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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Greater Wittenberg FundGreater Wittenberg Fund names two chairmen1:310/211966
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundDrive doubles quota; 13 students to gain benefits1:15/91969
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundWittenberg opens fund drive. Goal is set at $25,0008:14/171970
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundDrive reached its goal. $25,160.63 pledged5:410/171970
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundDrive to run from April 136:13/51971
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundSets goal of $25,000 by April 163:44/11971
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundEditorial2:14/81971
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundWCSF Week3:14/81971
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundIn its third year7:11/271972
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundDrive on to raise funds for student scholarships5:32/151973
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundThe week of April 28 is the period for personal solicitation2:64/121973
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundCarnival marks 5th year1:54/261973
[ ]Wittenberg Community Scholarship FundReaching for $25,000 goalNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:54/151975
[ ]Wittenberg FundPhone-a-thon4:34/151983
[ ]Wittenberg FundPhonathon helps Fund2:110/181991
[ ]Wittenberg FundPhonathon is helping the university raise funds from alumni and parents2:410/301992
[ ]Wittenberg FundPhonathon raises funds and provides jobs for students1:210/191993
[ ]Wittenberg FundWitt fund 22 percent over last year's dollar amount1:44/111995
[ ]Wittenberg fundingStudents express concern over university spending3:1-51/301996
[ ]Student Employment; Wittenberg Fund; Strah, NikkiWhat itís Like to Work at Witt: The Witt Fund 5:14/42012