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[ ]FilmsShow first pictures today in Blair Hall, announce seven films for student entertainment at little theatre3:31/191928
[ ]Niebuhr, Reinhold; Search for America film series'Morality' examines Man, group values1:14/221960
[ ]Search for America film seriesTo open tonight1:49/301960
[ ]Historical Film SeriesHistorical film series will open with Griffith classic1:11/131967
[ ]Historical Film SeriesHistorical film series slates Russian historical film1:42/171967
[ ]Historical Film SeriesHistorical Film Series to show Nazi propaganda film6:13/101967
[ ]Backwoods Film SocietyShooting will start Sunday for 8mm "O dem bananas"6:14/211967
[ ]FilmsNew movie "The Jerk" will be enjoyed by Steve Martin fans4:510/31980
[ ]Films"The In-Laws" is a funny film; to be shown this week4:510/101980
[ ]FilmsJapanese films to be shown4:11/151982
[ ]Great Lake Film and Video FestivalGreat Lake Film & Video Fesitval accepting entries10:15/161986
[ ]FilmsFeel-good film of the nineties, A Family Thing, found boring, predictable13:4-54/21996
[ ]FilmsRomantic film adds spice of femininity7:1-34/301996
[ ]"Wittenberg University Film Society; Campus Activities; Goodman, Clark; Caligaris, Michael"New Film Club viewed as industry stepping stone 3:015/32011
[ ]Cuba;Films;Campos, Luisa;Hoff, Ruth;Joyce, SpenserFilm "Maestra" Remembers Revolutionary Literacy Campaign5:34/172013
[ ]Yellow Springs;Agriculture;Environmental Issues;Diffley, Martin;Diffley, Atina;Films"Turn Here, Sweet Corn," GMOs, and Their Effect on Farming [An Appeal Against “Not So Sweet” Corn] 5:42/192014