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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]BaseballBaseball1524/11881
[ ]BaseballWitt's Baseball team is finally in good shape125:1-25/11891
[ ]BaseballBaseball facts and fancies167:1-23/31896
[ ]BaseballBaseball items205:1-24/71896
[ ]BaseballPhotograph of Wittenberg Baseball team2104/141896
[ ]BaseballWitt beats Miami at 10-3210:1-24/141896
[ ]BaseballAlmost. Game lost by two costly errors. U. Michigan 12, Witt 10220:1-24/211896
[ ]BaseballWitt 11; OWU 9; The scab of our Methodist Brethern, the thirs in our belt234:1-24/281896
[ ]BaseballWitt defeats Miami, 20-8 An exhibition of poor playing227:1-24/281896
[ ]BaseballOtterbein & Kenyon teams defeated244:1-25/121896
[ ]BaseballChampionship; again we win; Witt 14, Cincinnati 7253:1-25/191896
[ ]BaseballBaseball averages of six games played in the city5:1-29/221896
[ ]BaseballThe first game274:1-24/201897
[ ]BaseballTwo games; Indiana U and DePauw3155/181897
[ ]BaseballPleasing prospects. The baseball attack11/271899
[ ]BaseballThe Champions2:33/251899
[ ]BaseballInter-class baseball tournament is urged7:2-34/171912
[ ]BaseballBatting practice will train men to hit elusive sphere. Efforts made to increase "stick work." Batting cages to be erected.9:1-24/241912
[ ]BaseballAnnounce extensive inter-group schedule3:14/151915
[ ]BaseballTerrible ordeal awaits Witt at Alliance. Wooster on the night following4:32/101916
[ ]BaseballVarsity beats Mr. Union but loses to Wooster. Witt falls back to second place1:1-32/171916
[ ]BaseballDiamond athletes await drying winds and sun to make field possible1:53/301916
[ ]BaseballWittenberg holds professional players to low score of 2-0 at Washington Park1:1-24/271916
[ ]Baseball4 games lost, varsity plays well against Miami and Oberlin but stages comedy of errors at Antioch4:2-35/11916
[ ]BaseballBaseball translated into French3:111/31916
[ ]BaseballUnfounded are reports that baseball will be dropped1:211/161916
[ ]BaseballWitt loses last chance to land place in Ohio conference1:311/161916
[ ]BaseballBanquet honors feted college God; athletics on Wed. night1:112/71916
[ ]BaseballShall baseball continue?2:112/71916
[ ]BaseballBaseball to be dropped as inter-collegiate sport in coming season1:51/251917
[ ]BaseballInter-collegiate baseball voted out by action of board of control1:53/11917
[ ]BaseballIntergroup baseball schedule complete. Snyder Park diamond used for Saturday morning. Zimmerman field for other games.1:53/221917
[ ]BaseballSweaters awarded for baseball to 3 seniors3:33/221917
[ ]BaseballLettermen banquet. Coach Godfrey & Billy Baxter honor baseball men1:13/291917
[ ]BaseballInter-group series ushered in. Phi Gams lost to ATO in ragged game. Errors very costly1:44/51917
[ ]BaseballInter-group continues with interest. Dorm leans with clean record1:34/191917
[ ]BaseballDorm takes 1st place in league and wins cup. Phi Psi's finish 2nd by large margin1:55/171917
[ ]BaseballInter-collegiate baseball is to be discontinued at Wittenberg1:512/181919
[ ]BaseballWitt re-enters intercollegiate baseball circles3:34/131922
[ ]Trautwein, William;Godfrey, Ernest;Sports;BaseballBaseball Men Answer First Call For Duty - Prospects Bright For Good Season; Assistant Coach Trautwein To Be In Charge1:63/201924
