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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Student VolunteersThere are 16 volunteers104:14/11891
[ ]Student VolunteersVolunteer Band held meeting1662/51898
[ ]Student VolunteersFourth international convention of the Student Volunteer Movement in Toronto1331/151902
[ ]Student VolunteersVolunteer Mission leaders conference is expected to enhance interest16:210/181911
[ ]Student VolunteersBand prepars ment to preach Christianity to a benighted Heathendom11:12/71912
[ ]Student VolunteersCalls best brain and brawn of country to missionary service11:12/211912
[ ]Student VolunteersBerger and Leonard attended student volunteer union at Muskingum College1:31/81917
[ ]Student VolunteersConvention discussed by delegates in Y.M.C.A.1:42/81917
[ ]Student VolunteersVolunteers are from central and Southern Ohio colleges gather at Springfield1:53/141918
[ ]Student VolunteersDelegates from 11 colleges attend Witt. meeting1:13/211918
[ ]Student VolunteersMet in Des Moines. 7,00 students gather1:41/151920
[ ]Student VolunteersD. Zwemmer speaks on Islam. Robert Speer, Sherwood Eddy address the convention3:31/221920
[ ]Student VolunteersStudent band studies field and work of missions3:43/181920
[ ]Student VolunteersHolds interesting meetings6:411/241920
[ ]Student VolunteersFalse notions of student life about 50 years ago2:44/71921
[ ]Student VolunteersIts aim is set forth2:29/221921
[ ]Student VolunteersStudent Volunteers Hold International Convention [Ninth International Convention held Dec. 28, 1923 to Jan. 1, 1924 at Indianapolis]1:21/101924
[ ]Student Volunteers; Cronk, Mrs. E.C.Students are to be Guests of Wittenberg; Mrs. Cronk of Philadelphia Heads List of Speakers for Convention [Student Volunteer Union of Southern Ohio, Held at Wittenberg]1:12/211924
[ ]Student Volunteers12 students in active missionary work4:61/131927
[ ]Student VolunteersWittenberg sends 18 to Detroit student parley1:112/151927
[ ]Student VolunteersReturned delegates plan to hold international student discussions5:31/121928
[ ]Student VolunteersTo open series of international group discussions1:61/191928
[ ]VolunteersWitt helps in Xenia [with recovery from Tornado]1:64/101974
[ ]Alpha Tau Omega; Gamma Phi Beta; Volunteersbecome big brothers and big sisters to 20 children through Springfield organization6:55/21980
[ ][Photos]; Promise Neighborhood; Student Volunteers; Day of Service Brings Springfield Together4:39/182013
[ ]Springfield Peace Center;Shouvlin Center;Volunteers;[Photo]Sweetness of Peace 5:12/172016