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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]TuitionFees increased. $100 to be amount of tuition, exclusive of fees1:35/261921
[ ]TuitionWittenberg Has Lowest Tuition Rates for 1922. Report is for Ohio Colleges. ($100)1:54/191923
[ ]TuitionTuition Rates At Wittenberg Below Average. Seven Ohio Institutional Charge More in Fees: Wittenberg Eighth1:65/221924
[ ]TuitionJumps to $40. Raise send charges to $190 per semester1:41/121949
[ ]TuitionTuition for 1970-71 will be $2,010. Room and board charges will be $195 a term or $585 for year1:15/11970
[ ]TuitionIncreased by $96.006:14/121973
[ ]TuitionRaised $200.001:33/61975
[ ]TuitionTuition jumps $2851:54/291976
[ ]TuitionRising cost cited as reason for $300 tuition hike1:74/141977
[ ]TuitionIncrease explained1:64/211977
[ ]TuitionHigher costs explained1:79/91977
[ ]TuitionTo increase again for 1980-811:12/151980
[ ]TuitionTo be raised $507 and room and board will also be raised by $1671:44/41980
[ ]TuitionGoes up again; partly due to cost of new library1:14/201981
[ ]TuitionTuition and expenses at Wittenberg are less than Wittenberg's competitors1:15/11981
[ ]Tuition; Fees1983-84 school year costs go up by 10%Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/15/1983, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/30/-0001. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 1:34/151983
[ ]Tuition"Costs will NOT affect tuition...yet"4:510/181985
[ ]Tuition9% Tuition rise planned5/51989
[ ]TuitionTuition hike raises ire5/261989
[ ]Tuition"It all adds up." Tuition rises by 7.9 percent4/61990
[ ]TuitionSchool offers four-year cap on its tuitionpg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]TuitionWittenberg will cost $ 19,9981:52/261993
[ ]Financial Aid, Student; TuitionTuition, Financial Aid Increases for 2003-20041:12/42003
[ ]Finance; Woellert, Drew; Tuition; Campus LifeWitt's benefits > hefty costs 13:42/262009
[ ]Finance; Tuition; FeesLowest tuition increase in years1:13/52009
[ ]Finance; Tuition; Fees; Financial Aid, StudentWittenberg weathers recession woes2:19/102009
[ ]"Finance; Tuition; Fees; Financial Aid, Student"Senior Circle inspires students to give back 3:013/292011
[ ]Finance;Green, Jonathan;Fees;Tuition;Kelly, Sarah;Financial AidWittenberg Finalizes Annual Tuition Increase 1:13/282012
[ ]Tuition;Wittenberg University;Hunt, Karen;[Photo];Green, RandyWittenberg Freezes Tuition for Second Year 1:111/202013
[ ]Tuition;Board of Directors;Financial AidThird Year of Wittenberg Tuition Freeze 1:11/282015
[ ]Freshmen;Class of 2019;Tuition;Joyner, Laurie M.Incoming Freshman Class Small Administration Not Worried 2:19/92015
[ ]FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid);Green, Randy;Financial Aid;Tuition;Obama, BarackThe Impact: New FAFSA May Affect Middle Class Families 1:110/142015
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR);Campus Dining Services;Ristau, Noah;Nazareth, Jessica;[Photos];Meal Plan;TuitionMeal Plans and Tuition Go Together like Apples and Oranges 3:12/242016