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[ ]Business AdministrationProspects are good for such a course at Wittenberg1:311/61919
[ ]Business AdministrationStudents Prefer Business Courses. (One of Newest Departments Installed at Witt)2:49/271923
[ ]Business AdministrationNew Course In Business Given Next Semester ["Commercial Geography" Extends Through First Semester Followed by Course in "Purchasing"]1:51/101924
[ ]Administration; Alumnae/Alumni; Anspach, Howard A.Anspach Named As Assistant [Member of the Senior Class at Seminary, Appointed in the College Offices for One Year]1:32/71924
[ ]Administration; Alumnae/Alumni; Faculty and Staff; History Department; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince Nears 84th Milestone: "Wittenberg's Grand Old Man" Has Served College For Nearly Sixty Years (pic)1:512/111924
[ ]Administration; Shatzer, C. G.Dean Shatzer is Back at Old Job [Resume duties as dean]2:59/171925
[ ]Songs (College); Administration; Miller, Ross; Immell, Ruth; Faculty and Staff; Schneider, J. Phillip; Bach, Frederick L.Dean Miller to Edit College Song Book: Musical Publication To Appear on Campus: Prize Contest Will Be Featured5:212/31925
[ ]Administration; Editorials; Tulloss, Rees EdgarDr. Tulloss2:112/31925
[ ]Administration; Tulloss, Rees EdgarDr. Tulloss Rejects offer from International Lay Organization: President to remain at Wittenberg; Plans to make improvements at college; Faculty and Students Voice Appreciation1:312/31925
[ ]Administration; Dean of Men; Miller, Ross; Financial AidDeam Miller requests students to make applications for second semester aid: Reports of Dean of Men shows that $11,681 has been furnished Wittenbergers in gifts, loans, tuition credits and scholarships so far this year1:312/171925
[ ]Administration; Faculty and Staff; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince receives birthday messages: Telegrams come from East and West; Note arrives from friend in Vienna5:112/171925
[ ]Administration; Prince, Benjamin FranklinDr. Prince tells how Christmas was observed when he was a boy5:2-312/171925
[ ]AdministrationInstructions For Interviews With Administration Heads4:29/301926
[ ]School of Business AdministrationTo be opened in September through the extension department and the Springfield Y.M.C.A.1:64/281927
[ ]Extension Division; School of Business Administration; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Extension schools will begin classes: Dayton and City YMCA co-operate with college departments1:69/221927
[ ]AdministrationAdministration studies CBS demands1:31/171969
[ ]AdministrationChanges made to "streamline" administration: Board of Directors: President, Dr. Kenneth Andeen; Vice-President for University Affairs, Dr. William Kinnison; Vice-President for Business Affairs, Mr. Manford Holck; Vice-President and Treasurer, Dr. Roland M1:110/21970
[ ]AdministrationPerformance of those who report directly to the University President is being evaluated (pic)1:14/271979
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heusinkveld, Dr. EdwinResigns post as dean of students1:12/291980
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Scott, RichardNew dean of students sets goals; discusses new job1:59/131980
[ ]AdministrationSearch begins for new directors: Three new directors will take places of assist. dean of students and Assistant of Programming (pic)1:35/11981
[ ]Student-Administration RelationsSome students are upset about changes made by administration, especially concerning calendary proposal, grade point average, and college council. Opinion poll on grading system to be taken1:15/151981
[ ]AdministrationBudget Cuts Hit Wittenberg1:25/181984
[ ]AdministrationNew management concept, CQM, to be introduced1:52/191993
[ ]AdministrationAdministrators agree to attend to some concerns of students1:23/51993
[ ]AdministrationKinnison calls for Total Quality Management system to improve services to university customers1:55/141993
[ ]AdministrationNew Task Force for the Learning Environment will assess future direction of campus housing2:15/141993
[ ]AdministrationMore pressing needs keep Wittenberg Inn a future possibility1:45/281993
[ ]AdministrationAdministration now preparing students for transition in 95-96 to semesters1:39/271994
[ ]AdministrationSmooth switch ensured by semester team1:210/181994
[ ]AdministrationSemester system gives students option of graduating under old or new requirements1:110/251994
[ ]AdministrationAfter 21 years of leadership in the campus community, Kinnison believes 'It is time'6:1-32/141995
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of Students;[James W.] Klenke named new dean of students; [Richard R.] Scott to resign1:45/231995
[ ]AdministrationAdministration, Profs challenge revisionists in signed proclamation8:1-210/31995
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students;Search for new dean begun1:4-510/171995
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean search proceeds 'slowly, but surely'1:511/211995
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of StudentsInterviews begin for new dean of students1:32/131996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean of students finalists to make university visits1:23/261996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean candidates visit campus, share ideas1:2-44/121996
