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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Union Boardto present Dick Schory and unique musical sound of Percussion Pops (pic)1:13/11968
[ ]Union BoardElect new officers for 1971-727:34/221971
[ ]Union BoardDale Riley, new president, said that aim is for better communications (pic)6:32/241972
[ ]Union BoardReorganized1:410/251973
[ ]Union BoardSponsors religious film - "Marjoe"4:411/151973
[ ]Union BoardNew leadership; Rick McDonald inherits Dale Riley's UB gavel1:41/171974
[ ]Union BoardStudents will pay for UB activities (pic)6:11/171974
[ ]Union BoardBooking process difficult1:45/161974
[ ]Union BoardSurveys options5/301974
[ ]Union BoardCoffee House closes1:410/171974
[ ]Union BoardJeff Jadel named president6:111/211974
[ ]Union BoardInterviews for positions4:21/161975
[ ]Union BoardSponsors film classics1:41/161975
[ ]Union BoardBeatles flick4:13/61975
[ ]Union BoardSponsors concert45/81975
[ ]Union BoardVisit a real zoo4:65/231975
[ ]Union BoardCommander Cody to play for Homecoming1:710/91975
[ ]Union BoardSponsors American film experience5:41/151976
[ ]Union BoardBeatles weekend launches spring term activities1:23/41976
[ ]Union BoardOfficers attend convention6:14/81976
[ ]Union BoardPresents Odetta4:24/81976
[ ]Union BoardMelissa Manchester in concert1:14/151976
[ ]Union BoardManchester actively pursues optimism6:34/291976
[ ]Union BoardBrass Construction: nation's number one1:65/61976
[ ]Union BoardLeaders stress student support1:19/301976
[ ]Union BoardUB committee4:111/41976
[ ]Union BoardFree concert offer prompts UB debate1:11/201977
[ ]Union BoardBooking top-quality concerts isn't easy6:22/31977
[ ]Union BoardHolds computer matched dance4:12/101977
[ ]Union BoardWitt to participate in the Arts program1:12/241977
[ ]Union Board; Wittenberg Christian Fellowship (WCF)WCF/UB features cultural film series6:110/71977
[ ]Union BoardUB concert series tries to please listeners6:310/141977
[ ]Union BoardUB elects new officers1:510/141977
[ ]Union BoardUB now efficient selective group (pic)6:310/281977
[ ]Union BoardUB plans activities4:110/281977
[ ]Union BoardUB officers speak out6:111/41977
[ ]Union BoardConcerts announced (pic)6:311/111977
[ ]Union BoardUB holds final meeting of term1:211/111977
[ ]Union BoardConcerts cancelled1:72/31978
[ ]Union BoardProfs to get in all UB activites free10:22/31978
[ ]Union BoardUB finalizes plans for concert6:12/101978
[ ]Union BoardUB airs coming events6:44/141978
[ ]Union BoardUB contemplates program overhaul1:24/211978
[ ]Union Boardto face changes, revisions for many committees1:15/51978
[ ]Union BoardAnnounces upcoming events1:49/221978
[ ]Union BoardList of new officers for next year.2:89/291978
[ ]Union BoardTo host a dance in the hollow6:710/61978
[ ]Union BoardPlans for homecoming weekend activities finalized, public relations liason committee with faculty approved, information cited6:510/131978
[ ]Union BoardCo-sponsoring Halloween Dance with CBS6:110/201978
[ ]Union BoardPresents mini-concert featuring Peter Alsop, Saturday.6:310/201978
[ ]Union BoardTerminates officers; other activities announced4;711/31978
[ ]Union BoardInducts 30 members1:51/191979
[ ]Union BoardUpcoming events announced6;&1/261979
[ ]Union BoardActivities and speakers announced4;72/21979
[ ]Union BoardTo sponsor joke contest; other activites3:32/161979
[ ]Union BoardFour officers attended the National Convention in Kansas City. Activities announced4;12/231979
[ ]Union BoardTo present Mark Lane, attorney for Jimmy Jones4:13/21979
[ ]Union BoardLivingston Taylor to perform April 113:13/91979
[ ]Union BoardLivingston Taylor concert discussed along with other topics6:54/61979
[ ]Union BoardSets frisbee Day6:74/271979
[ ]Union BoardBudgets for major concerts3:35/41979
[ ]Union BoardAnnounced fall line-up of events (pic)1:39/221979