[ ]Sports;BaseballDiamond Sport To Open April 20 - All Buckeye Teams To Be Met In Home and Home Tilts; Others Pending3:412/131928
[ ]BaseballTen games scheduled for season after lapse of 4 yrs.3:13/171933
[ ]BaseballTeam Portrait3:35/51933
[ ]BaseballLutherans schedule 9 conference games3:112/141934
[ ]Sports;BaseballWeather Forces 'Nine' Prospects To Work Indoors3:14/121935
[ ]BaseballLutheran diamond men--Stobb's crop for 1942 (por)3:25/11942
[ ]Baseball1943 Baseball Roster3:34/161943
[ ]BaseballLutheran nine end conference season; win three, lose one3:15/141943
[ ]BaseballTeam begins activity (closed down after 1943)3:14/131945
[ ]BaseballTigers score five wins, one loss3:15/171946
[ ]BaseballTigers end with 7 wins; 1 loss; down Ashland, Wilmington3:15/311946
[ ]BaseballTigers cop diamond title (pic)4:15/241951
[ ]BaseballTeam picutre44/221955
[ ]BaseballTeam will travel to Carolina1:23/91956
[ ]BaseballOut to win (por)4:34/131956
[ ]BaseballBaseball championship1:55/241957
[ ]BaseballCapital is Number 1 on Spring schedules4:44/11960
[ ]BaseballTigers win opener; shut out Capital, 6-06:44/81960
[ ]BaseballTeam has 24 straight wins in OC; looking for 2nd title6:35/131960
[ ]BaseballWitt's baseball team retained its title as NCAA Mid-Eastern Regional Champions6:35/131960
[ ]BaseballPichaske sums up baseball squad as green, but hopeful5:44/21965
[ ]Baseball2-0 Tiger win opens WU baseball season3:44/91965
[ ]BaseballBaseball team keep srecords; downs Princes6:14/231965
[ ]BaseballTigers smash otters 21-16:54/231965
[ ]BaseballBaseball team romps over CS6:55/141965
[ ]BaseballTigers suffer loss to Bishops6:45/141965
[ ]BaseballTigers need three victories to win loop baseball title4:15/211965
[ ]BaseballBaseball season outlook good, promising fresh aid to team5:43/181966
[ ]BaseballMaurer's nine open loop play with dual victory over Princes7:44/221966
[ ]BaseballWittenberg leads conference with undefeated record 3-08:14/281966
[ ]BaseballRain hampers Tigers' attempt at fourth win.8:15/61966
[ ]BaseballTiger nine edge way toward Ohio conference championship8:45/201966
[ ]BaseballBaseball 1967 Schedule9:24/71967
[ ]BaseballTigers drop opener to Miami; Mr. Union is first OC opponent. (por)9:34/71967
[ ]BaseballTiger nine smash Mr. Union; at Heidelberg for 2 tomm.6:34/141967
[ ]BaseballTiger nine downs OWU 10-1; OC foes top week's schedule (por)5:44/281967
[ ]BaseballOsborne jurls 6-2 victory over Muskies5:45/51967
[ ]BaseballDiamond nine lose to Capital; former Tiger kills OC hopes7:15/191967
[ ]BaseballOsborne's no-hit win is 8th Tiger triumph5:45/261967
[ ]BaseballTigers conquer Akron 7-6; contest is 13-innings5:16/21967
[ ]BaseballTigers conquer Akron 7-6; contest is 13-innings5:36/21967
[ ]BaseballTigers defeat Eastern Kentucky4:53/291968
[ ]BaseballTwo-hit victory over Eastern Kentucky5:24/191968
[ ]BaseballPitcher Alt helps defeat Muskies; Tigers crush ON (pic)8:15/31968
[ ]BaseballJohn Meier pitches for team's backing8:1-25/101968
[ ]BaseballSlim margin over Wooster6:35/101968
[ ]BaseballBaseball holds Earlham 5-16:15/171968
[ ]BaseballBaseball wins games over Capital8:45/241968
[ ]BaseballTigers take 7th OC Title in 14 years8:15/241968
[ ]BaseballTigers picked to retain title6:14/111969
[ ]BaseballWin over Otterbein, 7-2 and 10-28:44/181969
[ ]BaseballTigers defeated by Ohio Wesleyan, 7-26:34/251969
[ ]BaseballThree wins, three loses7:35/91969
