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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir slates "Messiah" for Jan. 81:611/111977
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir plans Russian tour6:42/31978
[ ]Wittenberg Bell ChoirChoir's voice "rings" out4:72/101978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirMembers stage 24 hour dance marathon to raise money for tour of Europe/Russia4:54/71978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir to perform on April 164:44/141978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir performs 'for you'1:55/121978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirTour in Russia, general information, comments (pic)4:19/221978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirSpringfield Symphony and Choirs to present Bach's B-Minor mass6:74/271979
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir & Springfield symphony to present Bach's B-Minor Mass6:74/271979
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirTo put on variety show "The Sound of Music" (pic)1:45/111979
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirUsed for TV commercial during Christmas season (pic)6:51/221982
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirMyers cites choir variety show "best" ever (pic)5:110/291982
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir tour cancelled4:11/211983
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirVariety show brightens parents' weekend blues5:1010/251985
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir plans spring tour10:82/141986
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWittenberg Choir returns from weekend retreat10:12/61987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirPfalzgraf, Dotson making plans for spring choir tour of the Southeast United States14:12/131987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt choir to present variety show8:110/301987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir enjoys retreat2/31989
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir travels east4:12/231990
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirAs part of spring break concert seires, choir members perform in Florida1:54/101992
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Bach ChoirBach choir to sing cantatas for Wittenberg Series8:110/21992
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir tours in southern Florida8:1-54/21996
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir Tour spreads music to the South over Spring Break 3:43/222007
[ ]Music; Wittenberg Choir; ChoirWittenberg's Choir Midwestern tour3:13/52009
[ ]Music; Wittenberg Choir;Witt choir to travel the nation 1:53/42010
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Music DepartmentWittenberg Choir to Perform at OMEA 2012 1:110/122011
[ ]Busarow, Donald;Music Department;Wittenberg ChoirWiittenbergs Mourns Passing of Dr. Busarow 5:411/22011
[ ]Music;Choir;Students Abroad;Wittenberg, GermanyWittenberg Choir in Germany [Wittenberg Choir Abroad] 5:19/52012
[ ]Music;Wittenberg Choir;Con, AdamWittenberg Choir Performs with United States Air Force Band [The Wittenberg Choir Showcases Their Talent and Quality Through Performance with the United States Air Force Band] 1:412/52012
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Fonza, Frances;[Photo]Wittenberg Choir Returns from Spring Break Tour 5:13/252015
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Spring Break;Zinter, Eric;[Photos]Wittenberg Choir Spends Spring Break on Tour 7:13/232016
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Reviews;[Photo]Wittenberg Choir Variety Show 10:19/282016