[ ]Union BoardOrganizes events for the fall4:69/291979
[ ]Union BoardNew officers elected2:110/51979
[ ]Union BoardLarge crowd anticipated for speaker, Alexander Ginsburg6:110/121979
[ ]Union Boarddiscusses upcoming concert and other business6:310/191979
[ ]Union BoardAlcohol policy is discussed6;110/261979
[ ]Union BoardSponsoring "Video Awareness Week"4:511/21979
[ ]Union BoardFirst meeting under new officers5:111/91979
[ ]Union BoardChange in movies was made3:11/111980
[ ]Union BoardMaking plans for winter term6:41/111980
[ ]Union BoardDiscusses upcoming events6:51/181980
[ ]Union BoardList of events scheduled for February3:31/251980
[ ]Union BoardNew members selected3:12/11980
[ ]Union BoardDiscusses upcoming events6:42/81980
[ ]Union BoardPlanning spring music festival4:42/151980
[ ]Union BoardDiscusses upcoming events6:32/221980
[ ]Union BoardTrying to get a wider focus to interest all students6:12/291980
[ ]Union BoardLooking for a new band6:54/41980
[ ]Union BoardSponsoring Dr. Benjamin Hooks, president of the NAACP; Dan Kamin, a mime; a James Bond film festival; Tuesdays-for-fun program; final festival; and Harry Walker, guitarist6:44/181980
[ ]Union Board; Waller, HarryUpcoming plans: Harry Waller, Weekend Festival, Weekend movies1:24/251980
[ ]Union BoardFilm "The Turning Point"4:45/21980
[ ]Union BoardEvents set for final festivities weekend8:55/91980
[ ]Union BoardA variety of entertainment is planned for this term6:19/261980
[ ]Union BoardDave Mason and upcoming show1:210/241980
[ ]Union BoardUpcoming events, including Jeff Lorber, jazz musician3:12/61981
[ ]Union BoardSponsoring "Fusion" and a mystery movie1:12/131981
[ ]Union BoardSponsors "race track betting" game for movie2:32/271981
[ ]Union Board"Taxi Driver" and "Creature from the Black Lagoon" to be shown3:15/81981
[ ]Union BoardGeneral fall schedule of entertainers, speakers and movies announced6:410/21981
[ ]Union BoardPres. Kline dismissed after mistakes were made in the procedure of financing a band1:310/161981
[ ]Liddy, G. Gordon; Union BoardMixed opinions about Liddy's visit to campus expressed by students and faculty1:410/231981
[ ]Union BoardSponsoring a halloween day mini-marathon2:610/301981
[ ]Union BoardCBS & UB combined efforts to bring Spyro Gyra to campus (pic)1:11/221982
[ ]Union Board;McCarthy, KathyUB offers dance, exercise5:52/51982
[ ]Union BoardLeuci to speak on NYPD experienced8:19/241982
[ ]Union BoardCity Cop reveals the "inside" story4:110/11982
[ ]Union BoardProgramming quality may go up4:110/81982
[ ]Union BoardCampus alternative to cabin fever7:11/281983
[ ]Union BoardSpring programming shaping up912/181983
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board seeks improved faculty relations4:12/181983
[ ]Union BoardUB questions funding process1:13/41983
[ ]Hoffman, Abbie; Union BoardHoffman: Founding YippieNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/15/1983, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/30/-0001. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 9:24/151983
[ ]Union BoardBand coming soon (pic)10:14/221983
[ ]Huey Lewis and the News; Union Board; ConcertsUnion Board sponsored band coming soon10:14/221983
[ ]Union BoardSponsors dessert theatre5:14/291983
[ ]Union BoardShows you a good time9:15/61983
[ ]Union BoardBrings spring10:15/131983
[ ]Union BoardOn the runNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:49/71983
[ ]Union BoardFallfest shakes the trees7:19/231983
[ ]Union BoardSuccess10:111/111983
[ ]Union Board[Marathon] success!10:111/111983
[ ]Union BoardPlans '84 activites (pic)4:11/131984
[ ]Union Board"Student Nights" need talent1:11/201984
[ ]Union BoardLetter spurs action1:24/201984
[ ]Union BoardNew officers "want to take the UB somewhere", says Kohl10:19/281984
[ ]Union BoardUB Highlights union board weekd8:29/281984
[ ]Union BoardUB serves up Fallfest8:19/281984
