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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]CurriculumAn elective course1053/11883
[ ]CurriculumElective system in U.S. colleges still under debate24:1-211/11885
[ ]CurriculumCourses of study have been reconstructed53:1-21/11893
[ ]CurriculumElective courses offered in alternate or successive years1:1-210/211899
[ ]CurriculumScience course improved, more latitude in electives2:1-22/211912
[ ]CurriculumNew requirements set by faculty1:13/151917
[ ]CurriculumChanges announced in catalog. Math & history not required of freshmen2:25/171917
[ ]Curriculum; Becker, Allen O.Mission Courses Will Be Offered Next Year1:53/81923
[ ]CurriculumMany New Courses of Study Offered Students Next Year Courses in English, History, Political Science, Business Administration, Sociology and Music Are Among Those Listed1:15/241923
[ ]CurriculumNew Semester Plan of Study To Be Adopted; Minor Courses Will Be Completed in One Semester; Begins in Fall [Will Probably Lead to Four Quarter System at Witt]1:61/101924
[ ]CurriculumWittenberg Is One of Three Schools Now Offering Courses In Biography1:112/31925
[ ]CurriculumArt courses in drawing and designing will be offered to students at Wittenberg for the first time; Dayton Art Institute instructors will conduct the classes3:11/191928
[ ]CurriculumCommercial courses will be offered1:41/221931
[ ]CurriculumNew psychology course offered1:61/221931
[ ]CurriculumCollege adds new courses1:21/221937
[ ]CurriculumCollege to give three hour course in South American literature1:55/161941
[ ]CurriculumCollege tries new method in giving advertising course4:62/271942
[ ]CurriculumMarriage course to be given following students' petition1:12/271942
[ ]CurriculumHuge turnout proves interest in marriage course, 72 at opener4:63/271942
[ ]CurriculumChemistry courses are rearranged4:510/21942
[ ]CurriculumBarker to supervise rifle training1:410/161942
[ ]CurriculumPortuguese news4:210/291943
[ ]CurriculumFaculty lists new graduation requirements3:23/241944
[ ]CurriculumFaculty lists new graduation requirements1:44/141944
[ ]CurriculumDepartments offer three new courses1:41/191945
[ ]CurriculumEducation called into court5:53/11946
[ ]CurriculumEnglish course added5:44/51946
[ ]CurriculumStudies program planned for fall1:25/171946
[ ]CurriculumNystrom announces additional courses4:31/201947
[ ]CurriculumWard initiates new industrial training course1:43/141947
[ ]CurriculumAviation course announced here1:59/251947
[ ]CurriculumCurriculum offers free-time theatre courses3:42/111948
[ ]CurriculumTwo new courses offered in dramatics1:21/121949
[ ]CurriculumSocial work course added2:43/231949
[ ]CurriculumNew course for seniors given1:14/141950
[ ]CurriculumNew Civil War course combines history and period literature2:52/81951
[ ]CurriculumSpecial remedial reading course for students to start Monday1:12/221951
[ ]CurriculumMusic students given credit for activities1:29/271951
[ ]CurriculumCollege completes plans for combined education program1:11/171952
[ ]CurriculumForestry program begins in fall5:45/221953
[ ]CurriculumHistory of the Near East is added2:39/251953
[ ]CurriculumCollege turns toward generalization2:59/171954
[ ]CurriculumWittenberg now offers Library Science course2:110/221954
[ ]CurriculumClasses teach appreciation of motion pictures2:43/251955
[ ]CurriculumWittenberg offers education degrees1:29/301955
[ ]CurriculumSpecial courses prove valuable1:41/131956
[ ]CurriculumCollege will offer new music major1:25/181956
[ ]CurriculumUniversity program explained in convo1:31/181957
[ ]CurriculumCollege begins hospital personnel training3:14/121957
[ ]CurriculumDouble emphasis highlights 19572:45/91957
[ ]CurriculumIndependent study keynotes revised Hamma curriculum1:11/291958
[ ]CurriculumRevise humanities for next semester2:45/21958
[ ]CurriculumRevise humanities for next semester6:19/191958
[ ]CurriculumReligion revision increases choice4:410/311958
[ ]CurriculumEnglish Dept. adds additional courses1:312/51958
