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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Model United Nations ClubDr. Jeffre Mao and eight students to take part in a U.N. simulation at Harvard1:12/201975
[ ]Model United Nations ClubUnited Nations Club plans to compete9:310/251991
[ ]Model United Nations ClubModel United Nations attended by 10 delegates1:25/151992
[ ]Model United Nations ClubStudents learn importance of UN's role in maintaining peace2:511/61992
[ ]Model United Nations ClubWittenberg among colleges to send delegates to United Nations2:12/261993
[ ]Model United Nations ClubWittenberg's United Nations club performs well at National Conference in New York1:44/301993
[ ]Circle K; College Life; Model United Nations Club; Student ActivitiesWhere it's at: It's never too late to join another club7:3-510/81996
[ ]Model United Nations ClubUnited Nations Club promotes global awareness6:112/91997
[ ]Model United Nations ClubU.N. Club to attend New York, Harvard conference2:411/241998
[ ]Model United Nations ClubModel UN sends delegates to Harvard2:32/231999
[ ]Model United Nations ClubModel UN travels to New York City2:34/231999
[ ]Model United Nations ClubModel UN club, professors discuss East Timor situation2:39/281999
[ ]Model United Nations ClubModel U.N. club exciting hands-on learning experience for Witt students7:14/142000
[ ]Model United Nations ClubPolitics and Pizza: Not Just For Political Science Majors8:110/82002
[ ]Springer, Steph; Model United Nations ClubA midwest girl holding her own against the coasts 8:14/102008