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[ ]World War I (WWI) War prisoners demand attention; men in camps insane from idleness1:512/141916
[ ]World War I (WWI) Wittenberg men march in patriotic parade1:54/181917
[ ]World War I (WWI) American colleges give $150,000 for prison relief2:34/191917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Local chapter women's service league within America formed here. Mrs. Schneider will organize unit here1:14/191917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Two theological seminary students before Federal Army, were exonerated3:34/191917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Voluntary drill is begun in Wittenberg1:24/191917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Editorial, on country's need of men2:24/261917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Lutherans stand for loyalty to president. Three branches of this denomination issue resolution4:24/261917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Volunteer drill continues on athletic filed3:34/261917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Advise colleges as to war duties2:45/21917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Wittenbergers join officers' training camp at Indianapolis.1:55/31917
[ ]World War I (WWI) 21 Wittenbergers have signed up for farm service this summer1:15/101917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Frats may cooperate; double up to serve meals1:25/101917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Sargeant Clark seeks men for cavalry. Those enlisting will be able to finish school year first1;35/101917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Editorial. Patriotism and enthusiasm2:15/171917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Major Converse advises on part to take in present war situation1:15/171917
[ ]World War I (WWI) More students leave college because of war1:35/171917
[ ]World War I (WWI) Official bulletin of war news to come to library daily. Government issues newspaper with exact war news3:15/171917
[ ]World War I (WWI) A pledge of loyalty2:212/131917
[ ]World War I (WWI) National president of IPA addresses student on war prohibition issue1:43/161918
[ ]World War I (WWI) European relief given by student body to anount of $332.751:111/31921
[ ]World Events; Iraq War (2003- )Witt Students Speak Out about the War in Iraq1:110/82002
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )A Call to Action: Opposition to the President's Iraq Policy3:110/152002
[ ]World News; Protests; Iraq War (2003- )Wittenberg Students Protest War with Iraq7:111/52002
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Clift, Eleanor; Brazaitis, Tom; World Events; Iraq War (2003- )Wittenberg ponders possible war with Iraq1:22/112003
[ ]World News; S.O.I.I.; Iraq War (2003- )Student in opposition to invasion of Iraq organize a peace panel2:12/182003
[ ]World Events; Politics; Iraq War (2003- )Open forum airs concerns over pending Iraqi war1:12/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )American involvement in Iraq necessary7:13/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )Iraqi war: Wittenberg reacts1:23/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )War in Iraq may weaken American alliances7:13/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )Close all with Iraqi civilians11:33/32005
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )Iraq war fades from student activists' focus3:14/82005
[ ]Letters; World Events; Iraq War (2003- )Letter to the Editor: Kerry Siddens, Nichole Williams, Dillon Hollin, Erica Jackson8:14/32008
[ ]"Torch; History of Wittenberg; Football; Edwards, Bill; Kennedy, John F.; Dating; World News"What we wrote4:0111/32010