[ ]Union BoardUnion Lounge is stage for music video7:49/281984
[ ]Union BoardUB brings class act9:14/191985
[ ]Union BoardButterflies, snakes, and Bulldozers: Fall Fest UB style2:910/41985
[ ]Union BoardUB on the move; tkaing new members2:810/41985
[ ]Union BoardDC cops air band title3:710/111985
[ ]Union BoardUB donates $2500 to series10:52/141986
[ ]Union BoardBands war tonight1:33/61987
[ ]Union BoardThrill of Victory in "Battle"12:14/151988
[ ]Union BoardThrill of Victory in 'Battle'12:14/151988
[ ]Union BoardSponsors drive-in movie13:110/71988
[ ]Union BoardUB Sponsors Drive-In Movie13:110/71988
[ ]Union BoardESP performer10/281988
[ ]Union BoardWinterfest successful1/131989
[ ]Union BoardFolk Musician to play1/201989
[ ]Union BoardPlot twists and a new hero make move a success4/141989
[ ]Union BoardChampion pool player will face union board tournament winner4/211989
[ ]Union BoardJiangxi Troupe will rise to the top4/211989
[ ]Union BoardPeking acrobats dazzle audience5/121989
[ ]Union BoardTalent abounds during music video traxx8:39/221989
[ ]Union Board"Suitable, Superbly funny"10/61989
[ ]Union Board`Suitably, Superby Funny'7:310/61989
[ ]Union BoardUB brings Kane "Jason" Hodder to perform stunts8:310/131989
[ ]Union BoardUB week slated8:410/131989
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board Brings Kane `Jason' Hodder To Perform Stunts8:310/131989
[ ]Union BoardWitt Students Privileged -- Squeeze Stops Once In Ohio7:310/271989
[ ]Union BoardACME vocals receives standing ovation1/121990
[ ]Union BoardCollege life collaborates1/261990
[ ]Union BoardRoe v. Wade attorney coming to Wittenberg Thursday2/21990
[ ]Union BoardWeddington recaps "Roe v. Wade"2/161990
[ ]Union BoardU.B. Presents Clean Comedy1:54/121990
[ ]Union BoardUB presents clean comedy: UB presents clan comedy1:54/121990
[ ]Union BoardAuthorized personnel comedy back5/41990
[ ]Union BoardUb brings Jazz for Parent's Weekend5/41990
[ ]Union BoardUB Has Student Night In Pub6:45/41990
[ ]Union BoardUB has student night in the pub5/41990
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board Brings Jazz For Parents Weekend6:15/41990
[ ]Union BoardUB finals has raiders in Myers Hollow5/181990
[ ]Union BoardWittstock to be "Event of the year" on campus5/181990
[ ]Union BoardWitt Leaders Bell & Board Given Honors1:15/251990
[ ]Union Board10,000 Maniacs Set Wittenberg Concertpg. 6, col9/281990
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board Schedules Entertaining Weekpg. 6, col9/281990
[ ]Union BoardFormer Second City Star to Perform at Wittpg. 6, col10/121990
[ ]Union Board'Skippy' Reminisces '60s, '70s, And Todaypg. 3, col10/261990
[ ]Union BoardAudience Treated To Mind-Boggling Showpg. 2, col10/261990
[ ]Union BoardWitt Anticipates 10,000 Maniacs With Mixed Reactiopg. 9, col10/261990
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board committee denied Senate funding;pg. 1, col1/251991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board to sponsor Suitcase Dancepg. 9, col2/81991
[ ]Union BoardFriday night comedy series becomes Witt traditionpg. 9, col4/51991
[ ]Union BoardUnforgettable sound of Beatles will be heard inpg. 8, col4/51991
[ ]Student Union Advisory BoardProposal for Student Center Advisory Board delayedpg. 3, col4/261991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board shows the newest movies at half thepg. 4, col4/261991
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Union BoardLauziere scheduled to preform in the CDR on Parentpg. 9, co.5/31991
[ ]Union BoardWeingrad to lecture about the history of 'Saturdaypg. 9, col5/101991
[ ]Student Union Advisory BoardFirst SCAB meeting a failurepg. 2, col5/171991
[ ]Union BoardFloorwax entertains studentspg. 7, col5/241991
[ ]Union Board'New Jack City' depicts drug world6:39/201991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board announces the fall line up for activities on campus7:19/201991
