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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Bread for the WorldFocus on hunger3:51/221976
[ ]Bread for the WorldTargets congress3:51/291976
[ ]Bread for the WorldThree attend convention in Austin3:12/51976
[ ]Bread for the WorldOrganization is concerned with world hunger (pic)1:41/251980
[ ]Bread for the WorldBFTW Conduct experiment showing food waste2:32/81980
[ ]Bread for the WorldDiscussion of Nestle Boycott due to promotional practices of company3:12/271981
[ ]Bread for the WorldHunger and the activities of this organization discussed by leader Dianne Russell6:510/231981
[ ]Bread for the World"World Food Today"12:310/161983
[ ]Bread for the WorldFamine focus of Bread for the World5:12/11985
[ ]Bread for the WorldHunger Hits Witt3:14/191985
[ ]Bread for the World"Students Seek to Feed the World"1:69/271985
[ ]Bread for the WorldStudents fast for world hunger1:210/61989
[ ]Bread for the WorldStudents Sleep Out To Aid Homelesspg. 4, col9/281990
[ ]Bread for the WorldEvents slated for CROP walkpg. 1, col4/121991
[ ]Bread For the WorldBread for the world alleviates hunger14:310/251994
[ ]Bread for the worldCrop walkers raise funds for Springfield's underpriviledged3:13/181997