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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]VeteransVeteran enrollment 34; Matthies expects more4:510/51945
[ ]VeteransMarried vets will inhabit Woodlawn1:31/181946
[ ]VeteransMarried vets will inhabit Woodlawn5:22/151946
[ ]VeteransG.I. trailer homes quickly filled1:13/221946
[ ]VeteransCollege assigned added housing1:55/171946
[ ]VeteransTemporary dorms occupied1:49/201946
[ ]VeteransMatthies states FPHA situation1:112/201946
[ ]VeteransFigures show that vets are sticking1:111/61947
[ ]VeteransSubsistence raise anticipated1:11/141948
[ ]VeteransMost vetshere will gain from new law1:32/251948
[ ]VeteransAfter two years1:23/41948
[ ]VeteransAfter two years: trailer life still cramped and crazy4:33/41948
[ ]VeteransCllege takes over titles of housing units3:59/221948
[ ]Veterans; Morse, EarlSpringfield resident honors WWII veternas with Honor Flight3:110/252007
[ ]Goins, DaVante;Veterans;Homeless in AmericaWitt Student Helps Give Homes for Homeless Veterans 4:12/52014