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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryAstronomical building will be erected upon the campus next year. Complete observatory with ten-inch telescope have been gifts to college1:16/61917
[ ]Weaver Observatory$5,000 gift aids in construction1:511/81917
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryWork to begin on new building soon (pic)11/91930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryGround broken for new building1:74/101930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryGroundbreaking1:74/101930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryObservatory, large telescope near completion1:49/181930
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryClasses begin in new building1:62/51931
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryNewest building open for student inspection1:24/301931
[ ]Weaver ObservatorySecrets of building exposed4:15/31946
[ ]Weaver ObservatorySun, moon, and stars3:112/101954
[ ]Weaver Observatory;Wylie, Lloyd R.Blue Moon Beams5:310/311958
[ ]Weaver ObservatoryDigital camera added to Weaver Observatory3:310/61998
[ ]Weaver observatoryMoon gazing4:49/302004