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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]TraditionsClass of '83 may come out in full silk dress (silk hats and swallow tails)129:1-24/11883
[ ]TraditionsFreshmen and Sophomore scraps1:29/241902
[ ]TraditionsDorm boys appear in low cuts, ice cream suits, and knickerbockers for premature spring opening13:1-22/281912
[ ]TraditionsPlea for the observance of traditions4:32/281912
[ ]TraditionsSeniors are getting somber caps and gowns9:2-36/241912
[ ]TraditionsTug-of-war between freshmen and sophomores4:3-410/11914
[ ]TraditionsTug-of-war, its aim and purpose. Sophs lose2:1, 3:1-310/81914
[ ]TraditionsUpperclassmen carry canes1:410/151914
[ ]TraditionsStunt day. Dorm men attend classes in grotesque garb3:12/251915
[ ]TraditionsSenior oaks planed with ceremony. Tree named in honor of Dr. Prince1:15/201915
[ ]TraditionsMores2:110/261916
[ ]TraditionsHats are removed when "Fair Wittenberg" is sung2:15/101917
[ ]TraditionsEditorial on mores2:110/261918
[ ]TraditionsTime honored customs reviewed2:22/141921
[ ]TraditionsWittenberg Traditions to Be Followed by Freshmen1:49/141922
[ ]Traditions; Freshman CapsAs They Like It (Torch Asks student Body Views About Freshman Caps and Rules For Girls)1:39/271923
[ ]TraditionsFreshmen caps changed from green to cardinal and cream knitted helmetNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:19/301923
[ ]TraditionsTraditions [Editorial]2:22/211924
[ ]Freshmen; Traditions; Freshman CapsFreshmen are Addressed by Dr. Schneider: Blazoned Torch Presents Rules for First-Year Students [Freshmen given rules for campus conduct]1:110/301924
[ ]Opinion; History of Wittenberg; Traditions; Prince, Benjamin FranklinWittenberg as seen by a student 75 years ago2:1-212/111924
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore Clash; Traditions; Tug-of-WarFreshmen to Vie with Sophomores [Clash in contest instead of usual tug-of-war]1:59/171925
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore Clash; Freshmen; Traditions; Tug-of-War; Freshman Caps; Maurer, Victor; Borza, John; McFarren, Robert; Keyser, Joseph; Westphal, Raymond; Gennett, Daniel; Weider, RogerFreshmen Win Student Clash: Victory Shortens Time "Frosh" Must Wear Official Caps1:39/241925
[ ]TraditionsMyers Hall freshmen victims of tradition4:59/261929
[ ]TraditionsTraditions2:19/261929
[ ]TraditionsKettle1:110/31929
[ ]TraditionsTraditions displaced by modern customs1:311/71929
[ ]TraditionsScience may end kissing customs2:32/101956
[ ]TraditionsWittenberg5:19/171959
[ ]TraditionsBeanies, union, etc6:19/161960
[ ]TraditionsWitt3:49/211962
[ ]TraditionsKissing bridge must go2:310/121962
[ ]TraditionsLittle known traditions at Wittenberg3:39/201963
[ ]Opinion; TraditionsPass this on: Keeping the Wittenberg tradition4:110/42007
[ ]Humor; Traditions; StreakingStreak of the Week9:210/112007
[ ]Humor; Traditions; Wally WittThoughts from Wally Witt9:110/112007
[ ]Humor; Streaking; TraditionsStreak of the Week9:210/252007
[ ]Humor; Traditions; Wally WittThoughts from Wally Witt9:110/252007
[ ]Humor; Streaking; TraditionsStreak of the Week9:411/12007
[ ]Homecoming; Traditions; Ezry (Tiger); Wally Witt[Witt's Tiger mascot, Ezry, was a regular fixture on campus during homecoming weekend]12:311/12007
[ ]Traditions; Wally Witt; Ross, GaryWally Witt: Tradition or wayside mystery 7:110/92008
[ ]Buildings; Myers Hall; Traditions; PoliticsWittenberg rings in historic inauguration3:32/52009
[ ]Campus Life; TraditionsThe top 10 gen-eds the administration forgot to require13:14/302009
[ ]W-Day; Campus Life; Traditions; AlcoholW Day's future brightens as seniors strive to revive tradition1:15/72009
[ ]Campus; TraditionsNew memorial around the seal recognizes donors2:0210/272010
[ ]Residence Halls; Myers Hall; TraditionsGhost horse in Myers: Fact or twist on the real story? 5:013/292011
[ ]Traditions;Sports;MusicBehind the Scenes: Tiger Rituals 11:111/162011
[ ]Cotner, Stuart; Delta Tau Delta; Hair; Hassan, Adan; Parker, Matt; Philanthropy; Ruble, Jack; Traditions; Weible, WillMatch their 'Stache4:111/162011
[ ]Online Exclusive;Traditions;SportsThe Wittenberg/Wooster Rivalry: Where the Tradition Began 11/162011
[ ]W-Day;Traditions;Campus Life;Student SenateThe Mysterious Day: W Day Returns to Campus 2:14/182012
[ ]W-Day; Traditions; Campus Life; EntertainmentW-Day Brings Wittenberg Spirit To Campus 6:14/252012