[ ]BaseballWin over Capitol 6-2; over Central State 11-108:15/231969
[ ]BaseballLost to Ashland, 13-0 in 2nd game. Win over Ashland 6-2 in opener6:35/291969
[ ]BaseballWin over Heidelberg 12-011:14/101970
[ ]BaseballLost to Otterbein 6-416:14/171970
[ ]BaseballTigers lose double header to Marietta7:14/241970
[ ]BaseballWin over Capital 6-1; win double header over Denison4:15/11970
[ ]BaseballLose to Wooster 403 and 6-48:15/81970
[ ]BaseballTigers give Polar Bears cold reception in baseball8:15/151970
[ ]BaseballWin over Central State 8-4, over Ashland 5-08:35/291970
[ ]BaseballWin over Heidelberg6:14/81971
[ ]BaseballWin over Otterbein 5-4; lose second game 6-511:14/151971
[ ]BaseballLose to Dennison 2-0; win second game 15-16:44/221971
[ ]BaseballWin over Marietta 6-2; lose second game 8-56:14/221971
[ ]BaseballWin first game from Wooster 12-4; lose second game 4-211:15/61971
[ ]BaseballWin over Kenyon 4-011:45/61971
[ ]BaseballLost to Muskingum 10-07:45/131971
[ ]BaseballWin over Capital 6-0; Lost to Wright State 2-1; win second game 7-66:15/201971
[ ]BaseballWin first game from Ashland 4-3; lose second game 3-0.7:25/271971
[ ]BaseballMarietta defeated Wittenberg, 6-2 and 5-17:14/61972
[ ]BaseballDayton loses to Wittenberg 5-04:14/131972
[ ]BaseballWin over Kenyon. 13-37:44/201972
[ ]BaseballWin opener with Ohio Wesleyan 3-0; lost the second game 4-111:15/61972
[ ]BaseballWon over Muskingum 16-11, then lost to them 12-611:15/111972
[ ]BaseballLost to Dennison 4-1 and win second game 9-05:14/51973
[ ]BaseballLose to Ohio Northern 3-2 and 9-2 (pic)5:54/191973
[ ]BaseballLose to Muskingum 7-44:25/31973
[ ]BaseballLose to University of Dayton 5-24:85/31973
[ ]BaseballLose to Otterbein 8-5; win over Muskingum 7-6 and 5-0; win over Capitol 10-94:15/101973
[ ]BaseballLose to Marietta 7-45:25/171973
[ ]BaseballLost to Dennison, 9-7. Finished 5-6 in Ohio Conf.5:35/241973
[ ]BaseballDiamond men lose luster5:15/21974
[ ]BaseballSeniors shine in season finale (pic)5:15/161974
[ ]BaseballLavery reviews Tiger mound career (pic)5:35/231974
[ ]BaseballTeam starts slow (pic)7:64/101975
[ ]BaseballWitt still winless (pic)6:34/171975
[ ]BaseballTigers win two (pic)5:14/241975
[ ]BaseballWashed out week for baseball5:55/11975
[ ]BaseballSweeps double header7:15/81975
[ ]BaseballSeason closes with losses (pic)5:45/151975
[ ]Baseball"Q" puts it together for the Tigers5:55/231975
[ ]Baseballtigers bounce back for 6-13 record (pic)5:15/231975
[ ]BaseballTigers lose opener 7-26:14/81976
[ ]BaseballTigers sweep two from Bishops5:34/151976
[ ]BaseballBatsmen defeat Muskingum5:14/221976
[ ]BaseballTigers squeeze past Cardinals 5-45:14/291976
[ ]BaseballWinning streak snaps5:15/61976
[ ]BaseballTigers upset Marietta5:15/131976
[ ]BaseballBatsmen need two5:15/201976
[ ]BaseballFahrney guides Tigers to second place finish5:15/271976
[ ]BaseballCoach Alt previews Witt season6:64/71977
[ ]BaseballWash and Dry Tiger try to get underway tidat at Capital7:14/71977
[ ]BaseballChuck Thompson helps Tigers fet ogg to fast start beating Muskingum 5-4, Capitol 9-5 and splitting a double header with Ohio Wesleyan5:34/141977
[ ]BaseballDefeated by Ohio Wesleyan 4-2, to meet Marietta in double header5:45/51977
[ ]BaseballTigers split with Musky 4-3 and 6-2, fall to UD. 8-75:15/51977
[ ]BaseballTigers fall twice to Marietta 4-3 and 10-3; shutout Urbana 10-06:35/121977
