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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]World NewsEight members of Cleveland City Council indicted by grand jury. Other events cited6;711/31978
[ ]World News;Fay, Michael P.Teen sentenced to twelve lashes for vandalizing cars2:14/261994
[ ]World NewsSituation for East Timor stagnant3:110/51999
[ ]Mexico;Fox, Vicente;World NewsMexico inaugurates rancher-turned politician; new president is first from non-ruling party4:112/52000
[ ]Editorials- World NewsAlumni supports government, remembers Faculty protest at Graduation6:49/182001
[ ]Editorials-World News; College LifeFrom the Senate President's Desk7:49/182001
[ ]World NewsPentagon afterthoughts: a downtown war zone3:19/182001
[ ]Editorials-World NewsStudent speaks for class discussions6:19/182001
[ ]Editorials-World NewsThe Day that words Failed: Refelction on Tragedy in America7:19/182001
[ ]World NewsWittenberg grinds to a halt as nation awakes to worst terrorist strike ever1:19/182001
[ ]World NewsWittenberg interns recall the horror in the nation's capital1:19/182001
[ ]World NewsWittenberg professors analyze terrorist attacks3:49/182001
[ ]World News'Be ready' Bush says to army, Witt panel on terrorism seeks reflection and calls for unity1:19/252001
[ ]World NewsA needed 'hero' reshuffling14:39/252001
[ ]Pizzuli, Jessica; World NewsPizzuli rises to the challenge, leads search and rescue volunteer corps1:49/252001
[ ]Editorials-World NewsShots from the Cupola7:59/252001
[ ]World News; STANDSTAND takes a stab at globolization1:49/252001
[ ]Opinion; World NewsWittenberg strives for understanding after attacks6:19/252001
[ ]World NewsCivil rights and security in troubled times, debate focuses on Individual liberties versus clear and present danger2:110/162001
[ ]Editorials; World NewsComing out of the circle, finally saying what I believe7:410/162001
[ ]Editorials; World NewsCould fall's peace by shattered?7:110/162001
[ ]Editorials; World NewsOpinions Elsewhere6:110/162001
[ ]World News; College LifeDealing with the loss of a dear friend: Peace8:110/302001
[ ]Security Office; World NewsHow to handle anthrax and other biological agent threats6:110/302001
[ ]Editorials; World NewsThinking citizens must act accordingly7:111/62001
[ ]World News; AccidentsWitt faces anthrax scare; Security sounds stern warning about mail handling3:111/62001
[ ]World NewsPutting it all in context since the terrorist attacks; an in depth analysis of the terror, the air strikes and the looming panic of the aftermath2:111/132001
[ ]Community Service; Editorials; Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield; World NewsCoping through community service7:111/202001
[ ]World NewsNew aviation security bill sets high standards2:111/202001
[ ]Editorials; World NewsCount your days, Mr. Bin Laden7:112/42001
[ ]Editorials; World NewsOur country and coping6:212/42001
[ ]World NewsMost Ridiculous News of the Week2:41/292002
[ ]Editorials; World NewsCloning, and Why it Should Continue7:12/52002
[ ]Editorials; World NewsLest We Forget, Can Sept. 11 Happen Again?7:12/192002
[ ]World News; Plummer, Dustin; Green, Abby; Block-Wilkins, EmilyWittenberg Interns Remember the Events of Sept. 113:19/102002
[ ]Editorials-World NewsShots From The Cupola7:49/172002
[ ]Editorials-World NewsFrom the World Policeman to the World Bully7:19/242002
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )A Call to Action: Opposition to the President's Iraq Policy3:110/152002
[ ]World NewsTwo Arrested in Connection with Sniper Attacks1:110/292002
[ ]World NewsThe Sniper Trial Update: Latest News in the Case3:111/52002
[ ]World News; Protests; Iraq War (2003- )Wittenberg Students Protest War with Iraq7:111/52002
[ ]Raimondo, Lois; World NewsWitt Grad Reports from Afghanistan1:111/262002
[ ]World NewsStudents Take a Stand to Make Bush Stand Alone6:11/282003
[ ]World News'Columbia' goes down over TX, eight lost1:42/42003
[ ]World News; EditorialsIn memory of those who flew on Columbia6:12/42003
[ ]World NewsNASA disaster leaves nation speechless and shocked4:12/112003
[ ]World NewsShots From The Cupola7:32/112003
[ ]World News; S.O.I.I.; Iraq War (2003- )Student in opposition to invasion of Iraq organize a peace panel2:12/182003
[ ]World NewsUS protests: No War6:12/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )American involvement in Iraq necessary7:13/252003
[ ]World NewsBush's Shameful War6:13/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )Iraqi war: Wittenberg reacts1:23/252003
[ ]World NewsShots From The Cupola7:43/252003
[ ]World NewsSupport out troups regardless of your opinions of the war and the President6:13/252003
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )War in Iraq may weaken American alliances7:13/252003
[ ]World NewsWhy shouldn't Israel defend itself?7:110/22003
[ ]World NewsSears company honors military-bound emplyees3:111/62003
