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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Buildings; Woodlawn Hall; Deaths; Sipe, Hilda; Fires; AccidentsOne killed, one hurt, when Woodlawn Hall burns1:65/171928
[ ]Woodlawn Hallhas special meaning3:11/211955
[ ]Woodlawn HallGives up RHA vote6:12/141974
[ ]Woodlawn HallRemains in the RHA fold1:22/211974
[ ]Woodlawn HallRenovations in lounge complete (pic only)1:210/101980
[ ]Ghosts; Woodlawn HallGone and almost forgotten 8:14/132006
[ ]Ghosts; Woodlawn HallWoodlawn ghost, mystery student: What ever happened to Hilda Sipes 4:14/262007
[ ]Residence Halls; Tower Hall; Ferncliff Hall; New Residence Hall (2006); Woodlawn Hall; Polis House; Firestine HallResidence halls in for big changes for 08-09 school year 6:14/32008
[ ]"Residence Halls; Woodlawn Hall; Health; Faculty and Staff; DeVilbiss, Mark"Students find mold in dorm rooms 3:012/22011
[ ]"Residence Halls; Woodlawn Hall; Catania, Sam; Pence, Erica"Cockroaches invade basement of Woodlawn 1:014/122011
[ ]"Residence Halls; Woodlawn Hall; DeVilbiss, Mark"No More reports of cockroaches in Woodlawn2:024/192011
[ ]Area Coordinator (AC);Woodlawn Hall;Polis House;New Residence Hall (2006);Residence Life;Residence Halls;Residence Assistants (RAs);[Photo]Say Hello to the New Area Coordinator 3:12/32016