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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Variety of Cultures Represented At Crossroads Festival1:111/41988
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA Happy Hour On Tap13:12/101989
[ ]American International AssociationAIA happy hour on tap2/101989
[ ]American International AssociationAIA offers cultural programs for students and community4/141989
[ ]American International AssociationAIA boasts 250 members, group enters third year9/291989
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA boasts 250 Members: Group Enters Third Year1:19/291989
[ ]AIA (American International Association)`Bigger and Better' Crossroads Festival Organized4:310/131989
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Crossroads '89: Turnout Super In Spite Of Cold1:110/271989
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA Hosts Local Kids1:42/21990
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA Extravaganza Features Talent From Around The World9:42/161990
[ ]American International AssociationAIA Extravaganza features talent from around the world2/161990
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Extravaganza Features Bands, Prizes, and More7:32/231990
[ ]American International AssociationAIA hosts local kids76:123/21990
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA Expects 1,000 People at Third Annual Crossroadpg. 2, col10/191990
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA fifth annual election resultspg. 11, co4/51991
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA hosts International Conferencepg. 4, col4/51991
[ ]AIA (American International Association)International Conference launches into first yearpg. 1, col4/191991
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA international hour: Argentina presentationpg. 13, co5/241991
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA's Crossroads festival planned for this Saturday afternoon8:410/251991
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Crossroads festival deemed a delectable and delicious treat5:111/11991
[ ]AIA (American International Association)President Kinnison meets with AIA2:42/71992
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA members attend International conference at Wooster3:12/141992
[ ]AIA (American International Association)International Week planned for April1:24/101992
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA takes day trip to Asia9:54/171992
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA sponsors annual event1:55/11992
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA delights in Italian Cuisine10:35/81992
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Crossroads festival features food vendors and entertainment; international style8:110/301992
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Crossroads festival featuring food from 20 countries a success, according to AIA President1:411/61992
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA to sponsor second annual 'Internat'l Week' April 19-251:44/161993
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA adjusts to American food5:310/191993
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Live music, food, culture highlight Crossroads event1:110/181994
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Positive student response to band, food at Crossroads1:410/251994
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA sponsors a week of cultural awareness9:14/251995
[ ]AIA (American International Association)'Wealth of diversity' found in AIA events4:1-39/191995
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA promotes cultural awareness through fashion9:1-22/61996
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Crossroads offers cultural diversity, food2:1-310/11996
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA celebrates fashions from Witt and across the world3:22/181997
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Crossroads introduces campus to foreign cultures during Homecoming Weekend3:19/231997
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA hosting International Conference in March2:311/181997
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA elects new officers: sets tentative schedule for upcoming months2:12/161999
[ ]American International AssociationAIA Provides a Small Glimpse of Other Cultures10:110/12002
[ ]AIA (American International Association)Crossroads Festrival Allows Glimpse of Other Cultures5:110/152002
[ ]AIA (American International Association); Concerned Black Students (CBS); Invisible ChildrenCatwalk for a cause - A.I.A. and C.B.S. to sponsor fashion show 2:14/262007
[ ]Campus Life; AIA (American International Association); PhilanthropyThe Torch's take: Witt students help others 9:14/32008
[ ]AIA (American International Association); Study AbroadCan you measure internationality?8:14/242008
[ ]AIA (American International Association)AIA Rep'N week: Getting students to show their true colors 5:111/202008
[ ]AIA (American International Association); Gay-Straight Alliance; FashionAIA and GSA convert the CDR into a fashion mecca11:14/162009
[ ]AIA (American International Association); DiversityWitt students represent2:111/192009
[ ]Fashion; Campus Life; AIA (American International Association); PhilanthropyFashion show showcases sundry style: The weekly fashion watch 8:14/12010
[ ]Fashion; Campus Life; AIA (American International Association); Gay-Straight Alliance; PhilanthropyHitting the runway: Surprise guest and Witt models strut for a cause Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:014/52011
[ ]AIA (American International Association);Concerned Black Students (CBS);Gay Straight Alliance;Fashion ShowFun and Complications at AIA/CBS/GSA Fashion Show 9:13/282012
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);AIA (American International Association);Gay Straight Alliance;Banks, Chaunta;Black Culture HouseCenter for Diversity Revamped 1:39/122012
[ ]Quigley, Maggi;Discrimination;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Gay Straight Alliance (GSA);American International Association (AIA)An Explanation of "Demands for Diversity"5:34/242013
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);American International Association (AIA);Gay Straight Alliance (GSA);Diversity;Discrimination;Joyner, Laurie M.;Vandalism;Duncan, Christopher;Smith, Autumn;Mbesha, Moses;Bailey, Julius;Rosenberg, Scott;Marshall, Karlos;[PhotDiversity Movement Hits Campus1:14/242013
[ ]Concerned Black Students (CBS);Student Senate;Women in Power;One Student/No Woman Left Behind;Union Board;AIA (American International Association);Milliner, Ashley;Moskowitz, Nona;DiversityOpen-Mic Kicks Off Campaign for Change Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:110/22013
[ ]Sallah, Ya Haddy;American International Association (AIA);Lui, Lisa W.;International Education;Bennett, JoAnn;Abaye, Menna;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Iris Qiu;Mackintosh, CameronCuts to International Office Enrage Foreign Exchange Students 1:13/52014