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board has change of plans, concentrates on Homecoming7:49/271991
[ ]Union BoardBhundu boys rock at Witt9:410/111991
[ ]Union BoardJerry and the Juveniles to perform at Witt7:41/241992
[ ]Union BoardMurder at Wittenberg!7:32/141992
[ ]Union BoardCoffeehouse entertainer of the year plays in pub9:54/101992
[ ]Union BoardCoffeehouse is a lot of entertainment8:14/101992
[ ]Union BoardTalented New York musician brings progressive music to Wittenberg campus8:24/101992
[ ]Union BoardUnique sounds of Violent Femmes to entertain music lovers8:15/11992
[ ]Union Board'Two-fisted art attack' painter to display talent10:35/81992
[ ]Union BoardViolent Femmes heat up campus7:55/81992
[ ]Union Board'Atypical' band to play in hollow7:45/151992
[ ]Union BoardWittstock festival arrives once again7:65/151992
[ ]Union BoardWitt in throes of uptown series8:49/251992
[ ]Union Board; Jazz SeriesJazz, brass groups to swing monthly in Witt Commons8:610/21992
[ ]Union BoardPoundstone stands up to entertain Wittenberg campus11:510/91992
[ ]Union BoardChinese Magic Revue performs acrobatic feats8:410/301992
[ ]Union BoardKho-Thi dance a celebration of survival and future7:41/291993
[ ]Union BoardOvercrowding forces changes in movie admittance policies1:44/91993
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board books Blues Traveler to perform 3 1/2hour concert7:44/91993
[ ]Union BoardCohesion Jazz Ensemble to play in Commons11:15/71993
[ ]Union BoardA few good seats left after Union Board confusion1:25/141993
[ ]Union BoardGilbert Godfried to perform in HPERC7:19/241993
[ ]Union Board; MusicHaitian music group to play in CDR tonight7:49/241993
[ ]Union BoardActress Dale Stein coming to Witt7:410/121993
[ ]Union BoardActivities planned by Union Board brighten Witt4:31/181994
[ ]Union BoardLaughing until it hurts: Comedian Maryellen Hooper10:22/11994
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board Lively Arts Series continues with the energetic Urban Bush Women10:12/151994
[ ]Union BoardDawn of the Dreads: Arrested Development will appear at Witt12:44/121994
[ ]Union Board'Backstage at Seinfeld's' offers one an inside look10:34/191994
[ ]Union BoardA.D. rocks the HPERC with it's hip-hop 'life music'12:15/61994
[ ]Union BoardUnion board budget reduced due to small turnout at past events1:210/41994
[ ]Homecoming; Union BoardWitt awaits Second City coming13:110/111994
[ ]Union BoardAcademics, lack of interest shrink board membership1:410/181994
[ ]Union BoardU.B. interested in recruiting, earning a better reputation1:311/11994
[ ]Union BoardToad and Hootie: 'sing-along campfire quality music'13:11/71995
[ ]Union BoardHootie & Toad to perform9:12/211995
[ ]Union BoardUB Toad and Hootie concert a night to remember6:14/111995
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board's joke-off turns that frown upside down9:1-31/301996
[ ]Union Board; Student Services; College BowlWittenberg freshman win College Bowl, advance to regionals in Michigan8:12/131996
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board unveils fall plans3:19/231997
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board trying to bring Sandler6:19/301997
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board tires to land Adam Sandler1:110/71997
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board restructures6:310/281997
[ ]Union BoardUB changes movie format9:411/181997
[ ]Union BoardWith Union Board, never a dull moment2:112/91997
[ ]Union BoardCarrot Top guaranteed to enliven campus Saturday3:42/31998
[ ]Union BoardBudget restrics spring concert selection2:32/241998
[ ]Union BoardIndigo Girls' cancel show; double booked by agent3:33/171998
[ ]Union BoardWittfest moved to Stoughton lawn, day features diverse new activities1:24/281998
