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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]DivingWitt women divers have depth (pic)7:12/171984
[ ]Football; Swimming and DivingWittenberg Athletics: Week in Review13:311/132003
[ ]Swimming-Men; Swimming-Women; Diving TeamSwimming and diving gear up for conference meet12:12/52004
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwimming and diving takes fourth at conference12:12/192004
[ ]Swimming and Diving TeamsOutstanding performances by Wittenberg swimmers10:13/252004
[ ]Swimming and Diving; Faculty and Staff; Koukis, Natalie; Brym, Adeline; Smith, TaylorTiger sharks make it or break it10:12/142008
[ ]Swimming and Diving; Clark, Kaitlin; Brym, Adeline; Sbrocco, Katie; Shubitowski, Megan; Smith, Taylor; Anderson, Neil; House, Janna; Ellermann, Emily; Ebler, Kristin; Schick, Adam; O'Rourke, Connor; Harris, Brian; Higbee, Matt; Erenpreiss, Matt;Tigers cap season with solid results at conference meet10:12/212008
[ ]Swimming and Diving; Faculty and Staff; Koukis, Natalie; Clark, Caitlin; Elber, Kristin; Brym, Adeline; House, Janna; Anderson, Neil; Smith, Taylor"Last-Chance" meet successful for Tiger swimming and diving family, head coach recognized10:12/282008
[ ]Sports; Football; Volleyball; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field Hockey; Swimming and Diving; Cross CountryTigers' Weekend HighlightsNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 11:111/62008
[ ]Sports; Football; Volleyball - Women; Field Hockey; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Swimming and DivingTigers' weekend highlights11:111/132008
[ ]Swimming and Diving; SportsSwimming and diving makes a splash in the NCAC15:32/52009
[ ]Sports; Basketball - Men; Basketball - Women; Swimming and Diving; TrackWittenberg weekly sports wrap-up14: 32/192009
[ ]Swimming and Diving; Sports; NCAA; Smith, Taylor; Brym, AdelineWomen's swimmer qualifies for NCAA championships 14:12/262009
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Swimming and Diving; Eggers, Kelly; Reed, Ally; Bates, Andy; Banas, Chris; McNeese, RobbyWittenberg's oustanding senior athletes14:45/72009
[ ]Sports; Swimming and Diving - Men; Erenpreiss, MattNCAC Athlete of the Week10:411/52009
[ ]Sports; Swimming and DivingSwim team looks to underclassmen11:112/102009
[ ]Swimming and DivingSwim/dive teams post personal bests at conference meet 10:12/182010
[ ]Sports; Swimming and DivingCompeteing against rival creates excitement for upcoming season10:0111/32010
[ ]Sports;Swimming and DivingA Double Win for Swimming and Diving 10:111/22011
[ ]Sports;Swimming and DivingTigers Split With Ohio Northern 11:111/222011
[ ]Swimming and Diving;SportsSwimming and Diving Season Update 12:12/152012
[ ]Sports; Swimming and DivingAnother National Appearance for Women's Swimming11:13/282012
[ ]Sports;Swimming;Swimming and Diving;Swimming - Women;Women's Swimming and Diving Win DePauw Invitational7:412/52012
[ ]Sports;Swimming;Swimming and Diving;Seniors;[Photos]Senior Swimmers Have a Winning Last Meet 8:41/232013
[ ]Sports;Swimming and Diving;Tsivitse, Jane;Koukis, Andrew;Burt, AJLimited Time for the Fabulous Nine 7:41/302013
[ ]Sports;Swimming and Diving;SwimmingSwimming and Diving Teams Fall Short in Latest Contests 8:12/132013
[ ]Sports;Swimming and Diving;Swimming;Seniors;[Photos];Carani, Courtney;Lacy, Dani;White, Maggie;Shannon, ClaireSwimming and Diving Competes at NCAC Meet 8:12/202013
[ ]Reed, Allison;Sports;Swimming and DivingWittenberg Alum Serves as Coach 7:110/162013
[ ]Allen, Emily;Swimming and DivingFreshman Diver Sets School Record 8:111/62013
[ ]Sports;Swimming;Swimming - Men;Swimming - Women;Swimming and Diving;Crum, JaredSwim Team Leaves First Half of Season in Their Wake 8:111/132013
[ ]Sports;Swimming;Swimming - Men;Swimming - Women;Dumstorf, James;Swimming and DivingTigers Try to Make a Splash in Kentucky 7:412/112013
[ ]Sports;Swimming and Diving;Swimming;Swimming - Men;Swimming - Women;Crum, Jared;Burt, AJLast One, Fast One 7:52/52014