[ ]BaseballWitt takes 4 of last 5 for departing Alt.5:35/191977
[ ]BaseballTigers finish 3rd in OAC, Paul D'Arrigo named MVP5:45/261977
[ ]BaseballBaseball team win 3 straight under new coach5:14/71978
[ ]BaseballTigers beak Musky, split with Marietta5:14/141978
[ ]BaseballTigers split with Ohio Wesleyan5:44/211978
[ ]BaseballPorter blanks Wooster as Tigers split5:14/281978
[ ]BaseballTigers lose 9-4 to Marietta Pioneers5:34/281978
[ ]BaseballTigers lose first game 5-4 to Wooster. Tigers win second game 1-0 over Wooster5:14/281978
[ ]BaseballTigers defeat Ohio Wesleyan 6-5, sweep double header 6-4, 8-5 over Capital5:45/51978
[ ]BaseballTigers win 4, eye division Title5:15/121978
[ ]BaseballTeam prepares for upcoming season5:52/161979
[ ]BaseballTeam returns from Florida trip (pic)5:54/61979
[ ]BaseballTigers lose two to Marietta (pic)6:54/131979
[ ]BaseballTigers lost to Otterbein 9-85:34/201979
[ ]BaseballTeam informationed comments5:34/271979
[ ]BaseballTigers split with Capital, win first game 4-3 then lost 5-0. Beat Ohio Wesl. 6-3. Record is now 7-95:35/41979
[ ]BaseballSplit with Muskingum winning 3-1 then losing 5-4, defeated Urbana 13-4 and Capital 10-7 (pic)7:45/111979
[ ]BaseballDefeat Wright State 10-9 and dennison 7-3 and 9-7. Finish season with 13-10 record5:25/181979
[ ]BaseballWin five in spring trip to Florida5:14/41980
[ ]BaseballWittenberg loses to Muskingum 13-75:24/181980
[ ]BaseballWitt beats Urbana 24-1, then loses following three games5:14/251980
[ ]BaseballWitt wins over Otterbein in double header; is defeated by Ohio Wesleyan5:55/21980
[ ]BaseballWitt loses 6 games to Anderson, Zavier, Muskingum, and Otterbein7:35/91980
[ ]BaseballTeam begins with big disadvantage but will work hard4:44/201981
[ ]BaseballBruce Olsen is playing well; other team members discussed. Witt beats Ohio Wesleyan.5:15/11981
[ ]BaseballWitt defeats Denison U. in close game; pitcher Jum Deighan plays best game of season5:15/151981
[ ]BaseballWittenberg baseball players are selected for OAC honors5:35/291981
[ ]BaseballCommentary about losing "romance" with baseball because of the summer strike5:610/161981
[ ]BaseballWere up and down6:14/151983
[ ]BaseballSeason of curves6:45/201983
[ ]BaseballNew Coach, New Faces lift baseball team6:14/61984
[ ]BaseballTigers improving steadily6:14/201984
[ ]BaseballWittenberg Baseball--Coming on fast8:14/41985
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball on a Tear6:14/191985
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball slumps through mid-season13:15/31985
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball improving (pic)9:15/171985
[ ]BaseballBaseballers set new season winning record10:14/251986
[ ]BaseballWitt batsman tied for top spot in OAC8:15/21986
[ ]BaseballWitt baseballers secure berth in OAC tourney9:15/161986
[ ]BaseballWitt baseball finish successful season8:15/301986
[ ]BaseballBaseball Team Prepares For Season9:11/271989
[ ]Sports; BaseballBaseball team prepares for season1/271989
[ ]BaseballHaller, Simms Top Pitchers11:32/31989
[ ]Sports; BaseballHaller, Simms top pitchers2/31989
[ ]BaseballTigers derail 'Etta express4/211989
[ ]BaseballTigers Derail Etta Express13:14/211989
[ ]BaseballTiger nine downs Earlham twice, splits twin-bill with Cedarville4/281989
