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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center3:110/101958
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center moves to 28 W. Madison Ave.4:312/171959
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth centerNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:31/121961
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center4:19/221961
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center opens1:11/121962
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterServices and fees at Health Center described6:49/261980
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHead nurse named: Kathleeen M. Pense2:69/251981
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center requests students to return borrowed items; doctor's hours mentioned2:610/301981
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterAging without aspirin (pic)6:19/281984
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center budget cuts are being noticed (pic)15:13/11985
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center offers people more3:24/41985
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center enlists two doctors2:1410/41985
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterViruses Appear4:11/131989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterEating disorders hit WU, other campuses2/171989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center expands, includes counseling2/171989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center Expands, Includes Counseling4:42/171989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center Treats Common Ills1:12/171989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterMeasles outbreak hits Witt student body5/51989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterMeasles Outbreak Hits Wittenberg Student Body1:15/51989
[ ]AIDS; Health and Wellness CenterAIDS spreading on U.S. Campuses1:35/261989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWitt Women Students Are Offered Examinations By Hospital Internist5:19/291989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth center doesn't dispense birth control2:110/131989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center Dosen't Dispense Birth Control2:110/131989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterG-1 Flu bug spreads on campus10/271989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterG-I Flu `Bug' Spreads On Campus3:210/271989
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center programs offer help1/121990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center Programs Offer Help4:11/121990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterInfluenza strikes again1/261990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterInfluenza Strikes Again3:11/261990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness center's programming succeeds4/61990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center's Programming Succeeds3:14/61990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterMeasles poses threat to pregnant5/181990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterMale Counselor Is Hiredpg. 12, co9/281990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterAlcohol and Eating Disorders Awareness Programspg. 5, col10/121990
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center claims Torch misprintspg. 3, col1/251991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center creates new positions for studentspg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterStudents need access to crisis counseling8:39/201991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center Director addresses student concerns11:110/41991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterAlcohol awareness programs scheduled5:110/111991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterNew doctors bring team effort to students5:110/111991
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterAIDS education program progressing 'slowly'2:311/81991
[ ]Peer counseling program; Health and Wellness CenterNew peer counseling program offers help2:19/251992
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterWellness Center changes made1:210/91992
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterCough, cough, sniffle, sneeze. Does anyone have a kleenex?3:310/231992
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterPeer counselors now available to assist and help students in adjusting to all facets of college life.2:411/131992
[ ]Fraser, Bonnie; Health and Wellness CenterFraser departs Wittenberg with fond memories of past four years2:31/151993
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterPeer counselors on Wittenberg campus encourage students2:31/151993
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterLauffeneeger hired to replace Fraser in the Wellness Center2:31/221993
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterConcern over STD's prompt address by Dr. Elyssa DelValle2:12/191993
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterHealth Center: valuable resource or waste of time? 1:11/252007
[ ]Health and Wellness CenterMRSA outbreak presents danger to students3:111/82007
[ ]Health and Wellness Center"Creeping crud" invades campus this winter2:12/142008
[ ]Health and Wellness Center; Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)Love is in the air, and HPV is on our minds7:12/122009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness CenterCampus battles H1N12:49/102009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness Center H1N1 makes debut on Witt's campus2:310/152009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness CenterCampus H1N1 update3:110/292009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness CenterH1N1: Priorities first9:111/52009
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness Center"Hello fall, hello flu season"2:0110/62010
[ ]Health; Health and Wellness Center; AdviceSick So Soon: What’s Got Everyone Sniffling? 1:19/282011
[ ]Health;Health and Wellness Center;McKee, KathrynTiger Doc: Free STI Testing and Treatment Can Prevent Permanent Condition 9:11/312012
[ ]Health;McKee, Kathryn;Health and Wellness CenterTiger Doc: Alleviating Allergies 4:44/182012
[ ]Health; McKee, Kathryn; Health and Wellness CenterFlu Season Starts Early, Hits Hard 2:11/232013
[ ]Health;Health and Wellness Center;Applin, Shirelle;Tiger Doc:Meet Your New Doc!6:49/112013
[ ]Yontz, Erin;Health and Wellness CenterErin Yontz Leaves Wittenberg Health Center Online3/22016
[ ]Contraception;Health and Wellness CenterWord on the Street: What is your opinion on the Health Center contraception issue? 2:13/232016
[ ]Health, Wellness, & Athletics Complex (HWA) ;Williams, Gary;Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC);HPERC Facilities and FieldsUpdate on the New Health, Wellness & Athletics Complex 12:110/112017