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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]DramaAre you interested in formation of dramatic club?4:2-311/151914
[ ]DramaDramatic club is organized51:111/251914
[ ]DramaDramatic society may be organized; would present miracle plays at Christmas and Easter4:512/11921
[ ]DramaClub begins to take definite form; 25 students ready to join new society1:112/81921
[ ]DramaOfficers of dramatic club picked by drama producers1:112/151921
[ ]DramaDramatic society will give five more plays1:11/121922
[ ]Academy Dramatic ClubAcademy Dramatic Club Has Initiation1:611/81923
[ ]DramatiqueDramatique planned for Friday at 8 P.M.1:43/261953
[ ]DramaDrama Groups to participate in "The Festival of Faith"1:22/91962
[ ]Speech and DramaRecognition banquet given and awards presented for debates and acting1:45/141965