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[ ]BooksOf All Books, Which Do You Like Best? The Question Is Asked Ten Members of College Faculty by Torch Staff Reporter-Interesting Replies Given1:34/191923
[ ]BookstoreCollege book store. Wittenberg purchases business of Rev. Schwarm1:61/141926
[ ]BookstoreNew bookstore to serve three-fold purpose5:112/111953
[ ]Books for Asian StudentsWittenberg students get unique opportunity1:45/131955
[ ]BookstoreBarnes & Noble take over Wittenberg bookstore4:110/91987
[ ]BookstoreBookstore future uncertain4:14/151988
[ ]BookstoreBookstore Future Uncertain4:14/151988
[ ]BookstoreBookstore in new digs3:12/171989
[ ]BookstoreBookstore In New Digs3:12/171989
[ ]BookstoreBook Barn's only memory3:54/211989
[ ]BookstoreBarnes and Noble sells books at 'suggested retail'2:310/131989
[ ]BookstoreBarnes and Noble Sells Books At `Suggested Retail'2:310/131989
[ ]BookstoreBookstore policies questioned1:510/131989
[ ]BookstoreBookstore Policies Questioned1:510/131989
[ ]BookstoreBurden To Air Student Concerns About Bookstorepg. 1, col10/121990
[ ]BookstoreWittenberg bookstore addresses complaints on high prices2:310/91992
[ ]BookstoreNew textbook policy could raise prices in bookstore1:411/151994
[ ]BookstoreMike Rogers finds managing Bookstore rewarding6:12/171998
[ ]BookstoreBookstore manager starts new programs, spends time with family6:11/261999
[ ]BookstoreBookstore prices cause students to find other options6:19/211999
[ ]BookstoreBookstore gains new manager2:112/71999
[ ]Bookstore;Gray, AnthonyCourt shed light on college book prices12:112/52000
[ ]BookstoreFind cheaper textbooks1:11/272005
[ ]College Life; BookstoreStudent creates Witt Book 1:412/82005
[ ]Colloquia; Books; Faculty and Staff; English Department; McClelland, MichaelMystery's enviornmental message: Michael "Mac" McClelland presents his newest novel "Arribada Blues" at recent English Department colloquium1:110/42007
[ ]Books; ReviewsA new sense of self: A mother/son memoir about love, family, and sexual reassignment5:14/242008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; McClelland, Michael; BooksThe man behind the mustache: Prof. McClelland on sabbatical 5:510/162008
[ ]Books; Faculty and Staff; Communication Department; Smith, Matthew; Irwin, KenJewish lit series tries to expose graphic novels to whole new audienceNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 5:511/62008
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Alexie, Sherman; Books; DiversityAuthor Sherman Alexie Visits Campus 1:111/202008
[ ]Books; TechnologyBuying textbooks: Overdue for a digital upgrade?1:12/122009
[ ]Fleisch, Dan; Faculty and Staff; Physics Department; Books; Internet; National NewsA small review ends with a big trip: Professor hand delivers book to dissatisfied customer 2:32/262009
[ ]Books; Faculty and Staff; Irwin, Ken; Philanthropy; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg book drive: Donations help local schools 2:12/262009
[ ]Books; Reilly, LindseyReading time remembered13:14/162009
[ ]Faculty and Staff; History Department; Proctor, Tammy; BooksProctor honors and celebrates impact of Girl Scouts1:110/82009
[ ]O'Neill, Joseph; Books; ReviewsO'Neill: Enjoy the journey3:411/192009
[ ]Livingstone, Amy; BooksLivingstone's book written "out of love"2:24/292010
[ ]Reviews; BooksKing Tut mystery sheds light on timeless murder story4:019/152010
[ ]Books; ReviewsBook review: Change of Heart4:0110/272010
[ ]"Books; English Department; Faculty and Staff; McClelland, Michael; Dixon, Mimi; Askeland, Lori; Fitz Smith, James"The List'3:0211/172010
[ ]National Novel Writing Month;BooksNaNoWriMo: A Novel Endeavor 9:111/162011
[ ]King, Stephen;Reviews;BooksKing’s Steamy Sequel to The Shining 5:510/92013
[ ]Bookstore;Gognat, TimFaces of Wittenberg: Tim Gognat 4:311/132013
[ ]Reviews;BooksBook Review: "I of the Sun" 5:14/22014
[ ]Books;ReviewsSuggested Summer Reading 5:15/72014