FoodHoliday treats just like Mama makes 'em 8:112/82005
[ ]Humor; Campus Life; Food Services; Central Dining RoomLove it or loathe it, the CDR is one tough cookie 7:19/282006
[ ]Editorial; Food ServiceThe senselessness of Sodexho 5:111/22006
[ ]Campus Life; Thomas, Bill; Food Services; Central Dining Room"Casual Campus Cuisine with Bill Thomas" - Cooking class at Witt 2:14/262007
[ ]Humor; Campus Life; Food Services; Central Dining Room; FashionSour faces in the wrong places9:19/132007
[ ]Latson, Diana; Nutrition; Food"Eat, poop and play"2:39/272007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; McGree, Ann; Food Services; Central Dining RoomAnn: Where has our favorite staff member gone?6:39/272007
[ ]Opinion; Food Services; FoodFinally, a change that will do us some good8:19/272007
[ ]Food Services; FoodTrue or False: Post 95 is now giving customers less food for the same price as in previous years - True12:310/112007
[ ]Editorial; Homecoming; Alumni; Food ServicesFrom the editor5:110/252007
[ ]Robinson, Jessica; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Food Services; Central Dining Room; RacismLetter to the editor: Jessica Robinson [Response to MLK Day CDR lunch menu]9:11/312008
[ ]Food Services; Central Dining Room; Food; Nutrition; Whitt, LisaCDR offers new lighter meals6:12/72008
[ ]Administration; Wortham, Forest; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Food Services; Central Dining Room; RacismLetter to the Editor: Dr. Forest Wortham "Collard greens, bratwurst, pizza, pirogues, hummus: Stereotypes or just plain good food?" [Response to MLK Day CDR lunch menu]9:12/142008
[ ]Food; Nutrition; Environmental IssuesThe organic food movement: Healthy alternative or just another fad diet7:12/282008
[ ]Food Services; Central Dining Room; Food;Cuisine connoisseurs get creative in the CDR 3:44/32008
[ ]Food Services; Central Dining RoomGoodbye red, hello green: CDR removes trays Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.9/112008
[ ]Food; Health; Food Services; Central Dining Room; Food; Post 95Veggers can't be choosers 7:19/182008
[ ]Student Union; Post 95; Food Services; Shaw, Douglad Richard; MusicPlaying the harmonica: But not singing the blues 1:19/252008
[ ]Food; Food Co-opThe 'growing' organic food co-op2:210/302008
[ ]Food; NutritionHealthy Options for National Heart Awareness Month10:12/52009
[ ]Food; DatingAh, Valentine's Day. Candles, romance, and shoot, a reservation?6:12/122009
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; Finances; FoodIt's Valentine's Day again, guys get out your wallets6:12/122009
[ ]Food; NutritionA healthy option, to help shed those pounds9:12/192009
[ ]Spring Break; Food; Nutrition; ExerciseFeeling sqeamish about slipping into that swimsuit?9:12/192009
[ ]Food; Nutrition; ReligionHomemade Black Bean Burgers11: 13/52009
[ ]WittSems; Food; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldNot your ordinary "Cup of Joe": WittSem connects local with global around breakfast table9:13/52009
[ ]Food; AlcoholHave the munchies? We have the solution...6:24/162009
[ ]College Life; Food; NutritionWarm Weather Recipes6:24/302009
[ ]Food; FinanceAgriculture's sound alibi4:19/242009
[ ]Thanksgiving; Food; FinanceThe Torch's guide to a Happy Thanksgiving; The best bang for your buck: A closer look at Black Friday sales6:111/192009
[ ]Campus Life; Food Service; SodexhoSaying "I love you" this Valentines Day with... CDR strawberries?5:12/112010
[ ]Humor; Campus Life; Food Services; Central Dining Room; An open letter to my sixth dinner plate5:12/252010
[ ]Finances; FoodNew directions for students on the Ohio Direction Card7:12/252010
[ ]Food Services; Huffner, MikeThe extra scoop: Behind the CDR lines 8:13/42010
[ ]Food Services; Weber, RyanThe extra scoop: Behind CDR lines8:13/252010
[ ]Food; ReviewsThe Torch dives into Cereal Bowl 20109:13/252010
[ ]Food Services; Gavins, NathanThe extra scoop: Behind CDR lines 9:14/12010
[ ]Food Services; Ryon, ScottThe Extra Scoop: Behind CDR lines8:24/82010
[ ]Food Services; EmmaThe Extra Scoop: Behind the CDR lines9:14/152010
[ ]Food Services; VernaThe extra scoop: Behind the CDR lines8:44/222010
[ ]"Food Services; Central Dining Room; Faculty and Staff; Ristau, Noah"Guest dining passes here to stay2:019/82010
[ ]Campus; Buildings; Hollenbeck Hall; Post 95; Food Services; AthleticsNew around Witt6:019/82010
[ ]Food; HalloweenHow Katie Sumner gets into the fall spirit8:0110/272010
[ ]Food; HumorThe pursuit of the perfect grilled cheese sandwich3:0110/272010
[ ]"Food Service; Sodhexo; Faculty and Staff; Daniels, Pam"Grilled cheese redux5:0111/172010
[ ]Food; Environmental Issues; Campus LifeIce cream cones on Alumni Way6:0111/172010
[ ]Food; Finance; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCousin Vinny's5:032/162011
[ ]Food; Finance; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldPaddy's Pizza5:012/162011