[ ]World NewsShots From The Cupola7:411/62003
[ ]Jeremiah, Nick; World NewsMiddle East experiences revealed2:23/252004
[ ]World NewsCIA Nominee Vows to Keep Congress Informed4:19/162004
[ ]World NewsFla., La. Residents Prepare to Flee Ivan4:19/162004
[ ]World NewsRussians taken hostage: Professor Hudson reacts1:49/162004
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )Close all with Iraqi civilians11:33/32005
[ ]World News; Iraq War (2003- )Iraq war fades from student activists' focus3:14/82005
[ ]World NewsPope John Paul II succumbs; world mourns3:14/82005
[ ]World NewsPope Juohn Paul II remembered6:14/212005
[ ]World News; KenyaOpen your eyes: Tribal bloodshed continues8:12/72008
[ ]Columbia; Opinion; World NewsTorch's take: Colombian guerilla grows stronger9:12/282008
[ ]New York Times; World News; National NewsThe new Times talk 2:19/182008
[ ]World News; DrugsDrug cartel war is raging on in Mexico5:13/262009
[ ]Religion; Sexuality; Condoms; AIDS; World NewsCriticism of Pope's condom comments13:34/162009
[ ]World NewsMoney on the mind of the G20: London Summit focuses on world economy1:24/162009
[ ]World News; National NewsSeniors, in case you missed it... What happend while you were inside the Wittenberg bubble6:15/72009
[ ]World News; Haiti; O'Rourke, ConorHaiti impacts O'Rourke [Haitian earthquake hits home for Wittenberg's O'Rourke] 3:12/42010
[ ]Campus Life; World News; HaitiThe Torch's take...Apathy finds antidote: Students unite for Haiti 4:12/42010
[ ]World News; HaitiTen Americans detained in Haiti, charged with child abduction 3:12/182010
[ ]World News; ChileEarthquake devestates a Chile reluctant to receive outside assistance 3:43/42010
[ ]Opinion; Religion; World NewsThe Torch's take...Level the playing field: Justice for the Molested 4:14/152010
[ ]World News; National News; From the cradle to college graduates: What's happened since 1987 and 19886-74/292010
[ ]Opinion; World NewsLabels reflect hurt U.S. economy9:019/152010
[ ]"Torch; History of Wittenberg; Football; Edwards, Bill; Kennedy, John F.; Dating; World News"What we wrote4:0111/32010
[ ]Africa; Cellular Telephones; Dating; Editorials; Facebook; Letters; Philanthropy; Rape; Rowell, Katherine; Sellers, Cleveland; Sexism; Sexual Assault; Technology; Wittenberg Series; World NewsLetters to the Editor: raisong awareness at Witt8:0112/82010
[ ]Internet; Technology; World NewsNew insight from WikiLeaks2:0112/82010
[ ]World News; Politics; Egypt; ProtestsA guide to what's happening in Egypt 2:012/162011
[ ]Finance; World News; AutomobilesPressure at the pump increases coming into peak driving season 3:013/222011
[ ]"World News; Politics; el-Qaddafi, Muammar"A crash course in the Libyan civil war Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 2:014/52011
[ ]Editorials; Fashion; World News"Royal Wedding: A ""Real Life"" Fairy Tale" 8:015/32011
[ ]World News; Politics; Obama, Barack; Brooks Hedstrom, Darlene; Religion; Middle EastHistory in the making: University reactions to the killing of bin Laden 1:015/32011
[ ]Bladh, Dr. Kenneth; Finster, David; Food; Food; World News7 Billion Strong: Or Are We? 1:111/92011
[ ]World News; Politics; LibyaLibya’s New Freedom-But At What Price? 9:111/92011
[ ]World News; Syria; PoliticsSyria: Is Intervention Necessary? 2:12/152012
[ ]Finance; World NewsThe Economic Crisis in Europe: Why it poses significant trouble for the U.S. 10:12/152012
[ ]Kony, Joseph; World News; Africa; EditorialsSomething We Can All Agree On? 10:13/212012
[ ]Editorials; World News; Middle East; PoliticsThe U.S. in Afghanistan: Why It Has Been a Mistake 10:13/212012
[ ]World News; Africa; Kony, JosephWitt Students React to Kony 2012 Campaign 3:13/212012
[ ]World News; Religion; PoliticsFrance No Longer Immune to Acts of Terror1:43/282012
[ ]Letters;Editorials; Middle East; World News; Politics; Jensen, Peter;Opinion;Letter to the Editor: Skimming Wikipedia Does Not a Journalist Make 2:14/42012
[ ]Werner, Eric; Study Abroad; World News; PoliticsWanted: One president. Must speak French. 4:14/42012
[ ]Travel;World News;JapanA Tiger Abroad: Safety First, Kids. 6:19/262012
[ ]World News;Global IssuesCurrent Muslim Unrest [Timeline of Muslim Protests] 2:19/262012
[ ]World News;National News;Internet;CensorshipMembers of the Wittenberg Community Respond to "Innocence of Muslims" 2:19/262012
[ ]Syria;World News;Global IssuesWorld News Update: The Conflict in Syria Continues 2:111/142012
[ ]Online Exclusive;World News;PoliticsOpinion – Syria 9/182013
[ ]World News;Global Issues;PoliticsSyria: A Strategic Story 6:49/252013
[ ]Facebook;World News;Social Media;Women;Feminism#BanBossy 6:13/262014
[ ]World News;Russia;UkraineTrouble on the Horizon: Threat of War in the Ukraine 1:33/262014
[ ]Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS);Obama, Barack;World NewsStudents react to the Eradication of ISIS1:39/242014