[ ]BaseballTiger Nine Downs Earlham Twice, Splits Twin-Bill With Cedarville13:24/281989
[ ]BaseballBaseball Aiming For Position In Play-Offs17:35/51989
[ ]BaseballBaseball aiming for position in play-offs5/121989
[ ]BaseballJerry Cicolani is All-District5/191989
[ ]BaseballJerry Cicolani Is All-District8:15/191989
[ ]BaseballBaseballers named All-Conference5/261989
[ ]BaseballBaseballers Named All-Conference16:15/261989
[ ]BaseballBaseball team to begin indoor practice Monday2/21990
[ ]BaseballBaseball Team To Begin Indoor Practice Monday8:52/21990
[ ]BaseballBaseball Team's Experience And Talent Are Keys To Success Of Tigers' Season14:34/61990
[ ]BaseballBaseball team's experience and talent are the keys to success of Tiger's season4/61990
[ ]BaseballGriffith named NCAC pitcher-of-the-week4/121990
[ ]BaseballGriffith Named NCAC Pitcher-Of-The-Week15:44/121990
[ ]BaseballTatar key to pitching staff4/201990
[ ]BaseballTatar Key To Pitching Staff13:14/201990
[ ]BaseballTiger Baseball Cleans House13:44/201990
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball team cleans house4/201990
[ ]BaseballTatar named pitcher of week5/41990
[ ]BaseballTatar Named Pitcher Of Week12:15/41990
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball controls its own destiny5/111990
[ ]BaseballTiger Baseball Controls Its Own Destiny8:35/111990
[ ]BaseballCicolani receives academic honors5/181990
[ ]BaseballScott is player of week5/181990
[ ]BaseballTigers awarded NCAC post-season honors5/181990
[ ]BaseballBucs Will Take NL East; No Match of Oakland inpg. 11, co9/281990
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball starts strongly over breakpg. 14, co4/51991
[ ]BaseballBrown and Tiger bats continue to be hotpg. 15, co4/121991
[ ]BaseballBaseball team drives toward championshippg. 11, co4/191991
[ ]BaseballBaseball team takes NCAC leadpg. 11, co4/261991
[ ]BaseballTiger Baseball team remains in first place despitepg. 14, co5/31991
[ ]BaseballTiger Baseball Team to host tourneypg. 15, co5/101991
[ ]BaseballCicolani and Baller named to Academic teampg. 12, co5/171991
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball team loses first two games, exitspg. 12, co5/171991
[ ]BaseballBakke helps Witt bat better balls13:59/201991
[ ]BaseballWittenberg baseball, Brown use break to launch5:14/101992
[ ]BaseballBaseball team's road to NCAC made difficult5:44/171992
[ ]BaseballBaseball team gets out of losing streak5:14/241992
[ ]BaseballWittenberg baseball team is second in NCAC behind OWU after tangling with Denison and Oberlin . . .5:25/11992
[ ]BaseballBaseball team secures 2nd seat8:15/81992
[ ]BaseballMVP Chris Postler leads Witt offense5:55/291992
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Softball; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's sports in a box6:44/231993
[ ]BaseballTalent hard work pay off for recognized baseball players6:45/141993
[ ]BaseballBaseball8:34/191994
[ ]BaseballTigers suffer season-ending loss in NCAC tournament8:15/171994
[ ]BaseballBest ever season keeps getting better10:45/311994
[ ]BaseballUnder new head coach Jay Lewis Tigers look to post another successful season8:13/181997
[ ]BaseballMagoteaux ties record with two grand slams in same inning13:24/111997
[ ]BaseballBaseball team prepares to slide into another season10:12/241998