[ ]CurriculumEnglish Dept. adds additional courses6:35/81959
[ ]CurriculumClasses in developmental reading use new room3:12/51960
[ ]CurriculumSaturday classes threatened2:12/51960
[ ]CurriculumWU to expand graduate study in fall of 19611:34/141961
[ ]CurriculumWittenberg will end major in home economics1:14/281961
[ ]CurriculumWU English department adopts broader curriculum4:49/151961
[ ]CurriculumWU introduces advanced studies to select group1:210/271961
[ ]Curriculum17th century studies begin1:21/121962
[ ]CurriculumAmerican studies course is on the West1:41/121962
[ ]CurriculumHamma to offer course to faculty3:14/271962
[ ]CurriculumEvaluation of courses to be subject of all-campus survey5:511/81963
[ ]CurriculumM.E. program will end1:11/81965
[ ]CurriculumCurriculum changes explained in Student Senate meeting7:43/121965
[ ]CurriculumCurriculum changes are adopted3:34/301965
[ ]CurriculumWU curriculum change begins next year1:59/171965
[ ]CurriculumCurriculum statement approved1:310/161965
[ ]Curriculum; Pfnister, Dr. AllanQuestions answered on 3-3-3 plan4:210/291965
[ ]CurriculumNew assault on excellence seen1:112/31965
[ ]CurriculumAcademic calendar is approved1:312/171965
[ ]CurriculumCourses approved by faculty; requirements are announced1:11/71966
[ ]CurriculumNew curriculum advantages seen1:31/71966
[ ]CurriculumReactions to 3-3-3 curriculum cover inside range of viewpoints5:111/41966
[ ]CurriculumNew biology department equipment changes curriculum at all levels5:112/91966
[ ]Curriculum; Committee on Calendar and Curriculum; Calendar3-3-3, 3-1-3-3, 4-1-4, 4-4-1: which calendar for Witt?: Committee on Calendar and Curriculum to study school calendar1:12/101972
[ ]Committee on Calendar and CurriculumCommittee on Calendar and Curriculum: an interim report3:14/61972
[ ]Curriculum; CalendarEducator views new college calendars3:15/61972
[ ]Curriculum; Calendar4-4-1 wins committee nod8:15/251972
[ ]Curriculum; Calendar3-3-3 calendar retained1:410/121972
[ ]Curriculum Review CommitteeProfs clash over CRC8:13/71974
[ ]CurriculumStudents approve of curriculum1:12/271975
[ ]Curriculum Review CommitteeCurriculum Review Committee issues report5:51/151976
[ ]Curriculum Review CommitteeNew institutional requirements evolve1:21/291976
[ ]Academics; CurriculumNew Russian minor offered4:510/231981
[ ]Curriculum DevelopmentsFaculty develop Russion area studies major4:110/311986
[ ]Registrar; Academics; CurriculumCurriculum expansion to meet "student's interests"2:111/21999
[ ]CurriculumNew Project at Witt, First Year Experience Committee5:14/232002
[ ]Curriculum; Foreign Languages Department"Swords and Sorcery:" Mythology and Fantasy1:211/122002
[ ]CurriculumSeize the bubble6:12/242005
[ ]CurriculumCollege really could be all fun and games3:13/242005
[ ]CurriculumFaculty debate may change semester length1:14/212005
[ ]Satire; Academics; Curriculum; AlcoholErickson introduces alcohol studies major [satire] 1:13/302006
[ ]Satire; CurriculumNew curriculum offered for fall1:33/292007
[ ]Communication Department; Curriculum; Faculty and Staff; Sati, MohamedVisiting instructor brings diversity to Communication Department7:14/192007
[ ]Copeland, Warren; Curriculum; Faculty and Staff; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldUrban renewal in downtown SpringfieldNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 2:111/62008
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical Education; School of Community Education (SCE)My get up and go, got up and went 5:12/182010
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical Education"How Witt stays fit, p-credits or otherwise" 9:013/292011
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical EducationBy the numbers [sidebar to How Witt stays fit]9:013/292011
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical EducationMore quotes from the survey [sidebar to How Witt stays fit]9:023/292011
[ ]Thomas Library;Curriculum Resource Center;Education Department;Snyder, Kara;Pallant, Joan;[Photos]CRC Grand Reopening 2:14/222015