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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]WrestlingMay be introduced here3:310/61933
[ ]WrestlingGrunt and groan boys must conform to regular intercollegiate rules4:31/111950
[ ]WrestlingA sports-eye view3:32/81957
[ ]WrestlingMatmen's season interrupted by finals, next match Jan 305:41/151965
[ ]WrestlingMatmen weakened by losses, but still confident5:12/51965
[ ]WrestlingTiger matmen travel to Capital; next Thursday Tigers host Zips7:32/121965
[ ]WrestlingWittenberg will host Denison grapplers5:32/191965
[ ]WrestlingMatmen train for tournament6:12/261965
[ ]WrestlingWittenberg will host OC wrestling tourney5:33/51965
[ ]WrestlingConclude season 2-78:13/121965
[ ]WrestlingMatmen's season begins Jan 1215:4-51/71966
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers edged by Muskied8:32/111966
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers lost to Dinison6:22/251966
[ ]WrestlingMers' wrestlers get satisfaction in last contest7:43/41966
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers close season with eighth place finish in finals7:43/111966
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers open season here as Tigers meet O. Wesleyan6:41/131967
[ ]WrestlingTiger matmen in second loss to Heidelberg1:51/201967
[ ]WrestlingTiger matmen notch first win6:22/31967
[ ]WrestlingTigers beat CU; to face Denison10:32/171967
[ ]WrestlingYoung team9:212/81967
[ ]WrestlingTie seasonal record with a 6-1 win (pic)8:11/261968
[ ]WrestlingTies heidelberg5:31/261968
[ ]WrestlingTrounce Kenyon6:13/11968
[ ]WrestlingThree place for Witt in OC tournament4:43/291968
[ ]WrestlingFirst match to be Jan 116:311/151968
[ ]WrestlingTwo wins--1 loss at beginning of season8:41/171969
[ ]WrestlingLose matches, win 1 in 8 day period9:62/141969
[ ]WrestlingTeam vies for OC titles in weekend meet (pic)1:32/281969
[ ]WrestlingWittenberg finished eighth in tournament5:33/71969
[ ]WrestlingSeason opened at New Concord against Denison4:11/161970
[ ]WrestlingTigers lose to Wesleyan7:11/231970
[ ]WrestlingWinn over Otterbein, Heidelberg7:11/301970
[ ]WrestlingWin over Earlam, Wooster7:12/61970
[ ]WrestlingLost to Baldwin-Wallace, Akron, won over Denison6:42/131970
[ ]WrestlingWon over Capital 23-167:42/201970
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers take OC championship1:13/131970
[ ]WrestlingWin over Muskingum7;11/211971
[ ]WrestlingLose to Heidelberg 22-13, win over Oberlin, lose to Muskingum6:51/281971
[ ]WrestlingLose to Baldwin-Wallace7:32/41971
[ ]WrestlingWin over Dayton, Baldwin-Wallace. Lose to Denison, Akron15:22/121971
[ ]WrestlingLost to capital7:12/181971
[ ]WrestlingWon over Muskingum, Capital7:31/131972
[ ]WrestlingLost to Dayton Flyers and Mount Union11:51/201972
[ ]WrestlingWin over Muskingum, lose to Heidelberg, win over Otterbein9:11/271972
[ ]WrestlingWin over Wooster, lose to Baldwin-Wallace10:12/31972
[ ]WrestlingWin over Mt. Union7:52/101972
[ ]WrestlingWon over Capitol, Denison10:12/171972
[ ]WrestlingLose to University of Dayton and Mt. Union4:61/111973
[ ]WrestlingLose to Wooster and Baldwin-Wallace4:32/11973
[ ]WrestlingGraplers wrestle two: Wittenberg wins over Oberlin and Denison4:42/81973
[ ]WrestlingWins over Capitol4:52/151973
[ ]WrestlingDallapina hopes for fans5:11/241974
[ ]WrestlingMatmen show total team effort (pic)5:11/311974
[ ]WrestlingMatmen ground Dayton flyer5:12/141974
[ ]WrestlingSuffer 2 losses (pic)5:12/211974
[ ]WrestlingPreview of season5:311/211974
[ ]WrestlingMat record is 1-45:11/161975
[ ]WrestlingDefeated by Wright State (pic)5:41/231975
[ ]WrestlingWin over Capital, Xavier5:12/61975
[ ]WrestlingWin over Findlay and tie with Ohio Wesleyan5:22/131975
[ ]WrestlingTie with Marietta5:72/201975
[ ]WrestlingWitt ends season with a loss5:32/271975
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers wrap up 9th (pic)7:13/61975
[ ]WrestlingHope to improve record5:311/201975
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers pound Xavier6:61/151976
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers defeat Central State5:31/221976
[ ]WrestlingMatmen tie Adrian5:31/291976
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers defeat Capital5:62/51976
[ ]WrestlingMatmen fall to Wesleyan5:42/121976
[ ]WrestlingMatmen win 2 and lose 25:32/191976