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball team gets off to fast start in Florida10:43/171998
[ ]Baseball; Softball; TennisSports Roundup10:33/311998
[ ]Baseball; Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - WomenSports Roundup10:14/71998
[ ]BaseballWittenberg Spring Sports Shorts10:14/171998
[ ]BaseballSports Shorts10:24/281998
[ ]BaseballWitt Baseball team splits double header8:13/311999
[ ]Baseball; Magoteaux, BryanMagoteaux leads baseball12:14/231999
[ ]Davis, Brian; Pore, Randy; Oakes, Carey; Bosler, Shelley; Kallendorf, Kristin; Softball; BaseballSpring team captains15:12/292000
[ ]BaseballBaseball team relies on youth15:43/212000
[ ]BaseballTigers conclude weekend with win16:13/282000
[ ]Baseball; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldBaseball team blends youth, experience18:54/42000
[ ]BaseballBaseball splits with Denison11:44/142000
[ ]BaseballThe Capsule: Witt Baseball team ready to begin season15:12/272001
[ ]BaseballWitt baseball wows Wabash14:14/32001
[ ]BaseballFantasy Baseball leagues the perfect way to hustle friends and gain respect13:14/102001
[ ]BaseballWittenberg Baseball team finishes a tough week on the road with key loss14:14/102001
[ ]BaseballBaseball Gearing Up for Annual Fall Ball12:49/242002
[ ]BaseballMen's baseball off to ahot start to season, at the plate13:13/252003
[ ]BaseballTiger baseball starts season on the right track10:14/82004
[ ]Baseball'Red white and who?' Nationals prepare for spring3:12/172005
[ ]BaseballBaseball 2005: hitting the ground running10:13/242005
[ ]BaseballBonds to return to lineup3:19/222005
[ ]BaseballWith two curses down, now what about the Chicago Cubs?3:111/32005
[ ]BaseballWittenberg's men's baseball team swings into action 10:13/232006
[ ]BaseballWittenberg baseball team qualifies for NCAC tourney 10:14/272006
[ ]BaseballTigers baseball expects to dig deep in 2007 10:13/222007
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Baseball; Mclain, Tyler; Rodriguez, Manny; Sports; Steinke, Matt; Wellman, Andrew; Williams, PatrickBaseball prepares for upcoming season with high expectations11:12/72008
[ ]Baseball; Assenheimer, Joel; Antil, Tim; Ciuki, Bobby; Winter, Kory; Christello, Tyler; Fruhwith, Jeremy; Steinke, matt; Williams, Pat; Dorka, Chris; Puthoff, JoelYoung guns step up, offensive wakes up as baseball wins weekend series against Wabash 3-110:14/242008
[ ]Sports; BaseballSports' Fallen Idols12:12/192009
[ ]BaseballFrom Wittenberg to Winter Haven: Baseball's season preview15:13/52009
[ ]Sports; BaseballWitt baseball looks to piece together the winning combo15:14/162009
[ ]Baseball; Golf; Lacrosse - Men; Lacrosse - Women; Softball; Sports; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women; Track and FieldWittenberg's weekend sports wrap-up14:14/162009
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Lacrosse - Men; Koppenhafer, Steve; Wismer, Will; Sports; Seniors; Baseball; Thompson, J.T.; Sports; Seniors; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women;Earhart, Allison; Sundstrom, Kat; Seymour, Brad; Sports; Seniors; Football; Williams, Patrick; HallWittenberg's oustanding senior athletes14:35/72009
[ ]BaseballBaseball: Play day by day 11:42/182010
[ ]BaseballAs hitting struggles, Tigers lose three 11:14/12010
[ ]Torch; History of Wittenberg; Greek Life; Crime; Motion Pictures; Sports; Track and Field; Baseball; Student Senate; Phi Kappa PsiWhat we wrote4:0111/102010