[ ]Administration; Dean of StudentsDean search member responds to Bowers4:14/301996
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heida, DebbieNew Dean faces challenging year ahead10:3-59/171996
[ ]AdministrationTipson implements regular administration evaluations1:110/281997
[ ]Administration; White, RobertWhite elected director of church affairs2:19/221998
[ ]Student Services; Administration; Dean of StudentsCampus groups vote no-confidence in deans, sign petition asking for removal1:13/21999
[ ]Student Senate; Administration; Dean of StudentsSenate findings presented to president, deans1:14/161999
[ ]Administration; Schantz, DougUniversity contests outstanding accounts1:311/72000
[ ]AdministrationWitt student speaks out on 'real' administration policies6:12/182003
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heida, DebbieAdministrators adjust to Dean Heida's absence8:11/292004
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Heida, DebbieDean Heida announces departure3:12/192004
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Scott, Dick; Student ServicesDean Scott's future plans1:13/252004
[ ]Satire; Administration; Dean of StudentsNew Prsident and Dean of Students selected [satire]1:14/12004
[ ]AdministrationNo more Lutherans1:22/102005
[ ]Administration; Erickson, MarkWittenberg announces new University president1:13/32005
[ ]Administration; Erickson, MarkPresident to students: Get out of the bubble1:19/82005
[ ]Administration; Erickson, MarkWitt students eagerly anticipate Eirckson Inauguration1:19/222005
[ ]Administration; Erickson, MarkErickson pushes goals for Witt at inauguration1:19/292005
[ ]Administration; Ossei-Anto, Esther; ALANIA; DiversityThere is more to culture than just color 1:41/262006
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Perkins, CarolynKickin' back with the Dean 1:33/22006
[ ]Administration; Erickson, MarkPresident Erickson completes year full of changes 4:49/72006
[ ]Satire; AdministrationTorch: Andministration's lapdog3:13/292007
[ ]Hate Speech; Administration; Erickson, Mark; Guzman, JesseniaFree speech vs. hate: How far is too far?2:110/112007
[ ]Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Colloquia; Administration; Wortham, Forest; Young, John; Faculty and Staff; Wilkerson, Carmiele; Martinez-Saenz, Miguel; Crite, Philana;Are race and economic status related? Panel discussed availability of higher education, poverty, and education as transformative3:11/242008
[ ]Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Guinier, Lani; IMANI; Administration; Erickson, Mark; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Strauss, EricaConvocation speaker encourages leadership4:11/242008
[ ]Administration; Dean of Students; Kelly, Sarah;The new dean: A close encounter with Springsteen1:11/242008
[ ]Recycling; POWER; Conservation Club; Administration; Erickson, Mark; Faculty and Staff; Davis, Robert; Incorvati, Rick; Student Senate; Matesich, SarahWittenberg community: Ready, set recycle!2:11/242008
[ ]Administration; Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day; Racism; Wortham, ForestLetter to the Editor: Dr. Forest Wortham "Collard greens, bratwurst, pizza, pirogues, hummus: Stereotypes or just plain good food?" [Response to MLK Day CDR lunch menu]9:12/142008
[ ]Campus; Administration; Dean of Students; Kelly, Sarah;When life gives you crows...1:12/212008
[ ]Administration; Admissions; Askeland, Lori; Faculty and Staff; Uher, Tim; Wortham, ForestAffirmative action embraces a new demographic: Young white males3:12/282008
[ ]Administration; Reynolds, Shelley; Greek LifeReynolds retires: Leaves behind legacy of change 4:14/32008
[ ]Administration; Erickson, MarkThe man behind the suit 3:14/102008
[ ]Stevens, Casey; Administration; Fraternities and Sororities; Greek LifeNew voice for greek students 2:19/112008
[ ]Pocket Lint; Student Development; Administration; Devillbiss, Mark;Pocket Lint is moved off campusNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 3:111/62008
[ ]Administration; OpinionThe Torch's take...Kudos to campus' constant upkeep13:14/302009
[ ]Administration; Bladh, Dr. Kenneth; Erickson, Mark; Faculty and StaffBladh's sudden resignation sign of unsure times1:511/192009
[ ]Finance; Faculty and Staff; Wittenberg Enrollment; Administration; Erickson, MarkPoor economy, conflict with president result in faculty unrest1:111/192009
[ ]Administration;Erickson, MarkPresident Erickson Steps Down 1:19/72011
[ ]Administration;Faculty and Staff;Duncan, Christopher;WomenWitt’s First Female President 1:22/152012
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Administration; Joyner, Laurie M.Wittenberg Selects Laurie Joyner as 14th President 2:13/212012
[ ]National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA);MarsScience Column: Earth to NASA – Do You Copy? Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:110/22013
[ ]Finance;Administration;Duncan, Christopher;Munson, Robert;Leo, Sydney;Tate, SusanVice Presidential Candidates Speak with Staff, Students Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:110/22013
[ ]National News;Ciancia, Paul;Transportation Security Administration (TSA)TSA: Trivial Security Agency? 2:111/132013
[ ]Food;Health;Food and Drug Administration (FDA);Martin, Thomas;Ristau, Noah;[Photo]Trans Fats May Be Phased Out by FDA2:4 11/202013
[ ]Budget;Freebourn, Randy;Administration;FinanceFreebourn Looks to Raise to Challenge 2:32/42015