[ ]WrestlingEnd season7:62/251976
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers finish eleventh in OAC meet5:33/41976
[ ]WrestlingMcLeod is MVP7:64/81976
[ ]WrestlingWitt hits the mats, Coach Dellapina sizes up team5:31/131977
[ ]WrestlingDefeated by Muskingum & central state5:31/201977
[ ]WrestlingDefeated by Heidelberg, but improving5:61/271977
[ ]WrestlingDefeated capital5:32/31977
[ ]WrestlingDefeat Ohio Wesleyan, but lost to Ohio Northern5:32/101977
[ ]WrestlingMatmen lose to Urbana and Marietta7;32/171977
[ ]WrestlingSet for OAC finals6:32/241977
[ ]WrestlingClose out 10th in OAC5:53/31977
[ ]WrestlingMatmen fall to Musky in opener5:61/131978
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers continue to struggle8:12/31978
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers drop third straight5:62/101978
[ ]WrestlingMatmen win twice, fall to Marietta5:12/171978
[ ]WrestlingMatmen whip UP in last match5:62/241978
[ ]WrestlingMatmen improve place eighth in Ohio Conference5:63/31978
[ ]WrestlingTigers lost to Muskingum 45-26:11/191979
[ ]WrestlingTigers lose to Heidelberg5:51/261979
[ ]WrestlingLose tri-meet to Northern Kentucky Unversity and Wright state5:52/21979
[ ]WrestlingTigers lose to Ohio Wesleyan5:72/91979
[ ]WrestlingTigers defeat Urbana5:52/161979
[ ]WrestlingTigers edged out by Dayton, match information5:52/231979
[ ]WrestlingTigers finish 9th in Ohio Conference Wrestling tournament5:73/21979
[ ]WrestlingLost to central state5:31/111980
[ ]WrestlingLoses to Muskingum and Ohio NOrthern (pic)5:41/181980
[ ]WrestlingLoses to Heidelberg5:51/251980
[ ]WrestlingLoses to wright State and Wilmington, but score a win against Cedarville5:52/11980
[ ]WrestlingDefeats Ohio Wesleyan7:42/81980
[ ]Wrestlingtigers lose to Urbana, but beat Wilmington and Marietta5:42/151980
[ ]WrestlingLose to Capital5:42/221980
[ ]WrestlingFinish eighth in OAC tournament7:52/291980
[ ]WrestlingTeam outlook and scores4:52/131981
[ ]WrestlingAssoc. Professor of Biology, Dr. Shaffer, lends his skills as assistant coach to wrestling team (pic)4:32/271981
[ ]WrestlingCoach Dellapina hoping for a good season. team is young5:51/151982
[ ][Photo];Sports;WrestlingAn opponent "grapples" with one of the Witt wrestlers in a recent match.5:42/51982
[ ]WrestlingHackett calls wrestlers "mediocre" (pic)6:12/31984
[ ]WrestlingWitt wrestlers have high hopes for season9:31/181985
[ ]WrestlingWrestling victors are a "good sign"8:12/81985
[ ]WrestlingTiger wrestlers coming on strong just in time for OAC tourney2/221985
[ ]WrestlingWitt wrestlers fininsh 5th12:13/11985
[ ]WrestlingSeniors lead wrestling1/201989
[ ]WrestlingSeniors Lead Wrestling8:11/201989
[ ]WrestlingInjuries hamper wrestlers2/31989
[ ]WrestlingInjuries Hamper Wrestlers10:32/31989
[ ]WrestlingSpotlight: Wendel Donathan2/101989
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers tune-up2/171989
[ ]WrestlingGrapplers Tune-Up8:12/171989
[ ]WrestlingSenior wrestlers highlight tourney2/241989
[ ]WrestlingSenior Wrestlers Highlight Tourney9:22/241989
[ ]WrestlingSpotlight: Scott Peters3/31989
[ ]WrestlingWrestlers Overcome Setback13:14/71989
[ ]WrestlingCliff Pope snags Title Belt17:14/141989
[ ]WrestlingGropplers' New Coach enthusiastic about challenging season ahead1/121990
[ ]WrestlingWittenberg Groppler has brains to match Brown Bianco Shines at mono-bell classic2/91990
[ ]WrestlingWrestling dropped from athletic program4/271990
[ ]WrestlingWrestling Dropped From Athletic Program14:14/271990
[ ]Wrestling clubWrestling club gives students second chance to play sport6:311/61992
[ ]WrestlingClub wrestles its way into Witt 10:110/52006
[ ]Student Senate; Class of 2009; Class of 2011; Concerts; Music; Pocket Lint; Lawton, Dennis; Donofrio, David; Marian, Mike; A.C. Slater; Bayside Tiger Wrestling SquadAfter so much success, let's hope Post-It will stickNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/15/2007, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/08/2007. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 5:111/152007
[ ]Sports;Olympics;WrestlingSay it Ainít So: Olympics Without Wrestling 7:12/272013
[ ]Roshon, Benjamin;Wittenberg Wrestling Club (WWC);Wrestling;Davis, Robert;Great Lakes Conference;National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA)Students in Process of Forming Wittenberg Wrestling Club 11:12/282018