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[ ]Yearbook; YearbookThe publication of an annual is assured158:1-24/11887
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookA few remarks and announcements before the second annual appears73:1-22/11893
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookWittenberg is to have a yearbook for the first time since 1902402:34/161913
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookJunior class will publish yearbook1:410/151914
[ ]The Wittenberger;Yearbook;Scroll and QuillSophomore Class To Hold Election - Yearbook Officials To Be Named at Meeting March 31:12/181926
[ ]Scroll and Quill;The Wittenberger;Yearbook;McCleary, George;Intemann, C. AlfredScroll And Quill - Students Eligible For Yearbook Offices Named1:32/251926
[ ]Young, Dalton;Miller, John;YearbookYoung Is Named Yearbook Editor - Breakdown Causes John Miller To Give Up Position1:12/251926
[ ]The Wittenberger;Yearbook;PhotographyAnnual To Sponsor Snapshot Contest - Photographic Work For 1928 Yearbook Progresses As Campus Views Are Taken1:310/271927
[ ]Draving, Howard;The Wittenberger;Yearbook;Apple, JohnDraving Selected As Editor-In-Chief Of 1929 Yearbook - Apple Presides1:610/111928
[ ]The Wittenberger;YearbookWittenberg Editors Prepare To Campaign For 600 Subscriptions - Sororities Will Compete1:112/131928
[ ]The Wittenberger;Wentz, Donald;Swartz, James;Hawk, Margarette;Kniesser, John;YearbookWentz Fills Year Book Vacancies - Augustine, Hawke, Swartz, Kneisser Are Given Positions1:49/291933
[ ]The Wittenberger;Wentz, Donald;YearbookTeams Sell 75 Annuals First Week - 'Hares' 'Turtles' Are Working Toward Goal of 350 Year Books1:42/91934
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookYearbook was "The Cycle" from 1892-1919; the "Wittenberger" from 1920-1958"; and "The Witt" from 1959 to the present time11:13/121965
[ ]YearbookSells 1,400 copies1:73/61975
[ ]YearbookPrice up3:42/31978
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookPosition of editor open2:39/221978
[ ]Yearbook; YearbookKathy Church elected yearbook editor (pic)3:510/61978
[ ]Yearbook1978-79 books are now available6:51/111980
[ ]Yearbook1980 yearbook will be late2:610/101980
[ ]Yearbook1980 Witt arrives.4:210/301981
[ ]YearbookYearbook still underway4:45/61983
[ ]YearbookWhere's the Witt?1:110/71983
[ ]YearbookYearbook trouble1:11/131984
[ ]YearbookHard decisions for yearbook4:11/201984
[ ]YearbookRaise fee or book discontinued1:31/271984
[ ]YearbookYearbook for everyone next year4:110/191984
[ ]YearbookReferendum votes (pic)4:12/11985
[ ]Yearbookbehind schedule9/291989
[ ]YearbookScheduled for release in '901/261990
[ ]YearbookYesterday's yearbook on its way4/121990
[ ]YearbookYearbook enjoys little support from studentspg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]YearbookSenior class photos not to be in color for next yearbook1:62/51993
[ ]YearbookThe yearbook is here; don't forget to get one3:610/11993
[ ]Yearbook;AwardsThe Witt receives 1st place rank in yearbook critique1:24/261994
[ ]YearbookThe Witt receives 1st place rank in yearbook critique1:24/291994
[ ]Yearbook;AwardsStudent Senate recognizes editor of 1993-94 yearbook and staff14:32/71995
[ ]YearbookWitt staff finalizes yearbook2:4-54/301996
[ ]Yearbook1996-97 yearbook canceled1:29/161997
[ ]YearbookNew Student plans senior memory book1:39/221998
[ ]YearbookPlans for senior memory book abandoned1:512/81998
[ ]YearbookWitt Yearbook revived7:110/51999
[ ]Yearbook; Hunter, Teresa; Andreski, Sarah"The Witt" loses first editor, gains another1:111/301999
[ ]YearbookYearbook to end four year hiatus3:34/142000
[ ]YearbookWhere oh where has the yearbook gone? 2:33/222007