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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]VietnamCampus to discuss war and nation's college protest policy1:210/291965
[ ]VietnamPanelists analyze the war1:411/51965
[ ]Vietnamto focus on U.S. in Vietnam1:110/291966
[ ]Vietnamslights topic of sex; discussion focuses on freedom1:12/241967
[ ]VietnamThe Role of the student to be topic of third1:14/141967
[ ]VietnamFinal forum will review new program8:25/51967
[ ]VietnamCourse offered on non-credit basis3:21/121968
[ ]VietnamSubject "A Service of Witness in Time of War" to be given in Weaver Chapel3:32/91968
[ ]VietnamStudents strike for peace in day-long activities.1:44/261968
[ ]VietnamStudents strike for peace in day-long activities. (pic)55/31968
[ ]VietnamU.S. campus leaders declare war unjust and immoral3:45/101968
[ ]VietnamVietnam moratorium to be observed Oct. 15, 19691:110/101969
[ ]VietnamViewed by Wittenberg. Gets mixed reactions4:110/251969
[ ]VietnamWittenberg joins nationwide Nov. 15th Moratorium1:111/71969
[ ]VietnamJohn Gilligan U.S. Representative from Ohio, speaker1:111/141969
[ ]VietnamPublic opinion survey4:111/211969
[ ]VietnamStudents join rally in Washington, D.C.1:311/211969
[ ]VietnamSpringfield joins effort4:512/51969
[ ]Vietnamese studentsNha Thuc, a freshman, spoke about Vietnam for international exposition week6:510/201978
[ ]Vietnamese studentsNha Thuc To is enjoying Wittenberg (pic)6:11/251980