[ ]Food; Finance; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldPizza face off: Which pizza joint ranks highest among Witt Students 5:012/162011
[ ]Food; Finance; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldStation 15:022/162011
[ ]Food; Finance; Central Dining RoomCDalteRnatives: The Barn 4:013/222011
[ ]Recycling; Environmental Issues; FoodWitt's recycling under par 5:013/222011
[ ]Food; Finance; Central Dining RoomCdalteRnatives: Collier's Family Restaurant 4:013/292011
[ ]Food; Finance; Central Dining Room; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCDalteRnatives: Ha Ha Pizza Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 4:014/52011
[ ]Food; Finance; Central Dining Room; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCDalteRnatives: Perkins Family Restaurant 4:014/122011
[ ]Food; Finance; Central Dining RoomCDalteRnatives: Bob Evans 9:014/192011
[ ]"Food; Neyhouse, Jimmy; Food Services; Post 95"Football player wins burrito eating contest 4:014/192011
[ ]"Food Services; Finance; Genetin, Deb"Frustrated Sodexo workers speak out 3:025/32011
[ ]Food;Food ServicesBeing Vegetarian at Witt: A Difficult Endeavor 8:19/72011
[ ]Central Dining Room;Food Services;Jacobs, StacyParents Plan Protest on CDR 3:19/72011
[ ]Food Services;Food Advisory CommitteeFood Advisory Committee Unites Students and Dining Services 1:19/132011
[ ]Founders Pub;Food;Campus ActivitiesFounders Freshens Up Their Image 2:19/132011
[ ]Food;Activities;Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield Farmers Market: A Hidden Gem 7:19/132011
[ ]Food Services;Central Dining Room; Worthman, GenieA New Face in the CDR: Genie Worthman begins as the CDR’s Newest Chef 1:29/202011
[ ]Editorial;Letters;Food Services;Central Dining Room;PoliticsStarving? Student Responds to CDR Protest 8:19/202011
[ ]Bergold, Roy;Business Department;Food;Health;CareersControversy Over Marketing Extraordinaire’s Planned Visit to Witt 1:110/52011
[ ]Online Exclusive;Food;Food ServicesVegetarian Article Follow-up 10/52011
[ ]Coffeehouses;Food;Kairos KoffeeSomething Heavenly This Way Brews 8:110/122011
[ ]Editorials; Letters; Health; Food; Human Rights; Animal RightsLetter to the Editor: Dr. David Nibert on Roy Bergold's Visit3:111/22011
[ ]World News;Food;Food;Bladh, Kenneth;Finster, David7 Billion Strong: Or Are We? 1:111/92011
[ ]Faculty and Staff; McGree, Ann; Food Services; Central Dining RoomHappy Birthday, Ann!2:111/162011
[ ]Thanksgiving;Food;Health;Exercise;EditorialThanksgiving: Healthy Choices 8:111/222011
[ ]Thanksgiving;Food;EntertainmentThe Night Before Thanksgiving: A Festive Tale 6:111/222011
[ ]Thanksgiving;Food;FreshmenTurkey Tips 9:111/222011
[ ]Food;Food Services;Central Dining Room; Editorial; AdviceClark County Cuisine: Meet John (FULL ONLINE VERSION) 4:12/82012
[ ]Social Interaction;Buildings;Food;EditorialThe Art of the Cafe 9:32/222012
[ ]Academics; Advice; Health; Laffenburger, Linda; FoodKeep Calm and Carry On Through Finals3:15/22012
[ ]Food Services;Central Dining Room;Post 95;Founders Pub;Ristau, NoahDining Services Serves Up New Options On Campus 2:19/52012
[ ]Food Services;Vaughan, David;Price and Item Changes at Post 951:49/192012
[ ]Food;Health;McKee, KathrynTiger Doc: Deciphering Nutrition Labels 3:29/262012
[ ]Druga, Michele;Food;Travel;JapanA Tiger Abroad: Show Me Where Ya Noms At 6:110/102012
[ ]Food;Food Services;Wittenberg University Dining Services;Vaughan, DavidNew Salad Bar Shakes Things Up in Post 95 4:310/312012
[ ]Post 95;Food;Dining Services;Meyer, Alexander;Martin, Danielle;Brems, Emma;[Photo];Daniels, Kenzie;Lynch, MaryOh, the Pastabilities! New Food Options Open in Post 95 4:11/232013
[ ]Cory, Brandon;Dining Services;Food;Ristau, NoahBrandon Cory Named Wittenberg’s Newest Executive Chef 2:32/62013
[ ]Dining Services;Central Dining Room (CDR);Food;Ristau, Noah;[Photo]CDR Open Forums Allows Students to Air Questions, Comments, Concerns 3:12/62013
[ ]Food;Restaurants;Springfield;Middle EastMoose’s Deli a (No Longer) Hidden Gem 5:12/62013
[ ]Empty Bowls;Dooley, Scott;Food;Community Service;Second Harvest Food Bank;Springfield;[Photo]Wittenberg Hosts 19th Empty Bowls Event3:13/272013
[ ]Massey, Benjamin;Post 95;Food;Face of Wittenberg6:19/112013
[ ]Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs);Food;HealthGMOs: Controversy in the Biological and the Social-Political Spheres 4:111/202013
[ ]Food;Health;Food and Drug Administration (FDA);Martin, Thomas;Ristau, Noah;[Photo]Trans Fats May Be Phased Out by FDA2:4 11/202013
[ ]Valentine's Day;Springfield;Restaurants;FoodDinner for Two Review [Springfield Loves Food] 4:12/122014
[ ]Yellow Springs;Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs);Agriculture;Diffley, Atina;FoodThe Land Has Feeling - Organic Farmer/Documentary Filmmaker Speaks in Yellow Springs 5:12/192014