[ ]Union BoardA Tribe Called Quest visits Wittenberg on final tour8:19/221998
[ ]Union BoardEnthusiasm marks A Tribe Called Quest8:19/291998
[ ]Union BoardUB sound system funds granted3:19/291998
[ ]Union BoardGraffiti Tribe kicks off '98 homecoming9:110/271998
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board elects new officers, committee chairs; creates new position3:31/261999
[ ]Union BoardComedian Wally Collins finds college atmosphere relaxing7:12/21999
[ ]Union Board; Little Sibs WeekendCraig Karges mesmerizes students and siblings9:12/91999
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board executive staff experiences entertainment for Wittenberg enjoyment8:12/231999
[ ]Union BoardBeth Wood's acoustic style appeals to Wally's crowd6:13/311999
[ ]Union Board"Wine Field" provokes interest in the Commons6:34/161999
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board collaborates with Clark State, Springfield Arts Council, for performing arts series in 1999-00 year6:14/161999
[ ]Common Learning; Union Board"Conversations in Dance" provoke and entertain HPERC audience8:19/281999
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board programs with continuity in mind for Thursday Night Live Series8:39/281999
[ ]Union Board; Springfield Arts CouncilGaelic Storm brings a wee bit of Ireland to Wittenberg's campus8:110/51999
[ ]Union Board; Springfield Arts CouncilGeorge Winston thrilled audiences with a unique piano blend of blues and jazz9:412/71999
[ ]Union Board; Hypnotist; Wand, JimJim Wand once again amazes audience with his hypnotic show Thursday in the CDR9:112/71999
[ ]Union BoardSanta Claus to visit campus8;412/71999
[ ]Community Service; Union BoardStudents join in holiday parade2:312/71999
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board chooses Jeffers for 2000 president; programming chairs to be selected after break1:312/71999
[ ]Springfield Arts Council; Union BoardTap Dogs performance leaves audience dazzled8:31/282000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; Concerned Black Students (CBS)60s and 70s party takes place in CDR9:32/152000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; Weaver Chapel Association; Student ServicesLost and Found entertain in the CDR11:12/222000
[ ]Student Union; Union Board; MusicBLOO rocks CDR during free concert10:13/282000
[ ]Union Board; Concerts; Guster (band)Guster invades Wittenberg on tour (pic)8:19/262000
[ ]Homecoming;Union BoardWittenberg celebrates return of alumni with week of Homecoming festivities (photo feature)8-910/312000
[ ]McLean, Don; Union BoardDon McLean entertains Witt crowd with classic music, jokes, carols8:111/212000
[ ]Union BoardOf A Revolution [OAR] to play Witt8:12/62001
[ ]Union BoardOAR brings enthusiasm, love of music, mix of musical genres to Witt7:12/202001
[ ]Union BoardOf A Revolution discusses past, future6:12/202001
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board happy with OAR, looking to spring for WittFest8:12/202001
[ ]Union BoardLunchtime laughs courtesy of Union Board9:12/272001
[ ]Ellis, Gerrry; Union BoardEnvironmental photo-journalist highlights Conservation Week4:24/32001
[ ]Union BoardUnion Board brings sexpert Jay Friedman to campus10:14/32001
[ ]Editorials; Union BoardUnion Board disappointed with lack of turnout6:310/162001
[ ]Union Board; WittFestUnion Board Books Band for this Year's Wittfest8:12/42003
[ ]Union Board; Concerned Black Students (CBS)Step Afrika proclaimed a big hit5:12/182003
[ ]Scott, Barry; Union Board"I have a dearm" to be MLK, Jr.2:13/42003
[ ]Chapter 6 (band); Union Board; ConcertsIllinois-based Chapter 6 jazzes up Wittenberg9:13/252003
[ ]Union Board; Witt IdolStudents vie to become Witt Idol10:13/252003
[ ]Weaver Chapel Association; Student Senate; Union Board; SupertonesSupertones to visit campus3:14/162004
