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[ ]Education DepartmentProfessional training classes are organized. State requirements in observation & practice teaching are met2:1-43/111915
[ ]Education DepartmentProfessional training classes are organized. State requirements in observation & practice teaching are met2:43/111916
[ ]McNutt, Franklin Holbrook; Faculty and Staff; Education DepartmentProf. F. H. McNutt of the Education Department is a Son of Wittenberg (pic)4:210/151925
[ ]Education Department;Kantzer, MargaretStudent Teachers Must Register3:71/131933
[ ]Education DepartmentCurriculum accredited by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education1:310/41963
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent Teaching--program and experience2:1-54/21966
[ ]Education Department; Ray, Lloyd B.Student teachers travel6:511/81973
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teaching in Australia6:311/81973
[ ]Education DepartmentPat Blauvelt in Brussels6:41/311974
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation Dept. Praised6:311/141974
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teachers fight bad weather as their assigned schools are closed1:12/171977
[ ]Education DepartmentEd. Department to computerize records1:49/301977
[ ]Education DepartmentAssertive discipline workshops announced2:69/251981
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Groundbreaking and work on new HPE facilities has begun, completion date set (pic)1:29/251981
[ ]Education DepartmentLittle Jack Horner Visits Witt Corner (pic)8:12/101984
[ ]Education DepartmentEmphasis on Education8:91/311986
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation majors honored1:35/221987
[ ]Education DepartmentNew Instructor Appreciates Campus Openness5:49/221989
[ ]Deaths; Health and Physical Education Department First woman HPE director dies1/121990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Credit restricted for gym course2/91990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department HPED Offers Two New Courses Dealing With STD's,pg. 3, col10/121990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department 'Kegs, Kicks, And Kompetition': A Pep Talk For Witpg. 2, col10/261990
[ ]Education DepartmentWelker Up For Tenure, Students Invited To Speakpg. 2, col11/91990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Dr. Martin scheduled to attend summitpg. 13, co4/121991
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Students can still sign up to windsurfpg. 13, co5/241991
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Female athletes expand number8:110/91992
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Faculty to take another look at plan to drop HPE1:210/301992
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department HPE major under consideration by EPC Committee1:42/121993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Faculty meeting set to address HPE major/minor termination1:45/141993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Debates continue over HPED major/minorelimination; no decision reached as of yet1:25/281993
[ ]Education DepartmentMore effective teaching strategies introduced for helping children learn to read and write2:45/281993
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teaching program helps prepare Witt education majors2:15/281993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department [Tom] Martin scales mountain on 50th birthday6:12/81994
[ ]Education DepartmentState imposes changes for new education majors1:42/21999
[ ]Hamilton, Dr. Jerry R.; Education DepartmentHamilton spends time interacting with students6:12/231999
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; Martin, Dr. ThomasHighpointing is more than just a way of life for one Wittenberg professor11:33/21999
[ ]Education DepartmentMasters in education possibly reintroduced1:19/281999
[ ]English Department; Education Department; Buckman, Ty; Lawson, Lora; Wilkerson-Foster, CarmieleEnglish, education departments welcome new faces and ideas2:110/51999
[ ]Education Department; Staff; Voytko, KathyVoyrtko has busy life6:110/121999
[ ]Faculty; Education DepartmentMaster's in education now one step closer1:13/212000
[ ]Biology Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Biology 100 revamped2:14/142000
[ ]Education Department; Welker, Dr. RobertWelker remembers odd jobs; prepares to chair Education Department7:14/142000
[ ]Education Department;Welker, Robert;Dexter, JimMA in education program nets Board of Regents' approval1:112/52000
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department 2nd Annual Wittenberg Triathlon15:42/272001
[ ]Biology Department; International EducationWitt Biology Students' Summer in the Bahamas5:19/102002
[ ]International Education; Spanish DepartmentSpeaking Spanish at Witt: A new way o communicate on campus15:32/42003
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation program to be inspected for national accreditation2:14/112003
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; SatireDog-walking and beer pong for P.E. credit [satire]1:14/12004
[ ]International Education; Study Abroad; Spanish DepartmentMemorable Summer Excursion to South America5:019/222010
[ ]Academics; Computer Science Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Geography Department; Graduation requirements; Hanson, Peter F.; Languages Department; Music Department; Theatre and Dance Department; WittSemsPotential Cuts [Possible discontinuance of departments explained] 1:111/142012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Faculty and Students: "It's So Much More Than Dance" 2:111/282012
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department ; Physical Education; PE Credit Contributes to Wholeness of Person 2:111/282012
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; Martin, Helen; Martin, Thomas; Witnesses to History Abroad and on Campus: A Look into the Lives of Thomas and Helen Martin5:111/282012
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Foreign Languages Department; International StudiesLanguage Forums: French, Japanese Contribute to Globalized Wittenberg 1:112/52012
[ ]Education Department;Cooke, Elyse;Keidash, Katherine;Baker, MadisonReal World Wittenberg 4:19/182013
[ ]Education Department;Education;Yontz, Brian;OhioOhio Moves from Praxis II to OAE 4:19/252013
[ ]Academics; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department; Hinson, ScotP Credit Eliminated from General Education Requirements 1:49/252013
[ ]Thomas Library;Curriculum Resource Center;Education Department;Snyder, Kara;Pallant, Joan;[Photos]CRC Grand Reopening 2:14/222015
[ ]Kaplan, Thomas E.;Taylor, Thomas;School of Community Education (SCE);Business Department;Nursing Pathway Program;[Photo]Meet Tom Kaplan: The New Dean of SCE 3:29/92015