[ ]Sports; BaseballBaseball looks for postseason run 11:012/162011
[ ]Sports; Baseball Tigers split with Denison and Wooster11:014/122011
[ ]Baseball;Tomko, AnnWittenberg Junior Shows Off Her Pitching Skills at Cleveland Indians Game 9:110/52011
[ ]Sports;Baseball;National News;Carmona, FaustoCleveland Pitcher Gets into Immigration Trouble 11:31/252012
[ ]Baseball; SportsBaseball Has Success Over Spring Break 12:13/212012
[ ]Sports; BaseballTigers Take on Capital and DePauw Before Conference Play12:13/282012
[ ]Baseball; SportsBaseball Back on Track 12:14/42012
[ ]Baseball; Sports; Haley, StuMens Baseball Suffers Loss at the Hands of Muskingum 12:14/182012
[ ]Baseball; SportsBaseball Team in Need of Luck to Beat Bishops 12:14/252012
[ ]Major League Baseball (MLB); SportsMLB Viewpoint: An October Outlook 8:19/122012
[ ]Sports;Baseball;Tolle, Kevin;Fink, ZachNew Season, New Reason 8:12/132013
[ ]Sports;Baseball;Finke, Zach;Wilson, Zac;Reaman, Brandon;Baseball Team Excels in Florida Behind Finke, Wilson & Reaman 7:13/202013
[ ]Sports;Baseball;Finke, Zach;National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA)Senior Earns National Recognition From Writers Association7:43/202013
[ ]Sports;Football;Baseball;Wilson, Zac;[Photo]Zac Wilson: Excelling as a Two-Way Athlete8:13/202013
[ ]Sports;Baseball;Burgher, Mike;[Photo]Tiger Baseball Sweeps Double Header in Thrilling Fashion8:13/272013
[ ]Sports;Baseball;Wolff, Graham;Tolle, Kevin;Sullivan, FrankTiger Baseball Roars to Life8:14/102013
[ ]Sports;BaseballTiger Baseball Continues to Struggle7:14/172013
[ ]Sports;Kremmer, Teddy;Major League Baseball (MLB);Cousins, WillTeddy Kremer, MLB Inspire in Tough Times7:14/242013
[ ]Sports;Baseball;Finke, Zach;Wolff, Graham;[Photo]Tiger Baseball Responds, Finke Excels8:14/242013
[ ]Major League Baseball (MLB); Online Exclusive; SportsReds and Indians Both in World Series Hunt Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 10/22013
[ ]Online Exclusive;Sports;Major League Baseball (MLB)MLB Playoffs Heat Up 10/162013
[ ]Sports;BaseballBaseball Looks to Bounce Back7:34/22014
[ ]Sports;Hutchinson, Tyler;Baseball;[Photos]Hutchinson Leads Tigers 8:44/92014
[ ]Sports;Baseball;Moore, David;[Photo];Hitt, Jordan;[Photo]Baseball Notches First NCAC Victory7:24/162014
[ ]Major League Baseball (MLB);TechnologyMajor League Baseball Enters the Age of Instant Replay 8:14/162014
[ ]Sports;Baseball;Wilson, Zac;[Photos]Baseball Falls to DePauw7:14/302014
[ ]National News;Baseball;Major League Baseball (MLB)Owners Tap Manfred as new Commissioner 8:49/102014
[ ]Major League Baseball (MLB);National NewsBaseball ó Tom Dwyer 8:110/152014
[ ]Major League Baseball (MLB);SportsDonít Swing for the Fences. In Fact, Donít Swing at All 8:13/42015
[ ]Haley, Stu;Baseball;[Photo]Off the Field: Stu Haley 8:13/252015
[ ]Major League Baseball (MLB);Book ReviewsThe Real McCoy: Go Read it if You Really Want To 7:43/252015
[ ]Coaches;Baseball;[Photo]Coaches Corner- Jay Lewis 7:14/12015
[ ]Baseball;Bates, Timothy;Wilson, Zac;Dobrowolski, Benjamin;Boucher, Dalton;Haley, Stu;[Photos]Tigers Drop Double Header to DePauw 4/222015
[ ]College of Wooster;Oberlin College;Baseball;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC)The NCAC and True Champions 12:111/42015