[ ]Editorials; Race relations; Union BoardHarmless promotion or offensive exploitation? 5:111/92006
[ ]Union Board; Heitjan, PhyllisPhyllis Heitjan "grooves" over Witt's campus 9:32/152007
[ ]Wittfest; Union BoardUnion Board reveals reasoning behind Kearney and Nathanson2:14/192007
[ ]Union Board; Hypnotist; Wand, JimWand turns students into believers 3:19/252008
[ ]Cummins, Joseph; Politics; Union BoardAnalyzing mud-slinging 4:110/162008
[ ]Finance; Cunningham, James; Union Board"Funny moneyman" with serious advice3:32/192009
[ ]Little Sibs Weekend; Union BoardLittle Sibs '0910:13/262009
[ ]Editorials; Music; ; Union Board; Wittfest; Woellert, DrewWittfest could cut costs and increase fun: Get a coverband12:14/162009
[ ]Concerts; WittFest; Union Board; MusicHellogoodbye brings power pop and ukeleles to the WittFest stage8:14/302009
[ ]Union Board; Music; ReviewsKingston de-throned8:112/102009
[ ]Union Board; Music; ReviewsStudents, Union Board left frustrated after Kingston concert1:112/102009
[ ]Music; Wittfest; Union BoardWittfest 2010: The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Bowling For Soup 1:14/12010
[ ]Music; Wittfest; Union Board; Girl TalkRumors surround potential WittFest Performers 1:013/222011
[ ]Little Sibs Weekend; Union BoardLil Sibs weekend at Witt [photographs]2:013/292011
[ ]WittFest; Music; Concerts; Union BoardStudents have mixed reactions to announcement of Girl Talk3:014/122011
[ ]Editorials; Entertainment; Letters; Little Sibs Weekend; Nibert, David; Union BoardDear Editors 8:014/192011
[ ]Music; Concerts; WittFest; Union BoardGirlTalk hit with Witt students at Wittfest 1:015/32011
[ ]Union Board; Campus Life; EntertainmentUnion Board Preview Fall 2011 5:39/282011
[ ]Homecoming;Union Board; Tiger FestHomecoming Preview 2011 5:410/122011
[ ]Union Board;Campus Life;WUSO;WittFestUnion Board Update 5:31/252012
[ ]Music;Campus Life;WUSO;Union BoardLocal Bands Coming to Campus 2:12/152012
[ ]Medina, Gabriela;Poetry;Union BoardSlam Poet Coming to Campus 4:13/282012
[ ]WittFest; Union Board; ConcertsYoung the Giant Announced as Wittfest Headliner 1:14/42012
[ ]Online Exclusive;WittFest;Union Board;Campus ActivitiesWittfest Finally Here 4/252012
[ ]WittFest; Union Board; Concerts; Duraj, JonYoung the Giant Cancels WittFest Performance1:15/22012
[ ]Campus Activities; Galbraith, Sloan; Qiu, Iris; [Photos]; Union BoardBuild-A-Tiger - At the Benham-Pence Student Center 4:12/202013
[ ]Union Board;McClandish, Valerie;Samson, Asia;Poetry;Union Board Picks a Good One: The Asia Project4:13/202013
[ ]McLaughlin, Katie; Music; The White Panda; Union Board; WittFestWitt Fest: The White Panda1:13/272013
[ ]W-Day;Student Senate;Ratchford, Robert;Union Board;[Photo];Schneider, Dan;Burnett, ThomasW-Day's Legacy: History of Wittenberg Celebration3:44/242013
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Concerned Black Students (CBS); Diversity; Milliner, Ashley; Moskowitz, Nona; One Student/No Woman Left Behind; Student Senate; Union Board; Women in PowerOpen-Mic Kicks Off Campaign for Change Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:110/22013
[ ]WittFest;Martin, Ellen;Washington, O'Jeanique;Kraft, Madeline;Union Board;[Photos]Behind-the-Scenes of WittFest 2015 with Union Board 4:14/292015
[ ]WittFest;Makela, Curtis;Union Board;[Photos]WITTFEST 2016 9:14/272016
[ ][Photos];Union Board;Boyd, Madeline;Vanhoose, LaryssaBuild-A-Tiger Bigger Than Ever 3:12/152017
[ ]Union Board;Witt WednesdaysComedian Gibran Saleem Brings Laughs to Witt Students 8:12/222017
[ ]Union Board;Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC);Haab, Abigail;Orduna, Vanessa;Nydegger, Kathryn;Weaver, Hannah;Rodeheffer, Charles;Racanelli, Olivia;Bausch, Samantha;Bellanger, Erin;Tolliver, Liz;Witt WednesdaysKickball Gives Students a Different Witt Wednesday Option 3:110/42017