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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Words of praise for the paper29:21/11874
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Resolution passed to have four editors, furnished by Theological and senior class100:112/11875
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)A plea to the alumni for support to make the college journal a success, financially and otherwise132:1-24/11876
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Plea for literary support48:112/11878
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Theological Dept. and the societies to elect editors130:1-24/11879
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)To be published weekly. Policy listed1:1-29/241895
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Editorial policy stated. Four pages added19/221896
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Prove that it pays for businesses to advertise in the Wittenberger11:1-29/291896
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Wittenberg coeds to publish one issue a year261:24/131897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition301-3105/111897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy explained1:1-29/251897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Productions of literary merit for the societies to be printed55:110/301897
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Literary societies urged to elect capable editors291:15/71898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy4:1-29/241898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)YWCA number11/121898
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Kind words by way of criticism2:211/191898
[ ]Editorials; Wittenberger (newspaper)The College Paper [call for editorial changes]4:12/181899
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition4/111899
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Women's edition2774/161902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Dr. J. Calvin Kauffman one of first editors and publishers of the paper324:25/71902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Staff of 1902 (pic)3606/41902
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)With this issue, paper becomes official college publication1:1-29/151910
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy stated4:110/201910
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Girl's number4/131911
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Low subscription rates given2:39/271911
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)What and why? The college paper.4:2-39/271911
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)General condemnation and appreciation expressed by alumni to editorial staff2:310/251911
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)An attack, instigated by personal malice, launched against paper82:1-210/301912
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Congratulatory letters received from alumni88:310/301912
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)The 1913-1914 publications will be semi-monthly due to lack of funds from advertising4:1-210/21913
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Alumni issue2/191914
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Policy and program reviewed4:1-310/141914
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Co-ed number5/131915
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)Joins with the "Torch" to publish "Torch" only this year4:110/211915
[ ]Wittenberger (newspaper)In 1873 found the first bona fide newspaper established. It thrived until 1884 when the first weekly on the campus appeared, called the "Stylus". The Wittenberger was revived after 25 issues of the Stylus were published3:69/221927